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  • Join Tanay in his light-hearted conversations with people to learn about programming, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. You don't need to sit with a pen and paper, sit back, relax and a nice cup of tea is all you need!

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  • “Leaders In AI” shares cutting-edge AI trends and inspiring business insights from renowned scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors. It is produced by, a content platform and community empowering the next generation of AI leaders and entrepreneurs.

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  • A weekly podcast exploring the new Indian Mind, by leading Psychiatrist, Dr. Shyam Bhat. Discussing mental health, in a fast-changing India, the role of culture and society on our mind, psychological analysis of news and pop culture and insights on mental wellness from psychiatry , and eastern meditative practices.

  • The podcast that equips aviation businesses achieve a higher altitude.

  • Brian Dixon, co-founder of hope writers and author of Start with Your People coaches authors, speakers, and bloggers to gain clarity in their life and work. Discover how you can clarify your message, engage your audience, and develop your products by listening to this show. Brian also offers personal coaching available at Topics covered on this show include coaching, podcasting, membership sites, blogging, speaking, publishing, writing, and social media. This show is for authors, speakers, bloggers, and content creators who are tired of the struggle and need clarity in their life and work.

  • You often hear stories of ecommerce companies that have grown at record speed. What’s their secret? On the Minds of
    Ecommerce podcast find out what key strategy helped the most successful ecommerce stores scale beyond the million.
    Raphael Paulin-Daigle interviews the top ecommerce entrepreneurs and executives to get you straight-to-the-point, no-BS insights to learn from and apply right away.

    Listen to Minds of Ecommerce if you want to hear from the world's most impressive ecommerce entrepreneurs and
    executives and learn the secrets that brought success to their ecommerce brands.

    Minds of Ecommerce is FOR YOU if you are:

    An ECOMMERCE ENTREPRENEUR looking to find new or little known strategies to increase your average order value,
    conversions, and online sales.... (episode #7)

    An ECOMMERCE EXECUTIVE looking to improve margins and lifetime value of your customers with a smarter Facebook
    ad strategy. (episode #6)

    A DIGITAL MARKETER who wants to learn marketing strategies and tactics that are rarely talked about, but that have
    been used successfully to grow companies to 9 figures. (episode #5)

    Your host, Raphael Paulin-Daigle is the founder of SplitBase, a conversion rate optimization agency that helps fashion,
    lifestyle and luxury brands, such as Kiehl's, Mackage and DIFF Eyewear, increase conversions.

    Other podcasts take 60 minutes to get their points across, and you probably find yourself frustrated that it has to take so
    much of your time to learn a just few things. Raphael does the same thing in 20 mins or less on this podcast. Free of
    pointless conversations, this podcast is all about action.

    Inspired by Shopify, Magento, SalesForce, eCommerce Fuel, Ezra Firestone, Business of Fashion, Loose Threads, Luxury

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  • Better Leaders in Enterprise Technology

  • Time to put a stop to the lies, falsehood and myths about success. Listen to the journey of unsung heroes of success in the R.A.W., from the heart. Explore the truth of a whole life, not just work, career or business. R.A.W - Real Absolute Wisdom. In a nutshell RAW aims to inspire you to: - Pass through your fears and focus towards success- Celebrate your failures and appreciate the learning- Develop your own unique formula of success mastery. All this through real stories from people who serve to your success.

  • Building a Business Online is my show where I interview CEOs, Entrepreneurs & Randomly talk about my own thoughts around business, marketing & life in general.

  • The FiscalYogi podcast, where Anees Rao, a Certified Financial Planner and a yoga teacher, talks all things money and yoga! Sounds like a heady combination? Listen in!

  • The TableTennisDaily podcast is hosted by TableTennisDaily's Dan who is joined alongside co-host Thomas Jeffcott. The podcast itself features the world's best players, coaches and experts giving a detailed insight into their lives and careers. We ask guests about their past and current training/teaching methods to find out what it takes to excel in the sport at the very highest level. We also discuss other important aspects of the game including strength and conditioning, diet, psychology and training/coaching philosophy’s. We talk with guests about the latest news arising from the professional table tennis world, providing a unique insight into what the elite really think about sports highly discussed, and sometimes controversial topics. The podcast features questions about table tennis equipment i.e. What the players use. As well as asking professionals about other products such as balls, boosting, clothing etc. We also really try to get to know guests on a more personal level asking them questions on there background, future goals and other interests both on and off the table.

  • We share the motivation you need, encouraging you along your way, and provide those critical running tips to help you on your own running journey – all in the time it takes to run a mile.

  • Short podcasts to give you the tools to perform better in mind, body and spirit.

  • The Dirty White Belt Radio show focuses on jiu-jitsu life and culture. Listen every Sunday on iTunes, Stitcher & Soundcloud for interviews with prominent BJJ figures, experts on fitness & nutrition, outstanding MMA practitioners and much more.
    Twitter: @dwbbjj, @jeffshaw
    Insta: dirtywhitebelt
    (We used to be the Cageside ConcussionCast)
    Our guests include top-tier fighters, teachers and trainers. We’ll let these experts explain how North Carolina became a jiu-jitsu hotbed, what fights to watch and when, how to execute techniques and what walkout music you should pick for your fight. We also promise fun and vegan recipes with a minimum of blunt trauma, but a maximum of entertainment.

  • This podcast gives athletes, and all those will goals transferable mental skills to raise performance levels!

  • Conversational history with a focus on narrative

  • Youth from a socially engaged Buddhist movement share their conviction in transforming their lives and society.

  • Soho House Stories presents Eat, Drink, Chat, a six-part series taking you to a new Soho House each episode where our hosts share a meal or relax over drinks with a talented guest, from artists to activists, musicians to entrepreneurs. Starting with breakfast, before moving onto coffee, lunch and cocktails, dinner and finally room service, each podcast brings something new to the table.
    Soho House is a community of creative thinkers. To find out more visit

  • I usually make Podcast in Hindi and on horror topics. All stories are my own imaginations. I hope you will like it.