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  • In the Love Your City Podcast presenters Sam Jackson and Letitia Shelton discuss the importance of gospel movements in towns and cities around the world. Through a unified church that proclaims the good news of the gospel, much can be done to see the transformational life of the gospel and the expansion of the Kingdom of God come to our communities and places. You will hear stories from around the world, from various denominational, social, generational and ethnic leaders, so that more city gospel movement champions can be raised up to impact their places. There will also be discussions on the key issues and themes that surround gospel movements and how everyone can get involved. We invite you to join the conversation. This podcast is brought to you by Movement Day Australia. If you would like to reach out to us you can do so at

  • It's cosmology in a cup! - Cosmic Coffee Time is bite sized podcasts making sense of space, astronomy, life, and the universe, best enjoyed with a coffee. A down to earth look at what's up there, and it's just for you spacefans. Grab a coffee and see where in the universe we go this time. Follow on Twitter @CosmicCoffTime

  • Welcome to WCC, the only podcast serving dessert and cocktails along with the best in Australian wildlife science!

    The most entertaining science discussions often happen after dinner, usually over cake, frequently over cocktails, but always in a relaxed atmosphere. Grab some dessert, pour a tasty drink, and come join us at the table for a chat with some amazing wildlife scientists and our animal nerd buddies. Cheers & Enjoy!

    Producer: Kristian Summers
    Host/Nerd: Janne Torkkola

  • This is a news show presented by ants! And instead of politics (yawn!) our news is your news! Listen to this fun series on childrens radio station Fun Kids.

  • The She Births® Show is a place that will inspire your birth, evolve your parenting and help you live a life you love.

    Nadine Richardson, founder of She Births®, hosts a collection of conversations with special guests about better births, a philosophy of connected parenting and conscious, healthy living.

    Each season includes topics for not only parents and parents-to-be but fellow birth professionals.

    She Births® is a scientifically verified childbirth education program (BMJ, July 2016). It combines evidence-based and holistic methods to provide families with the knowledge and skills that empower a better birth and easier transition into parenthood.

    Founded in Sydney in 2008 by Nadine Richardson, Director of The Birthing Institute, She Births® is available as a Weekend Course in Australia and as an interactive Online Program accessed by many all over the world. Download the She Births® app and enjoy our free resources.

    Please subscribe and leave us a review. Follow us on facebook and instagram. Tell us what you would like to know more of in upcoming episodes.

  • Knife making information for new knife makers. How to make stock-removal, handmade, custom, knives for hobby or business,

  • Tools, techniques and tips to tackle your life admin with efficiency. Dinah Rowe-Roberts and Mia Northrop introduce ways to save you time and money, create peace of mind and restore harmony in your household.

  • A podcast focussed on the Victorian VCE Unit 3/4 Biology course.

  • MathsTalk by AMSI Schools – where conversations in maths become part of your professional learning practice!

  • A podcast hosted by Luke Toki and Ben Haeusler with their friends and celebrities as guests! We will dive deep into different topics for all the guests, and even work in some awesome comedy along the way, just a hang with friends and YOU'RE INVITED! Tune in fortnightly to hear the new episodes, and head over to our Youtube or Instagram page to learn more.

  • Bringing you all the news from the world of gaming!

  • Building Blocks: Connecting People, Places, and Policies is a space for thought-provoking conversations about the current issues, trends, ideas and big questions facing the affordable housing and community development field in the United States.

    The podcast series is hosted by Laurel Blatchford, Senior Vice President and Chief Program Officer at Enterprise Community Partners, a proven and powerful nonprofit, creating opportunity for low- and moderate-income people through affordable housing in diverse, thriving communities.

  • Break Free From Corporate - Be Your Own Boss is the only podcast of its kind, designed especially for entrepreneurs that have come from the corporate world. Whether you are still in your corporate job waiting to break out and get your business idea off the ground, or if you are transitioning out of the corporate world to running your business full-time, or if you have already left the corporate world and have already made the transition yet seem to be stuck and unsure of how to get your business to really take off, then this podcast is for you.

    Every episode contains an insight into everyday entrepreneurs just like you and me, who have made the transition and set up successful businesses and they share their insights with us - to inspire us all to pursue our dreams, never give up and continually learn from others who've done it before.

    I know you are going to get some valuable tips that will surely save you thousands of dollars, and countless hours from avoiding the mistakes commonly made by first time business owners, especially those coming out of the corporate world.

    If you would like to share your support and see more episodes on this podcast, then please leave an honest review and hopefully iTunes will share this with more people around the world, which means we impact more lives - and this is a cause us entrepreneurs can really get behind!

    Best wishes in your business moving forward!

    Gavin Sequeira

  • An Irish comedy podcast featuring Will, Andy & Kate. The trio discuss the weird, wacky and wonderful news stories from the dark corners of the internet with hilarious results. LOL's are guaranteed!

  • Tim & Sammy, 8-10pm Sundays across the Hit Network*

    *(in August)

  • Travis Jones owns 3 multi-million dollar companies including RBT Gyms which has 15 non-franchised locations in Australia and the USA. Each gym has over 100+ members paying between $70-$90 per week

  • The sermons from our weekly series at NewLife Anglican Church in Oran Park, Sydney, Australia. Sermons are preached by Lead Pastor Stuart Starr, Senior Assistant Pastor Geoff Leader and Kids, Youth and Families Pastor Michael Mak.

  • Podcast de cine semanal dedicado a comentar las peliculas recientes, estrenos de la semana y cualquier noticia relevante.

  • Collecting Australian filmmaking stories. Discover more at