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  • Throughout history, humans have experienced some of the most unbelievably harrowing adventures. Olivia and Melissa's simple wish is to share and narrate these stories to you - so that perhaps one day, if you ever find yourself in a rather precarious predicament, you might just know what to do.

  • Leaders in the fight against extremism sit down with former Mayor of Charlottesville, Mike Signer, to discuss ways to combat the threat posed by white supremacy and other forms of hatred.

  • Mozhgan Moarefizadeh is stuck in Jakarta, living without rightsโ€”but with a yappy dog named Bella. With journalist Nicole Curby, she brings you into the lives of refugees like her, who are trapped on Australiaโ€™s new borderline, in Indonesia. Also heard via The Guardianโ€™s Full Story.

  • It’s a new day at the 186th most popular podcast in New Zealand. Even we’ve got sick of the sound of our voices so we’ve brought in new hosts to continue our mission of sharing our ill informed opinions with world.

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  • Uncensored conversations with creative Asian womxn.
    Belonging / Home / Body / Beauty / Love / Sex / Dating / Race / Power / Identity / Upbringing / Representation / Consciousness / Healing / Work / LIFE

  • For the past 20 years, the Deloitte Fast 50 has celebrated business owners who’ve not only survived, but thrived. In this series, our host Madison Reidy talks to some of NZ’s most notable entrepreneurs about how they achieved success, and what to do when the going gets tough.

  • The Steep Your Soul podcast is for women who are seeking deep truth and meaning to their lives. On each episode, Annabelle Matson provides soulful guidance, coaching and tangible action steps to help you overcome what's holding you back in life, so you can awaken to your full potential and purpose.

  • Are you a data professional and want to build your career around data, analytics and technology? Then this is the podcast for you. Eva Murray and Helena Schwenk, Technology Evangelists at Exasol, are here to bring you fresh insights and stories from the world of data, every Tuesday. If you want to explore the topics we discuss in more detail, sign up for our weekly newsletter.

  • The Voice of AI is a podcast hosted by CrunchMetrics that covers everything you need to know about data-driven growth. In this podcast, we feature the best practices, tips, and real-life lessons from industry leaders who leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor, manage, and scale growth. Stay tuned for inspiring stories and useful insights on AI-driven analytics.

  • Radio Spectrum is a twice-weekly look at the cultural, business, societal, and personal consequences (intended and otherwise!) of today’s and tomorrow’s technologies. We’re the podcast of IEEE Spectrum, the flagship magazine and website of the world’s largest professional organization devoted to engineering and the applied sciences.

  • Break I.T. Down is your go-to tech podcast for the non-tech and tech listener alike. We take complex tech topics and break them down for non-techies. Whether it’s comparing Blockchain to beer or relating Artificial Intelligence to hit movies (hint- the movies are pretty accurate), our hosts Kyle DeWitt, Ian Thompson, and Phillip Heaton are here to bring education and fun to YOU!

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  • Hosted by Daniel Hutchins, Principal Architect with Cisco Australia, the Cisco ANZ Podcast Series explores the 5G ecosystem, business models, and Service Provider technologies. It brings together the best minds from Cisco locally and globally to talk about 5G.

    Episode One will focus on opportunities for monetisation for Service Providers. Episode Two will focus on optimisation and look at the technology stacks involved in 5G deployment and where Cisco’s technology can help Service Providers. Episode Three will focus on Partnerships and look in detail at industry verticals and explore what they need from 5G to succeed.

  • Scientists are racing to create a vaccine to end the Covid-19 pandemic.But creating a workable vaccine is just the start. Tim Harford is your guide to this epic global undertaking.

  • Top tips on all aspects of perioperative care from some of the world's experts, working together to enhance surgical recovery.

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  • The Fruitful Fifteen is a free and evidence-based health coaching show that can help you create your best, most healthy life. Jen and Sarah are health coaches with serious credibility who provide listeners with techniques, tools, and tricks for actionable change. Together, these two coaches show you how to make any 15 minutes the most fruitful in a journey toward healthy living!

  • Welcome to the PHIT Society Podcast, a place where we all phit. Join your hosts Nikki Snow and Rachael Babiracki each week as they record an impactful conversation exploring a more human side of fitness, health, and wellness. From tackling hard subjects to interviewing experts in the field, this podcast drives a conversation to reframe fitness and wellness as a positive, empowering, and enlightening part of YOUR life. You are the hero of this story, we are here to help you shine. PHIT Society: Push Hard, Inspire Together.

  • World renowned bodybuilder and fitness legend Kai Greene, aka Mr. Getting It Done, sits down to share secrets on mindset, health and fitness, and achieving personal goals like he has never done before. Listen in while Kai explores what it takes to be the best in all areas of life and how his mantra “thoughts becomes things” supports greatness. Kai wants you to wake up every day inspired and ready to conquer your dreams. There’s a lot of work to do and Kai is here to make sure we are all getting it done. Executive Producers Crystal Fambrini and John Ryan, Jr., The Direct Message Network.

  • The information presented in Healthy Focus podcasts are for educational use only. They are not intended to treat or diagnose any medical condition. They are not intended to replace any medical advice from your doctor. References are given at the end of the episodes. Enjoy listening and learning! Support this podcast:

  • This podcast focuses on all things fitness, relationships & lifestyle. Zach & Bailey's goal is to help you through your fitness journey, help you become the best version of you & of course make you laugh :)

  • The reality…today it’s our fight with - ME/cfs, tomorrow it could be you. Our bodies fall ill, we lose control and it’s NOT our fault. Mental strength is a ‘work in progress’. We learn two things from life courage and fear, but does this mean we are prepared to fail or to win? This is a journey of self-discovery, sharing real life struggles, the highs and the lows, as I recreate a future that includes the new ME and inspires sustainable living. But is a business mentor the right decision or is it a myriad, a magic wand-only time will tell. My Revival is my way forward to Unlocking our Visibility!