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  • Arts and politics, creativity and change. The Wheeler Centre hosts riveting discussions with some of Australia’s most important intellectual and artistic voices as they explore the intersection between artistic creation and political action.

  • The best fledgling podcast concerning the co-ferment of people and place; about wine (and other drinks). Here, we take deep dives, via casual conversations, into the infinitely fascinating world of fermentative beverages, such as wine (and other drinks)...Enjoy, comment, like, share, and subscribe. Support this podcast:

  • Hosted by Race Chaser's Alaska and Willam, PAGEANT POD is an 8 episode limited series that explores the fabulous and dramatic history of Drag Pageants. Drag artistry is a worldwide phenomenon and long before RuPaul's Drag Race there was a rich history of Drag Pageants. These long standing institutions go back decades and have shaped drag culture, pushed the boundaries of performance and artistic expression, and laid the groundwork for so many beloved queens in pop culture to succeed today. PAGEANT POD will focus on some of the biggest Pageants on the scene and the legendary queens who have competed for their titles. Special Guests include Brooke Lynn Hytes, Asia O'Hara, A'keria C. Davenport, Nina West, Kennedy Davenport, Tasha Kohl, Candis Cayne, and Aurora Sexton. Produced by the Forever Dog Podcast Network and Moguls of Media.

  • We're just 3 average girls from Perth with a hell of a lot of something and nothing at the same time!

    Each week will bring you the sass, lols and all the stuff we hate talking about, as well as life's taboo topics.

    Stay and follow us on this journey to see where we end up.

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  • This is the podcast, and heading our channel tonight...

    From 1992 to 1993, the ABC broadcast 40 episodes of The Late Show, consisting of Melbourne Revue graduates who got their first taste on TV as The D-Generation.

    Originally a low-rating comedy show that was live across Australia full of cheap jokes, cheap props and bad acting, the show gained a cult following and inspired many comedians and performers to help where they got to today. Also the fans. Definitely the fans.

    The fan owned and operated site 'Champagne Comedy' has been online in some type of form since the early days of dial-up in 1996. Thanks to the evolution of the internet, 'Champagne Comedy' continues to pay tribute to the cast and crew of The Late Show, The D-Generation and their other projects they create to make us all laugh.

    Join the dedicated fans on this podcast as we raise a glass and toast champagne sketch comedy!

    Note: this podcast is not associated with ABC, Working Dog and other associates.

    Produced by Matt Fulton Productions.

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  • How did you feel when you turned 30? Actress & Award-Winning Radio Personality Christie Hayes and husband, Comedian and TV & Radio Presenter Justin Coombes-Pearce are unfiltered in Talk Thirty To Me. Itโ€™s the honest podcast for you to listen to all the mistakes and life lessons we, and our big-name guests, learned in their 20s. We'll laugh, cry and learn as we talk about why life really does begin at 30!

  • Conspiracy Social Club AKA Deep Waters with comedians Bryan Callen and Sam Tripoli

  • We share stories about what it's actually like to live in communism, from people who have lived in it, or their families.

  • Uncovering, devouring & celebrating the history of eroticism. From notorious sex symbols to mythological archetype, from the lives of striptease legends to literature too salacious for the public eye & everything in between. If the Pope would be riled, chances are we'll be covering it... Well, uncovering it.Hosted by nationally awarded burlesque artist, teacher & writer Velma Vouloir. C*ntroversy is the dirty history class you always wanted. New episodes weekly.

  • Join us as we blindly navigate and unpack the raw and often unspoken experiences of womanhood, grief, friendship and everything in between. Darling, Shine is your survival kit to the unexpected shit life throws at you.

  • A podcast about everything & anything. Sharing people’s stories about their journey in life. Their successes, failures, how they got to where they are today and everything in between. Hosted by Beats.

  • Interviews, for writers like you, with industry professionals on forging a career both independently and traditionally publishing your books.

    Host, technical writer, children’s and young adult fiction and non fiction author, Joanne Morrell focuses on how you can identify your writing process, publish productively and learn to feel comfortable promoting your books.

  • Talking beer and getting weird with Linds and Tif.

  • Two Aussie idiots try to figure out a better way to be creative and stay busy in the showbiz industry.

  • Matthew and Drew are best friends who share a passion for tattoos, travel and hair. They’re both professional hairstylists who have worked at fashion weeks around the world, styled some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood and had their work featured in countless magazines. But both their careers began unconventionally- they began cutting their own hair in their teens, then became college athletes who decided to follow their true passion- styling hair. Their work and adventures have taken them around the world where they discovered that hair is both a specifically personal and broadly unifying thing. Through their journeys, both personal and professional, they’ve heard some of the most fascinating stories from fellow hairstylists and clients how hair has transformed not just their look, their confidence and their spirits- but also their lives. Here are some of these stories.

  • Think Brick Australia represents the clay brick and paver manufacturers of Australia.

    We aim to inspire contemporary brick architecture and building design in all areas of the built environment: commercial, residential and landscape.

    Think Brick Australia continually produce new and updated technical information and industry guidelines for the greater construction community. Facilitating open discussions and interviews with leading industry representatives, Think Brick Australia’s podcast series is an accessible one-stop-shop for anything brick and construction-related in Australia.

    Think Brick Podcast Website -

    Think Brick Australia Technical Resources -

  • Yowie Central is a community radio show on MAINfm. Tune in for the latest on Yowie research in Australia and delve into the fascinating realm of Bigfoot, Sasquatch and cryptozoology from here and around the world.

  • The Creatives is a podcast where we talk about creativity, curiosity and intuition. More specifically the unintended, and unexpected elements that comes along with being a creative. As well this podcasts covers ideas around flow, balance and discovery within an art practice but also life in general.

  • Explore the biggest questions in science at World Science Festival Brisbane.