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  • Today we know what no previous generation knew: the history of the universe and of the unfolding of life on Earth. Through the astonishing combined achievements of scientists worldwide, we now have a detailed account of how galaxies and stars, planets and living organisms, human beings and human consciousness came to be. And still . . . we thirst for answers to questions that have haunted humanity from the very beginning. What is our place in the 14-billion-year history of the universe? What roles do we play in Earth's history? How do we connect with the intricate web of life?This podcast series is part of a larger project called Journey of the Universe that invites us to reflect on these questions. It consists of a film, a book, a series of conversations, and online classes. The creators of the Journey project imagine that by knowing more about the universe and Earth we will also know more about ourselves. This may give us grounds for navigating our own journey in challenging times. How did we come to be part of this universe story? How do we belong and how can we participate in its future flourishing? This series is a gateway into exploring these questions.Connect deeply with these materials and more via the Journey of the Universe: A Story for Our Times Specialization, a series of Massive Online Open Courses hosted by Coursera and created by Yale. Available here: to receive up to date announcements on new podcasts and Journey community offerings? Subscribe to our newsletter here:

  • Jade Siao and Alison Casanova are both Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists in the Bay Area. This podcast addresses a wide range of mental health and therapy topics, ranging from what therapy looks, how to pick the right therapist for you and different types of treatments to how to handle certain difficult situations, current findings in the mental health field and our personal thoughts on self-disclosure in therapy.

  • When it comes to your health, it's important to get your information from a source you can trust. Every Friday, join Ed Jones as he uses over 40 years of experience in the natural health industry and discusses how to take control of your own health through supplementation, diet and nutrition. Whether you're new to the natural health arena or a seasoned veteran, this is your trusted source for natural health. We believe that the body has the ability to heal itself!

  • Já se perguntou porque nos apaixonamos? Onde encontrar o amor de nossa vida? Pois é, eu também não sei. Mas, vamos tentar descobrir o que fazemos de errado e tentar fazer o certo juntos.

    Psicologia, relacionamentos e um nerd!
    Originalmente exibido semanalmente na D+ TV e na sequência, no Youtube.

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  • An Emergency Medicine Podcast. Started over breakfast in 2016, three friends (Drew, Tanner and Andy) along with the occasional guest talk about all things emergency medicine with a focus on #MoreThanMedicine conversations cover the things you don't learn in medical school and residency, but need to know to be a high functioning Doc. Visit our website for more details.

  • The Syneos Health Podcast Series dissects some of the most complex issues biopharma leaders are facing today. Our clinical and commercial experts provide time-tested solutions, as well as perspectives on the news of the day. Hosted by Jeff Stewart, a long-time industry consultant who has advised biopharma leaders on licensing, mergers and acquisitions, pricing and market access, commercialization and go-to-market strategies, each episode explores the challenges and considerations involved with bringing biopharmaceuticals to the market.

  • Each week, BioMed Radio offers focused three-minute radio segments on hot topics in medical and health sciences research from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, a worldwide leader in biomedical research.

  • Curious about nanotechnology, sustainability, and life in science? The Sustainable Nano podcast is produced by the Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology, a chemistry research center funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation.

  • A podcast by Deb (a cancer survivor) about her journey and interviews with other survivors and caregivers.

  • The home of the best science programmes from BBC Radio 4 introduced by Dr. Alex Lathbridge.

  • Listen to SCN2A Insights to keep up to date with the latest research in SCN2A, genetic epilepsy and rare genetic disorders. Hosted by Ms Kris Pierce, RARE Global Advocacy Leadership Council member, and Dr David Cunnington, parents of Will, who has SCN2A.

  • Your Clinical Rotations resource for Medicine and Healthcare with Clinical Educator interviews and advice.

  • Featuring one-on-one interviews with clinical investigators discussing the most important oral presentations and posters presented at the significant scientific symposia, this series provides an overview of new clinical trial data and the impact it has on current cancer management.

  • Keep it casual with the Casual Inference podcast. Your hosts Lucy D'Agostino McGowan and Ellie Murray talk all things epidemiology, statistics, data science, causal inference, and public health. Sponsored by the American Journal of Epidemiology.

  • Welcome to the Chief Complaint podcast, a show about all things nursing. Join nursing student Zach and experienced RN LJ as they give you the low down on patient care, nursing practice, and professional issues. Tune in each week on Friday for new episodes! If you have a question you'd like us to answer on the air, or just want to get in touch, send us an email at or tweet at us @ChiefPod. Talk to you soon and, as always, be sure to take care of yourselves, and take care of somebody else.

  • How many ways are there to be human? Each week Anthropologist on the Street Dr. Carie Little Hersh invites different cultural experts to illuminate the hidden ideas, practices, and power dynamics that make our lives both familiar and strange.

  • The official podcast of the Pharma Marketing Network. Interviews with innovators, thought leaders, influencers and experts in the field of healthcare and pharmaceutical marketing.

  • Talking about language with some of the greatest writers and thinkers in linguistics.