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  • If you’ve ever wished you could take Amazing Discoveries presentations with you on audio, now you can! We’ve made Amazing Discoveries content even more accessible by making it portable. Don’t have time to sit and watch a video? Want to cut down on screen time? Give your eyes a break? Now you can listen to AD’s informative and inspirational content on your audio device while you’re on the move.
    Browse hundreds of in-depth Bible study series and sermons while you’re on the go. Explore a wide range of relevant topics, find answers to your questions, and learn something new – wherever you’re going, whatever you’re doing. Listen to Amazing Discoveries on audio. Browse hundreds of in-depth Bible study series and sermons while you’re on the go. Explore a wide range of relevant topics, find answers to your questions, and learn something new – wherever you’re going, whatever you’re doing. Listen to Amazing Discoveries on audio.

  • We are a reformed congregation in Las Vegas, Nevada. We exist for the purpose of preaching the Gospel, believing the Gospel, and living with one another and the world by the implications of the Gospel.

  • Hi I’m Priestess Lilly - Sacred Heart Healer, Space Holder, and Spiritual Life Coach.
    We will discuss how to activate inner wisdom, reclaim your soul’s voice, and help you remember your purpose.

  • Today with Jeff Vines presents messages preached by Pastor Jeff Vines.
    Author, Pastor, Apologist and Bible teacher Jeff Vines delivers straight talking messages from the Word.

    Jeffery A. Vines spent twenty years on the mission field (Zimbabwe, New Zealand) planting churches and training leaders. For two years Jeff served as the Teaching Pastor at Savannah Christian Church in Savannah, GA. On January 1, 2008, Jeff became the Lead Pastor of ONE&ALL Church (formerly Christ’s Church of the Valley) in Southern California.
    Jeff is the author of Dinner with Skeptics, Defending God in a World That Makes No Sense (2008, 2011), UnBroken, 8 Enduring Promises God Will Keep, Divine Romance, and is currently in the writing stages of a new book. Jeff and his wife, Robin, have been married for over 30 years and they have two adult children, as well as two grandchildren.

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    Messages written by Pastor Jeff Vines
    Podcast production by One&All Media in partnership with Production Farm

  • From the time of Jesus Christ, all the way to today God has been building His Church. Each step along the way has been filled with stories of men and woman, filled with the Holy Spirit, who lived their life for Jesus Christ. This is their story.

  • Current events. Bible prophecy. The ancient past. How does it all fit together? Find out now. Produced by Pathway to Paradise Ministries.

  • A gathering space for city designers, planners, activists, and placemakers to collectively share years of experience navigating some our world's most complex city streets. Together we share stories with the hope and purpose of improving our cities together. Our guests, alongside community anchors and champions, work tirelessly amplifying the voices of those that have been there all along in our cities. As a collective, we hope to be able to harness this learning from stories of the past, to visions for the future, we talk pride of place, wherever, you are.

  • Sharing the stories and experiences of fifteen New Zealanders from migrant and former refugee backgrounds, this series is a community-led collaboration in partnership with Belong Aotearoa, Sport Waitākere and Storyo, hosted by Elina Ashimbayeva. Elina is the co-creator of Storyo, and moved to New Zealand from Kazakhstan in 2011.

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  • Trevor Sommers presents 60 minutes of Sea Songs and Shanties from around the globe.

  • Everyday Mulemanship with Ty Evans! We talk mules, mulemanship, offer training tips, and share our incredible interviews with fellow mule enthusiasts.

  • Revolutionizing Midlife is a podcast for women who are ready for a different conversation. One where your power and worth are no longer defined by beauty, family, to do lists and taking care of everyone but yourself. In a world that focuses on the crisis of Midlife this podcast is a space to feel revitalized, holy, wild and free. A place to dust off your dreams, reconnect to your desire and come see what is possible when you embrace Midlife rather than throw in the towel.

  • This podcast is all bout being new to the Crypto Word. I've been immersed in Crypto trading, NFTs, gaming, and news since May 2021. I have never been a technical/computer guy and had a struggle with the learning curve. I see the huge potential in this market and realize non of my friends or colleagues know anything about it. I wanted to be the in-house expert, to say the least. This podcast is for all the "Newbs" to the space and I will break down everything I know to the most simple of explanations I can give. Enjoy!

  • Relationship stress, parenting challenges, money issues, mommy and daddy issues (yes, this means you, we all have them), self worth, nutrition, comparison and judgement. We’re going to dive deep into these issues to provide you with access to a better fu**cking life.

  • Welcome Home helps you to navigate the journey home to your body. Josie, the creator of Better Being - discusses the ways in which, we can reconnect with our bodies despite living in the noise of diet culture, exercise trends, beauty standards and comparison.

  • Our mission is to promote excellence in all areas of the industry in Scotland. We are active members of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), so our members are part of a global network of Chefs.

  • Every week learn about some new tech tips for the classroom in ten minutes with your host teacher and educator, Toni Westcott.

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  • Listen as award winning photographer, author, public speaker and motivator Matt Mathews hilariously talks and inspires business owners and everyday people to get REAL about life and learning self love. Support this podcast:

  • پادکست باران سفریست به درون ذهن. اینکه ذهن ما چطور تصمیم می گیره، چطور انتخاب می کنه، چطور فریب می خوره و چطور برامون باور می سازه.در این پادکست، تلاش خواهم کرد که این مکانیزمها و راههای نجات از اشتباهات ذهن رو معرفی کنم.من پوریا احمدی پور هستم و به پادکست باران خوش اومدید.

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