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    The Bottega podcast is hosted by drummer / engineer / producer duo Simon Kobler & Grant Konemann. Often interviewing other prolific characters in different fields, they discuss life, the journey so far, and how music has a funny way of sneaking into the best and the worst of it.

  • David Walliams' Marvellous Musical Podcast

    David Walliams' Marvellous Musical Podcast

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    Join David Walliams as he goes on a marvellous musical journey of discovery and meets some of the most famous names from the history of music – from Ludwig ‘Grumpy’ van Beethoven to 19th-century rock star Franz Liszt. (Please note no composers were harmed in the making of this podcast).

  • The Flopcast

    The Flopcast

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    Live from Chickentown, Kevin and Kornflake sip nasty black coffee and talk about silly & geeky things. Frequent subjects include: Saturday morning cartoons, Dr. Demento-style funny music, TV and movies of the 1970s and 1980s, comic books, classic video games, and, uh, chickens. (We like chickens.) Also lots of convention talk, as we regularly attend DragonCon, MarsCon, and many other nerdy gatherings. We're frightened and confused. Join us!

  • Mr Stoj

    Mr Stoj

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    Welcome to my party....a gathering of souls, a meeting of minds, a collective of soaring spirits. For lovers of funky basslines, melodic hooks and creamy vocals

    Weekly Residencies:

    Gossip @ Love Machine: Every Sunday.

    Melbourne based DJ Mr Stoj began his musical career in 2002 whilst living abroad in London. He saved the money to buy a new set of turntables and mixer and that was the start of a life long dream.

    Soon after returning to Melbourne he created and formed the dance party Mecca @ The Public Office. The party which eventually spanned a successful three years, went on to showcase some of best the house music available at the time.

    Since the hedonistic days of Mecca, Mr Stoj has made his mark by playing what he knows best, Uplifting pumping house. From rolling baselines to brilliant piano synths with amazing vocals the choices he makes to move the floor have earned him a reputation as a mover and shaker. A crowd pleaser who blends his mixes in a way that keeps the energy constantly flowing. This sound and style is what earned him a residency at Love Machine.

    Since then, Stoj has risen to prominence, becoming a permanent DJ resident over two nights at the upmarket 'Spice Market' in the CBD, and the Market Hotel in South Yarra as well as playing at other large events such as Sensation New Years Eve 2010, Shiver, Rawhide, Hedonistic, Purr, Betterdays, Liveoneday, LoveGaze (Sydney).

    After years of spinning tunes to the people it was inevitable that the next step was to radio where he presented a weekly Friday night dance music show on JOY94.9 appropriately titled 'House Arrest' for over two years. The program showcased cutting edge uplifting vocal club tracks and classic anthems tailor made to take your hand and lead you into the weekend.

    Mr Stoj has developed a following that is diverse, large, loyal, and consisting of people who not only know good music when they hear it, but how music should be played to sound seriously good.

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  • The Give Me Five Podcast

    The Give Me Five Podcast

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    Remember long nights discussing the entertainment that you love with your friends? We loved talking about movies, music, tv, comics, video games and books in the past but life got in the way. The podcast was founded after three friends started working together on a post-apocalyptic Halloween stage show and realized that they all had strong, interesting takes on the things they loved and missed discussing them. While none of the hosts are experts they all have past experience in media, having worked for radio stations, in the 3D graphics world, and at various entertainment retail stores. We hope to bring a new set of eyes to the things you love and maybe introduce you to your next favorite thing.
    3 guys, 5 topics.

  • David Guetta ist Ramones Fan

    David Guetta ist Ramones Fan

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    Wenn Gitarren sprechen könnten... würden sie womöglich sagen: "Vorsicht! Sprich von Musik NUR zu einem Musiker." Und in gewisser Weise hätten sie wohl recht.
    Andererseits: man muss kein Profibäcker sein um beurteilen zu können, ob eine Pizza was taugt.
    Im Podcast "David Guetta Ist Ramones-Fan" geht es also um Musik - egal, ob die beiden Gastgeber Musiker sind oder nicht (by the way: sind sie nicht...).
    Songs, Sänger, Alben, Bands, Konzerte, Festivals - Thilo Eickhoff und Mark Brünner reden drüber. Halbnostalgisch verklärt und stilistisch irgendwo zwischen David Guetta und den Ramones…

  • The Pop Song Professor Podcast

    The Pop Song Professor Podcast

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    Music lyrics mean something, but too often we hear songs on the radio without really understanding them intellectually or emotionally. The Pop Song Professor Podcast is about using research and deep-thinking analysis to understand what our favorite artists are telling us. I, Clifford Stumme, the host, teach literature at a university in Virginian and love using my skills to explain songs while having fun doing it!

    But remember that this podcast is always a conversation, so be sure to email me with questions and your opinions on the songs we talk about. I always respond to emails and may feature your ideas on a future episode:

    You can also find me on Twitter (@cliffordstumme), Instagram (@cliffordstumme), and YouTube (
    If you want to support the show and get some cool perks, check out my Patreon:

  • Barong Family Radio

    Barong Family Radio

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    Yellow Claw’s Amsterdam based record label. Jim & Nils talk you through new releases on the label and other stuff that’s on their mind. Family is everything.

  • Bobby Pickles' Podcast

    Bobby Pickles' Podcast

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    The Podcast of NYC/F L.A. T-SHIrT Peddler, Bobby Pickles (featured on the TLC reality series "America's Worst Tattoos"). Pickles interviews lawyers, doctors, scientists, politicians, reality TV stars, Supreme Court Justices - anyone interesting or unconventional. Discussions range in topics, from documentaries, to conspiracy theories, to why Trump is the Greatest POTUS in the History of America, and why hot sauce is a necessary condiment on ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

  • This Broken Mixtape

    This Broken Mixtape

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    The podcast that rewinds and presses play on the soundtrack to your life.

    Produced and hosted by two self-professed music nerds, this.broken.mixtape is an interview-based podcast that explores how music can play a vital and meaningful role in our lives.

    Every episode, Justin Lee and Jeff Woo interview exciting personalities from all walks of life, including musicians, artists, writers, comedians, chefs and entrepreneurs.

    Guests recount their personal relationship with music and the memorable events that have become synonymous with specific songs, albums and artists.

    So get ready to pop in that mixtape, hit rewind, and press play on the soundtrack to your life.

  • Love & Hip Hop: The Tea

    Love & Hip Hop: The Tea

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    VH1 presents the official “Love & Hip Hop” podcast, brimming with all of the drama and tea of hip hop’s favorite movers and shakers on TV’s most buzzed about unscripted franchise. Hosted by Jesse Janedy, TK Trinidad, and Lem Gonsalves, everyone’s invited as they dish the scoop on the funniest and best OMG moments of each episode and hip hop pop culture at large.

  • The Spectacular Experience with Spectacular Smith | Millennial Mentorship | Inspiration | Self Development

    The Spectacular Experience with Spectacular Smith | Millennial Mentorship | Inspiration | Self Development

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    “The Spectacular Experience” is a Podcast featuring Spectacular Blue Smith who is best-known as a member of the R&B/hip-hop group Pretty Ricky. In recent years he has reinvented himself as a social media guru, No.1 bestselling author, keynote speaker and entrepreneur. Smith is known as one of the "Top Marketing Gurus To Watch" by Huff Post, ranks among the "Top 5 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in Tech & Music" and honored as the "Innovator Of The Year" by Black Enterprise, and named one of the "Greatest and Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs" by Inc Magazine.

    While he is still a musician, the past few years have seen the majority of his time devoted to his business Adwizar (a company that manages, grows and monetizes social media accounts). The 25-person business, based out of Los Angeles, runs accounts for major stars and the growth of inspiring personality brands. Clients (or "partners," in Adwizar lingo) include Birdman, Jermaine Dupri, J. Holiday, Soulja Boy, Kevin Gates, Fat Joe, T-Pain, Lil Boosie and nearly 100 others.

    From a CEO prescriptive, Smith shares his insights of entrepreneurship in company with other entrepreneurs, speakers, artist and athletes- who share their expertise that empowered them to outperform, outwork, and out hustle their way to the top.

  • Beatles News Briefs

    Beatles News Briefs

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    The latest Beatles news headlines from Steve Marinucci, who established the first Beatles news website online. The show also includes occasional episodes with intelligent discussions of Beatles topics with Contributing Editor Candy Leonard and others. Send us your comments and questions at

  • Ringtone.Inc


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    In this podcast, you can view and download custom ringtones that I created and will create

  • Britpop Banter

    Britpop Banter

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    Welcome to Britpop Banter – a weekly podcast deep diving into all things “Britpop”

    Join Kevin & Lesley in Season 1 as they countdown & deep dive into the top 50 Britpop Albums between 1990 – 2000.

    Oh & the best thing is....Only Kev knows the rankings. So each week get first hand Lesley's initial reaction to the next week's album.

    As well as deep diving to each album - the making, success & current status of the band we discuss many topics including:

    - The definition & origins of Britpop
    - Britpop’s current revival
    - Who is & isn't considered Britpop
    - & much more

    Thanks for listening! K & L x

    Also we REALLY want to hear from you – feedback, questions, memories:

    Facebook & Twitter: @BritpopBanter

  • Space Case

    Space Case

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    Join Space Kiddettes as they solve the mysteries plaguing their personal lives and other REAL cases along the way!

  • Bangla Songs

    Bangla Songs

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    Hi, are you Bangladeshi?? And wanna to listen Bangladeshi songs yeah this is the right place just subscribe this podcast
    Cover art photo provided by bruce mars on Unsplash: