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  • Food and Fitness tips from Coach James and Coach Paul, your virtual coaches on your weight loss journey. Simple, effective, and can be used today.

  • The mission of the Total Health Podcast is to provide the education and support that will lead to transforming peoples health so they can live a more effective, productive and happier life the way God intended for them.

  • Providing weekly episodes on health topics to allow aid in helping you become a better version of yourself.

  • Hakeem Anderson-Lesolang's take on relationships, mindfulness, wellness, healthy partnerships, wealth creation in a family setting and parenting as a black father.

    I've done my worst to myself, my relationships, and black love and burnt enough times to know it's not worth it being your base self and I have taken leave to change it around and have helped others do the same.

    This podcast is about impacting you, your lover and your relationship thrive so you can do love instead of ruining it. Whether you're single, dating, married, separated or divorced & a parent. I want to help mend what we break & what others broke in us.

    Sincerely Black Love is my ode to what carries me through life in the most beautiful way I've ever known.

    I know you'll love it and love yourself from it.

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    — h.a-l | @HakeemAndrsn

  • Expert psychological advice to help you feel better right away and reduce the debilitating effects of stress and anxiety.

  • Aimée Suen, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and food blogger from Small Eats is here to educate, inspire and empower you to grow, try new things, and live a life you fully feel good about, one small step at a time. Through interviews and solo shows, she talks about all aspects of health and wellness, from nutrition, movement, mindset, mental health, spirituality, body image, and so much more. Each show has small steps that you can try and see how they work for you, whether you’re new to the topic or have already started trying it in your life. You can do it, one small step at a time.

  • Welcome to A+ Opinions! Home for Your Nerd Pop Culture News/Reviews

    Presenting some of the best reviews and discussion podcasts. We highlight popular TV Shows, Movies, Coverage on Comic Cons, Amazing Q&A Panels with your favorite stars, and top quality interviews.

    A+ Opinions strives to promote sharing your OWN opinions on topics and reviews to create stimulating discussions. Welcome to A+ Opinions! Feel free to make this your new home and PLEASE respect each others opinions.

  • A weekly, horror-movie-themed podcast hosted by Dave and Chris. Each week we discuss a new horror film (old or new), sometimes build our perfect monster, recast horror movies, make new top 5 horror-related lists, make fun of a bunch of stuff, and more. Join us and be afraid! Support this podcast:

  • Canadian Rights Media talks about the video after being posted and viewed with comments

  • Brought to you by, “MULTIMEDIOCRITY: The Broadcast!” is a show about everything, something, and occasionally, nothing at all! Hosts Shawn Talley and Matthew Hevey share their unique perspectives on current events and all things pop culture -- including, but not limited to movies, music, television, comic books, sports, and politics. New episodes release every other Monday, exclusively on the State-Lines Network!

  • @TheEndPod
    We all like a great film and we get sad when it ends. What happens to the characters we've grown to love and hate. Sure there's probably a sequel, but what if there isn't? Some films just get left, floating in space, their characters undeveloped beyond the rolling of the credits.
    We’re not going to stand for that. Starting from a position of near absolute ignorance, we’ve invited our funniest friends to help us work out what happened to some of cinemas most iconic characters who never got a part 2…
    “The End…?” is here to answer the unanswered. To take up the mantle from Spielberg and JJ. If they don’t care what happened to their beloved creations, we’ll do it for them.

  • Entertainment is like food for the brain. It is the window to culture and a great way to understand the world around us. The internet has changed what it means to be an entertainer, creating new storytellers with millions of fans. It has spawned a new breed, the story sellers, those behind the scenes creating the business for this ecosystem. They work with brands, platforms and channels who are keen to capitalize on an audience hungrier than ever for more stories. Join Vineet Kanabar as he has a ringside view of how stories are told and sold. He brings you creators, artists, executives and marketeers for a freewheeling conversation around the business of entertainment. Tune in to Story Tellers and Story Sellers for personal stories, analysis and criticism every Thursday on the IVM Podcast Network or wherever you find your podcast from.

  • Presented by AfterBuzz TV, very week hosts Jesse & Yasmine break down a TED talk of choice. Guests will include either the speaker or a panel of professionals in that field of discussion. We have special segments like TEDUCATION , which features the biggest takeaway from the TED talk between hosts which ties into Twitter Poll which is a weekly poll based on upcoming show topic. Lastly we wrap each week with our TANGIBLE TOOLS segment where we offer an approachable call to action.

  • Retro show of Bollywood with rj NIDHI

  • we all are special until we begin to speak positivity into our lives we might not tap into that power the lies within us.

  • Tune in to the Ice Cream Convos Podcast to get your delicious scoops of entertainment, celebrity news, exclusive celeb interviews, hot topics, and more!

  • A podcast of my journey's inspiration. I started Black Unicarns (I enjoy adding the /ar/ sound) to begin a journey of trying to forget shame and get over anxiety. I also want to share my new experiences as a single mother that works and dates. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my experiences and stories.

  • An encyclopaedia of heroic failure

    Join Ben Van der Velde, Barry McStay and their guests as they brandish their wooden spoons of destiny and celebrate the losers, heroic failures and spectacular mis-steps that pockmark human endeavour. If you ever want to feel better about your progress in life, take a listen and enjoy a lovely schadenfreude bubble bath. Music by Max Perryment (

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  • About pretty much everything, I can't stick with one topic and a little bit of comedy