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  • If you want to know more about environmental laws in the Philippines, subscribe and listen up. We got that covered!

  • In this episode, Jemima, Rumesha, Amal, Haadiya, Sim and Isra look at the different events that happen in their lives involving the medical field, and how it effect the BAME community. They mainly discuss the reasons why women of colour are likely to die during pregnancy or childbirth. In addition, they talked about factors like COVID, and other diseases to see if theres also racial discrimination in that aspect.
    Sensitive issues are talk about. (Experience of racism, problems during childbirth/ pregnancy)

  • Foreign Policy magazine's Global Reboot explores how to rebuild a world upended by disruptive international events. FP's Editor-in-Chief Ravi Agrawal engages with world leaders and policy experts to identify solutions to our greatest challenges.
    A Foreign Policy podcast, in partnership with the Doha Forum.

  • You're listening to the Freedom From Addiction podcast ........Hear what leading addiction and recovery experts from Adult & Teen Challenge MidSouth are talking about—addiction trends, topics and challenges as well as personal stories, research, practices and advances that point the most promising way to...... FREEDOM......Sponsors: Begin With A Plan Support this podcast:

  • Time is more important than money. You can always get more money, but you can never get more time. Interviews will be with real, normal people like you and me, who are using a side hustle to make money to create more time and live a meaningful life. Their stories and tips may inspire you to take action and live life on your own terms. Topics include blogging, business, online marketing tips, SEO, affiliate marketing, Pinterest marketing, make money online, side hustling, investing, personal development and more.

    Guests include Michelle Schroeder-Gardner, Alex Nerney, Ben and Jeff from Dollarsprout, Pete McPherson from Do You Even Blog, Paul Scrivens and many Tim Ferris, Gary Vaynerchuck and Pat Flynn proteges.

  • Welcome to Business 1O1, the podcast with the quest to understand the 1O1 of everything business and beyond. Each episode dives into one 1O1 course—such as finance, negotiations, entrepreneurship, and journalism—to learn what it is, what it is not, and why it matters so much for our lives. Along the way, listeners get the feeling of being in the class, as well as a backstage view of academia, cutting-edge research, mini comedy sketches, vocabulary clarifications, and practical tips.

    By the end of each episode, you'll be smarter as you’ve happily learned right along with our enthusiastic host Troy Campbell, and you'll be ready for the signature ending segment: "Now We’re Smarter."

    The Business 1O1 (pronounced "1 'Oh' 1") podcast is a play on the "101" term used for entry-level college courses (i.e., Physics 101, Econ 101), but with a uniquely Oregon twist (thus, the "O" for the zero in 101).

    With the Business 1O1 podcast you'll join us on a journey that covers the basics, as well as the cutting edge of research, in a quest to understand the 1O1 of everything.

    Produced by Troy Campbell
    Edited by Alec Cowan

  • This is the podcast to help online coaches make more money, change more lives and create more impact in this world. This mission is all about getting your message seen, heard and making it impactful. My name is Jason Meland and in the past 8 years, I’ve grown 3 multiple six figure businesses in the fitness and coaching space... and I’m unpacking everything you need to know to be successful in monetizing your message and growing your business. 

  • SHAREit BrandCloud is SHAREit's brand new podcast that digs deeper into the world of advertising. We're talking with some of the top industry leaders about the changes and developments in the business of advertising, branding, content, media, and a whole new range of issues and opportunities that exist within the industry.

  • A weekly podcast from Will Richmond and Colin Dixon, two experts in online video, discussing key market trends, news and data.

  • Listen in as Maulik hosts accomplished global leaders to learn how they got to where they are and - more importantly - how they are futureproofing their lives, careers, and companies for the disruptive decade ahead.

    This is Maulik’s “pay it forward” passion project to create inspiring, engaging and enlightening content for aspiring leaders, entrepreneurs and for anyone who is striving for a better future.

    Maulik is an award winning CEO, Best Selling author and highly sought after keynote speaker. To learn more about him and his projects, please visit

  • Go behind the scenes with Joshua Boswell, the worlds leading copywriting coach as he speaks to thousands of people on stage, coaches some of the highest paid copywriters, trains his students, and helps millions of people every week live the writer’s life. He focuses on improving your writing skills, marketing your services, and developing a winning mindset that benefits every area of your life, not JUST your career. This is a behind the scenes look on how you can write better, make more money and fill your life with things that matter most.

  • Meredith Davis of Camellia Social Co. shares quick tips and industry insights for social media managers, from beginner to expert.

  • Accelerate results! Create your dream life! Make an impact! Progress Equals Happiness.

    Improve success in your career, online business, and overall life. For Entrepreneurs and the 1% that want to maximize the ROI of your life.

    Alex Harris @alexdesigns, a polymath creative, web marketing and conversion rate optimization / Shopify ecommerce expert covers self-help, mindset, personal growth.

  • Over the past six years with Simon and his team, Matt has worked with organizations spanning dozens of industries across 34 countries on 5 continents. In that same time period, he founded Octopy- a startup that helps companies thrive by focusing on the human experience of work and building technology platforms to help them better support those practices. All of this is in pursuit of creating a more human-focused future of work that sits on the foundation of a strong, values-based team cultures. Find today's show notes are on

  • Welcome to fwd:thinking. A weekly podcast for anyone looking to take their b2b marketing and marketing ops to the next level.

    Each week we dive into a topic currently having a giant impact on B2B and marketing ops.

    We'll also host the best marketers in the game to learn their secrets and get practical advice we can execute today.

    Tune in.

  • 2 Joints Life and Style, Small Stable and Sorrento Podcast

  • The POD Cast is all about the print on demand industry! It exists to equip you with the tools you need to succeed when launching or managing a POD business!

    Regardless of where you are in your Print on Demand journey, the POD Cast has something for you!

  • A podcast dedicated to helping one million women achieve one million dollars in annual revenue through interviews with Million Dollar Business Owners about life and what it takes to join the seven-figure-club. Hosted by Briana Dai.

  • People of Marketing is an award-winning, bi-weekly show where our host, CEO of Planable Xenia Muntean, interviews inspiring marketers. Xenia explores the lives, careers, dreams, trials and tribulations of their professional lives. Grab your headphones and tune in!

  • Girl chat with ambitious women. Hearing their story and their advice on how you can turn your passions into an empire. Keeping you motivated and inspired every week Madison sits down and has an authentic conversation with successful women who will help you reach your goals! Let's level up in 2021 okay?