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  • No topic is off limits. If I learn something and you learn something, then we're making progress!

    Follow my weekly thoughts as I sit at home and recover from an injury. Each week I'll cover something new and hopefully interesting!

    Ask a question or request a topic through Instagram @theprogressionpodcast I promise I'll get to them all.

    Let's have a conversation about some interesting shit. Have a listen and chill out with me.

    New episodes every week.

  • This podcast is a law enforcement training podcast for Connecticut law enforcement and criminal justice professionals. The Prosecutor's Perspective will address various aspects on legal issue confronting law enforcement personnel and the criminal justice system today . Information presented in this podcast series will include training, legal updates, and discussion on trending legal issues. Any information or opinions presented as part of this podcast are informational only and does not constitute official policy of the State of Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice

  • Hey guy's๑˙❥˙๑...
    So we all know how relationship's are like in our generation and what the struggle of keeping a relationship entails... So i'lld be talking about things that has to do with relationship and I hope we all have fun...

    Ps:we go push am•ᴗ•❤

    Comments are welcomed 😙

  • Your PassivHaus bring efficient sustainable passive housing to the Canberra region.  Join Douglas and the team as they discuss the ins and outs of passive house technology with their guests and clients. 

  • This podcast is just a place for those to listen and escape, it’s open to all ages, the main i will be doing in this segment is ASMR so listen if you want too✨🥰

  • Houseplant superfans Madison, Madeline, and Allison get chatty and planty discussing everything houseplant. Whether you're just starting out or a long time houseplant fan, tune in to learn, gossip, debate, and join the Plant Gang.

  • Meet the Green Thumbs - Ray and Annette, members of the Canterbury Horticultural Society. Two enthusiastic gardeners bringing you their take on what is happening now in your garden as well as into the future by interviewing lots of different people engaged in various gardening activities.

    Flowers, vegetables, events, tips and a whole lot more!

    Join the Greenthumbs every second Monday of the month at 9am

  • This podcast is about thoughts, words, feelings, experiences, poems that I’d like to share with others.

  • The Budget Magic Cast is your weekly source for all things budget Magic focusing around Modern, Pioneer, and Pauper. With hosts Scott Cullen and Emma Partlow.

  • Listen to real-life riders share their stories about the mental, physical and mechanical approach to riding and being safe on their motorcycles. Hosted by Len Bilello.

  • Your favorite movies made into bedtime stories! (for grown-ups)💖 My name is Mrs. Honeybee and I write stories using characters from movies that i love. Toy Story, Shrek, Minions, Lion King, Star Wars, and Frozen are some of the most popular! Please silence your cell phone, the movie is about to begin hehe...enjoy! - Love, Mrs Honeybee 😊💖

  • Whimsical short stories, with an occasional classical guitar piece.

  • Vanakkam Tamizha celebrates the richness of Tamil language and culture, and uniting Tamil communities in Dunedin and wider Otago region.

  • "District Queen" is a sexy crime drama series about Margo, a young flight attendant, who has grown tired of her mundane life but soon finds adventure in an exciting mysterious man. District Queen was created/executive produced by Akiya McKnight and written/direct by Zell Gaymon.

    Follow @districtqueenpod for all updates.

  • This podcast about Karangahape Road, Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa. It looks to design futures from Krd's histories and identities.

    I'm an architecture student with no money. I care about research that prioritises heartbeats in the conversation. I am liberal when using the word 'architect.'

    This podcast includes a multi-world of poor artists, space-adapters and authentic points of view. 100% of people live in built space. So let's occupy. x

  • Historian Professor Barbara Brookes joins Sonja Tiernan, Eamon Cleary Professor of Irish Studies at the University of Otago, to canvass wide aspects of the past - from individual stories to national histories. from political events to emotional tides.

    Sponsored by the Eamon Cleary Trust through the Centre for Irish and Scottish Studies, University of Otago.

  • PuffCast is a brandnew Hufflepuff Podcast, that wants to bring an extra portion of joy and kindness to the Podcast world!//CONTACT: - You can find us on all Platforms where Podcasts are found! - We are on iTunes now!!- You can find us on Twitter & Instagram @puffcastpod- Facebook at: You can email us:

  • We are covering cases that went cold on all SUNY Campuses. We are going to get to the bottom of it all.

  • We are bridging the cultural gap for careers in art + design.

    Our interview episodes dive deep into community, tactics, and mentorship. We share candid conversations with the best in Design about what it actually takes to have a seat at the table and see your ideas come to life.

    No fluff. No ambiguity. Mild cursing.

    So, whether you're knee deep in building your own design business or just a lover of fine art, this is a place where you can come to elevate your mindset and skillset as a designer.

    Tune in.