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  • Introducing the Gupshup podcast, where for over a decade, we have been dedicated to promoting regional music, artists, and culture through our radio. Now we are proud to bring our mission to all online platforms, allowing the best regional content to be enjoyed from anywhere around the globe. Tune in to hear the latest and greatest in Assamese content featuring exclusive interviews with top artists, writers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, politicians, and much more. Join us on our journey to celebrate and preserve the rich cultural heritage of Assam through the power of podcasts.

  • Basta L'Omerta, c'est le PODCAST qui agit CONTRE les violence sexuelles.

    A chaque épisode, nous abordons un aspect des violences sexuelles avec un ou une invité·e ou autour d’un débat. Nous sommes un duo d’animateurs mixtes pour représenter l’ensemble des victimes.

    A qui est destiné ce podcast ? Aux victimes qui ont déjà parlé, à celles qui s'apprêtent à le faire ou à celles qui n'arrivent pas à parler. Cette émission est aussi destinée aux proches des victimes.... et aux personnes qui n’ont pas envie d’en entendre parler.

    Durant cette première saison de Basta l'Omerta, nous allons aborder le parcours d'une victime, avant, pendant, et après les violences sexuelles. Durant 6 épisodes, nous allons traiter, de la manière la plus diverse et sensible, le crime, la thérapie, le dépôt de plainte , le judiciaire, le rapport avec les proches, et la résilience.

    Animé.e.s par Mathilde de Beaune et Pierre Friquet

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  • Welcome to, Charge It To The Game: The Podcast. We’re here as 3 friends start a podcast to talk about everyday life situations and topics y’all need answers about. Let’s make history, and grow together 🎙

  • इस एपिसोड में हिंदी में प्यार,खुशी,उदास,दिल टूटने,इस प्रकार की शायरी सुनने को मिलेगा

  • This is a show where two best friends talk about everything that is Geeky and Nerdy. We dive into Comics, Video games, Cartoons, Movies, conventions and so much more! We will have fun segments where we try new and crazy things as well as where we will bring you to the conventions we go to. Stay tuned and buckle up, we're on an adventure to find the Geek within!

  • "books i love" is an author-interview podcast hosted by Indian writer and storyteller Janice Pariat. The literary "picks" are guided by her experience of "wishing to ask the author a million questions after finishing their book", and the show features recently published fiction and non-fiction, from India and beyond, read and loved. The discussion centres around books and writing, and given the questions are crafted with a practitioner's care, this makes the podcast especially insightful for aspiring writers, though of interest for anyone keen to explore the vibrant landscape of contemporary Indian literature in English. Janice will occasionally be joined by her cat, Vincent, who often insists on making his presence, and opinions, heard during the show.

  • Hello listeners, we welcome you to our very first Podcast episode where we talk about a lot of topics such as the history of the Assamese people and and Ahom rulers, low key racisms which star in our very homes and musch more. Do join us

  • See the world through the eyes of society's greatest rule-breakers. The "Live Players" podcast charts the key individuals shaping our future from first principles across multiple domains: business, politics, philanthropy, and broadcasting from the digital town square

    Join host Samo Burja and Erik Torenberg as they analyze the mindsets of today's most intriguing business leaders, investors, and innovators through the lens of their bold actions and contrarian worldviews. You'll come away with a deeper understanding of the development of technology, business, political power, culture and more.

    If you want more than soundbites and sensationalism, this podcast delivers reasoned reflections on the live players who renew and transform civilization, whether we ask them to or not.

    Topics frequently covered: Business titans, political players, and philanthropists like Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Peter Thiel, George Soros, Donald Trump, and more with the power to remake industries, policies, borders, or societal norms.
    Live Players is part of the Turpentine podcast network. Learn more:

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  • Giving the weekly spill on all things reality. Recaps on all your favorite reality shows from 90 Day Fiance to RHONY. We are going to tell you what's real in reality TV.

  • AI is all around us – in our search engines, when recommending movies or books, when playing video games, or even when making digital payments. AI flies airplanes, drives cars, helps speed up drug discovery, and even predicts the next storm. But the AI treadmill moves at a very rapid pace with its own pros and cons. Case in point, Generative AI like Chat GPT, Mid Journey, etc.

    So, dive into the world of AI with Mint's weekly podcast, AI Rising! Join Mint Sr. Associate Editor & Tech expert Leslie D'Monte and Convergence Catalyst co-founder and principal analyst Jayanth N Kolla as they speak to students, academics, business leaders, policymakers, lawyers, artists, gamers, and scientists to explore the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in our lives and work. Uncover its wonders and drawbacks, like deep fakes and privacy concerns. Are we on the brink of AI sentience? Tune in to explore.

    This is a Mint production, brought to you by HT Smartcast.

  • We Talk about Life, Motivation, and Technology in Tamil and English.New Episodes Weekly (Wednesday).We have three shows :அடிச்சாண்டா Appoinment Orderu : Talks about Career and Entrupreunershipபொதுவாச் சொன்னேன்: Talks about General things which we want to shareTechnology in Tamil: Related to technology and online live coursesConnect with the community & Discuss:Insta: Group for Discussions: : and Enjoy!

  • Join James Farrow, the voice of, as he explores the brightest minds in cybersecurity. Each week, he embarks on a deep dive into often-overlooked topics with industry experts. On this journey, you'll be exposed to game-changing insights, all designed to help you fortify your business and grow your career. Thanks for tuning in.

  • The non-technical show for technical people. Interviews with software developers and engineering leaders about life, health, and the nuances of working in the tech industry.

  • Hosted by Nakul Kumar, this podcast will feature some interesting personalities from various domains of life. From sportsmen to artists and entrepreneurs, we'll speak to a line-up of unconventional people. What will always remain constant is our focus on how technology shapes their lives and their go-to hacks & tricks. We will explore their unique relationship with technology and try to soak in all that can enhance our and our listeners' relationship with technology.

    Hacks, tricks, insights, upcoming tech or innovations, you name it and we'll have covered it in this stream. So sit back, relax, plug in your earphones and let the fun begin.

    About Your Host

    When not coming up with killer ideas to help the users of his co-founded app, Cashify, Nakul Kumar is a full-time tech aficionado, a cook, a proud dad, and a gaming geek. Of late, his super-honest "2-minute reviews" on the latest smartphones on YouTube have turned him into a tech influencer to be reckoned with. Through his new podcast on The Podium, Nakul aims to change our general view of the world of technology and disruption. Lend him your ears and we're sure you'll go back with your own tech eureka moment.

  • The Founder's Foyer with Aishwarya Ashok is full of hallway conversations—the space where early-stage founders, builders, and creators look for all the foundational concepts and support to grow their ideas into products.

    Follow this show for all things Product, Ideas, Growth.