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  • A Planner Podcast.Just a girl who loves to plan and talk about planning. Follow my adventure through the planner community. Instagram @lovelyxplanning

  • The Premium Destiny 2 Podcast, where we cover all old and new, and get down to the nitty gritty stuff. Also covering Interviews with streamers and content creators within the community

  • fnaf role plays and talks,undertale music and talks

  • Welcome to the Hotline 217 podcast! We are your hosts Brenda and Justine.

    We are two young ladies that want to help and guide you through all of life's problems. Hotline 217 is a weekly podcast about self-improvement and becoming the best version of yourself. We want to help you achieve your inner greatness.

    You can submit your questions or topics on our twitter pages @justinesoucy and @BMG0321 as well as our email hotline217@hotmail.com.

    As well, don’t forget to review and share our podcast. Our podcast is available wherever podcasts are streamed.

  • A celebration of all the tiny islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Each week, we'll hear from an ACNH player about their virtual island life and celebrate the goodness of ACNH. Maybe we'll pick up tips and tricks and an occasional in real life lesson inspired by the game. Think of this podcast as a weekly bottle that washes up on your shore, from ours.

  • Welcome to RC Plane Lab, a podcast for anyone who likes RC airplanes! We'll share tips and tricks on how to build models and how to be a better pilot. Visit us at RCPlaneLab.com to sign up for our email list and to ask us questions. You can also text us or leave us a voicemail at 818-351-9846.

  • Dedicated and passionate about promoting the art and science of aquascaping through meaningful and accessible podcasts. Including Q&A sessions, interviews and much more.

  • Hey there! Welcome to the Brewview, the Instagram Live podcast where Kendama news and culture is shared over the warmth of coffee.

    My name is Adam, but my followers know me as Café Kendama on Instagram. In the past five years of playing Kendama I've met quite a few amazing individuals, and I am excited to introduce you to some of them. In this show, you'll hear their stories, the behind the scenes of Kendama companies and what goes on in the mind of some of the world's best player. Because Kendama is more than just a Ball and a Cup.

    Make sure your cup is full and your volume on!

  • Father of three evil geniuses, Brazilian jiu jitsu devotee, Student of life, and Host of the Greg Carrasco Show now on TSN 1050 - the most influential and largest Automotive radio show in Canada! Greg is also President and CEO of Wild Wolf Enterprises, as well as Vice President of Operations and General Manager of Oakville Nissan and Oakville Infiniti. #somethingshappeninghere

  • What if you could have a healthier, more secure lifestyle with greater sustainability and self-sufficiency for you, your family and your community? That’s what Homesteading Family is all about. Carolyn and Josh have taken their popular YouTube series, “Pantry Chat” and turned it into a podcast so you can discover how to take the leap from a “normal” life to a homestead life, filled with meaning, beauty and freedom. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the city or the country, if you’ve ever wanted to explore the homesteading life, this is your chance to learn how to do it in less time with fewer bumps in the road. It’s like sitting down with a cup of coffee with friends. Round up your cast iron pans and mason jars and start listening!

  • Creating a new space to advance the conversation of race relations in Canada, Cityline is launching a limited digital series, #CitylineReal on Race. Each episode, host Tracy Moore tackles important discussions on race and inequality in Canadian society, with a variety of guests and the goal of bringing about impactful change. Looking to evolve the dialogue beyond the headlines, #CitylineReal on Race engages a new panel of passionate thought-leaders each episode to delve into specific topics related to racism.

  • For the first time ever comes a show about hockey fronted by a top player still in the game. P.K. Subban, hockey’s biggest personality, gives his unfiltered take on everything about the sport with his new show about the latest coming from the NHL. Each episode, P.K. brings on a guest from the world of professional sports and beyond to join in on a candid discussion about the industry they all love. Thanks to P.K.'s signature authenticity, fans will get to see top athletes and leaders find common ground, revealing insightful perspectives they’ve never shared under hot studio lights.

  • New Orleans Pelicans Guard JJ Redick and his co-host Tommy Alter discuss the NBA, current events and interview some of the biggest names in the NBA, entertainment and political worlds. Launching from inside the NBA bubble, the show offers unprecedented access to the league while telling the stories of an eclectic rotating group of guests.

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  • This show covers digital product design concepts, what's new, what's wrong with the old way, etc.

  • A podcast that listens in to the artists, directors, producers and publishers who are reshaping the future of arts and culture. Produced as part of Culture Reset, a project by people make it work. Editor: Marcin Pawlik. Produced by: Claire Doherty and David Micklem. www.culturereset.org.

  • You want to make high-quality cocktails, but can't figure out why the Martini you bought last night for 12 dollars doesn't taste like your rubbing alcohol monstrosity? Here's a tip: put down that olive brine, stop shaking the hell out of that damn thing, and pay attention to this. It's Cocktail Kitchen with Nate Dumas. Learn a few tricks of the trade. Make a few drinks. And if you're lucky you'll learn how to make your drinks go from the cellar to stellar.

  • A podcast celebrating and championing women who are taking risks, making waves, and challenging the status quo in their fields. Join me as I interview women making their mark in communities all over New Zealand - they’re innovators, leaders, changemakers,

  • The Bladder Battle Podcast was created by host Lauren Wion to dive deep into the mysterious disease, Interstitial Cystitis with two series: "IC in the Dark" and "Flarey Tales!"

    IC in the Dark series provides discussions via professionals and companies to inform our audience about remedies, tips for managing the disease, how to show support and so much more!

    Flarey Tales series gives those living with the chronic illness an opportunity to share their stories and provide support to other ICers out there, showing we are not alone in this!