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  • Welcome to Experience Points by University XP hosted by Dr. Dave Eng. On Experience Points we explore different ways we can learn from games. Find out more at I hope you find this show useful. If you’d like to learn more about games-based learning then a great place to start is my blog at XP is also on Twitter @University_XP and on Facebook as University XP. Feel free to email me anytime at Game on!

  • The Lancet Digital Health Podcast brings you insights into the most cutting edge advances in health technology. The Lancet Digital Health editors interview leaders in the field to provide an in-depth analysis of digital technologies in health practice worldwide. We cover the broad field of digital health, highlighting the most exciting research from each issue of The Lancet Digital Health journal.

  • The podcast that applies science to fictional worlds

  • Velkommen til De store spørsmålene fra NTNU! Bli litt klokere når det gjelder både klima, kunstig intelligens, kreftmedisiner, oljeøkonomien og krisepakker for korona. I denne podkastserien møter du i hver episode tre kunnskapsrike forskere som gir deg noen av svarene på de store spørsmålene som driver oss fremover.

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  • The only podcast dedicated to covering the unidentified aerial phenomena that was captured in 2016 by a drone pilot in Beaver, Utah.

  • är en av Sveriges ledande mötesplatser för de som är eller vill bli familjehem och för kommuner och konsulentstödda organisationer som söker efter bra familjehem. På vår webbplats så ger vi svar på alla aktuella frågor och guidar våra medlemmar effektivt hela vägen till att få ett familjehemsuppdrag. Alla som är medlemmar i vår Facebook grupp, får löpande aktuell information från den senaste forskningen om allt som berör familjehem och utsatta barn. I Facebookgruppen kan man som familjehem hitta och efterlysa uppdrag och representanter för kommuner eller konsulentstödda organisationer kan lägga ut placeringar och söka efter lämpliga familjehem. I vår Poddcast intervjuar via intressanta personer med anknytning till familjehem för att sprida kunskap och upplevelser till dig som är intresserad och ta del av andras erfarenheter.

  • Join the Staff of UC Santa Cruz's Scientific Slug Magazine to explore topics in Science!

  • Clay Arnall is best known for his YouTube channel on topics related to personality, psychology, philosophy and socionics.

  • The annual Anthropology + Technology conference brings together leading experts from the social sciences and technology to champion socially-responsible AI, and to foster dialogue and collaboration across the disciplines. The conference has been curated to help today’s leading technology companies understand the significant value of combining teams of technologists with social scientists. Together we can build a future in which socially-responsible AI is the norm.

  • Welcome to the "Food Junkies" podcast! Here we aim to provide you with the experience, strength and hope of professionals actively working on the front lines in the field of Food Addiciton. The purpose of our show is to educate YOU the listener and increase overall awareness about Food Addiction as a DISEASE with Abstinence as the Solution. Here we talk about all things recovery. Most importantly how to THRIVE rather than just survive. So Stay positive, make a change for yourself, tell others about your change, and hopefully the message will spread.

    The content on our show does not supplement or supersede the professional relationship and direction of your healthcare provider. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified mental health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition, substance use disorder or mental health concern.

  • How do leading innovators get people to believe, fund, and support their big ideas? Can the power of storytelling fuel a culture of idea-generation? Can storytelling ignite innovation? Join us as we sit down with the nation's top innovators to tell the stories of their innovations. After all, what good is an innovation left untold?

  • Forensic Files looks at different subjects in forensics such as DNA, U.S. Law, hair fibers, and how they apply to famous cases throughout history.

  • Every great science fair project starts with a simple question: ‘why?’, which sparks a pursuit of curiosity to ultimately discover the ‘how.’ Join Youth Science Canada’s Stuart McKelvie as he interviews science fair alumni to take a deep dive into their passion for STEM. If you’re wanting to start a science fair project, interested in STEM or just want to hear some great career & life advice, this is the podcast for you.

  • Science Underground is a two-minute podcast hosted by TED speaker and scientist Ainissa Ramirez. By the time you sip your coffee or eat your cereal, Science Underground explains a science topic in a fun and understandable way. The show explores a range of topics—some that are pulled right from the headlines, others are topics you’ve been wanting to know. Ainissa interviews tops scientists and translates their work in everyday language--arming you with science nuggets for the next lunch table chat, water cooler klatch, or cocktail party. Each week there is a separate topic that can be listened to before class or when you have a brief moment to spare. The ideas will give you much to think about long after the podcast is over. New episodes are released on Sunday mornings. (Many topics align with NGSS.)

  • Based in Townsville, Australia, Andréas appreciates writing Blogs and do Podcasts on Medicine & Pharmacy related topics. He enjoys writing about his experience on different placements or on topics he seems to be interested in. As English is his second language, writing Blogs and Podcasting is a hobby as well as a challenge.

  • Do you enjoy learning new things in all fields of geosciences? Do you have a soft spot for shenanigans? Then this podcast is just for you! In this podcast, Dr B. interviews interesting geologists with interesting stories.

  • The Cow Care Podcast is where we’ll explore how to boost milk production and profit by talking to real farmers and experts.

  • The Butterfly Effect podcast digs into stories of regular people that make a difference with the planting of trees. Just like the butterfly effect theory which suggests that a minor change such as a flap of a butterfly wing can create a phenomenal change, this podcast will share the stories of communities, & individuals supporting Mother Nature and the environment as well as the stories of trees.Hosted by Tali Orad, the butterfly. She will be giving the voice to all those stories. Each episode will feature a special guest from the different industries.To read more the trees

  • FECAVA Vet Chats are casual interviews with veterinarians across Europe with interesting stories to share by the Federation of Companion Animal Veterinary Associations.