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  • Ponořte se do "skutečných" příběhů z naší historie.

  • Heyy and welcome to our first episode of our new podcast! :) We are Alma & Luise and we just talk about random things that are in our minds. Let us know if you liked this episode and text us on our instagram: @tea.talk_podcast . We hope you will listen to the next one! Have a great day! :)

  • Derived from my TikTok lives where being unapologetically myself has granted me the ability to reach thousands who actually appreciate it. Join me for a weekly episode into the chaos of everything that life throws at me. I welcome all Q&A and may even grant some unprofessional advice along the way with some judgement. So if you enjoy erratic thoughts and a pretty cool chick with no filter, welcome home. Episodes drop every Wednesday, because #WCW is still a damn thing. This is going to be a wild ride, you've been warned. Email all inquiries to [email protected].

  • Scottish horror narrator reading you scary stories about crypted creatures, two sentence horror stories and other things that go bump in the night. Be sure to drop a sub if you enjoy listening to scary horror stories of the paranormal variety and of the scary kind! Two Sentence horror stories have proved to be some of my fan favourites alongside those of the forest ranger variety. So take your time, take a deep dark tour.
    If you have any issues with any of the content on here, please get in touch with me and ill happily get to the bottom of it. All content on my channel has been narrated by me and i have got permission for the stories told.
    Bellow is a list of those who have entered a tier on my Patreon and helped supporting the channel. If you want your name down there for ever more then check out my Patreon!

  • Vše, co jste chtěli vědět o fantasy a nebáli jste se zeptat.
    Především vycházíme z literárních děl od těch těch známých a slavných (Sapkowského Zaklínač, Hra o trůny, Pratchettova Zeměplocha, Conan nejen Howardův, Neil Gaiman) až po méně známé až zapomenuté (Gemmel, Feist, Dragonlance, Eddings). Nejklasičtější fantasy dílo J.R.R. Tolkiena ponecháváme trochu stranou, protože má dva vlastní české podcasty, přesto o něm mluvíme při srovnávání s jinými.
    Věnujeme se i adaptacím fantasy - filmy, seriály, počítačové i deskové hry

  • Welcome to Fairy Tale Stories & Fairytales, the enchanting podcast that transports you to magical realms filled with wonder and adventure. Each episode, we delve into a timeless tale of heroes, mystical creatures, and the power of love and kindness to triumph over darkness. Journey with us as we explore captivating stories from around the world, revealing the enduring magic of fairytales that has captured the hearts and imaginations of generations. Whether you're young or simply young at heart, join us for an unforgettable storytelling experience.

  • Fire Fighters was a syndicated series produced by Cincinnati’s William F. Holland Productions, Inc. in 1948. It was aired in various markets from coast-to-coast, including Portland, OR, Omaha, NE, and Washington, D.C., into the early 1950s. It followed the adventures of rookie firefighter Tim Collins and fire chief Bob Cody. Written by Frank Jones, Fire Fighters starred Cameron Prud’Homme and Lyle Sudrow.

    The program was lauded by local fire departments across the country for promoting fire safety and publicizing modern firefighting techniques.

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  • Welcome to 'Betting Insights,' where we explore the world of online Toto betting. In this episode, we introduce you to Toto Wizard, an online Toto site verification community dedicated to ensuring a safe and enjoyable betting experience. Discover how Toto Wizard meticulously selects trustworthy Toto sites with solid capital, eliminating the worries of scams and 'eating and running.' Tune in to find out how Toto Wizard can be your trusted partner in the world of online betting, providing you with peace of mind and high-quality Toto site recommendations. Stay safe and happy betting

  • Black Lodge Trivia Night is a podcast where three dads navigate Twin Peak obsessions and epic RPG adventures, all while balancing their roles as fathers.

  • A group of 4 losers gather to play make believe and hang out for a couple of hours almost every weekend. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/lads-night/support

  • Mlsná Dobříš je podcast, kde se vše točí kolem dortů, zákusků a cukroví. Pokud věříte, že láska prochází žaludkem a sladká tečka je potěšení, bez kterého se neobejdete, určitě si poslech užijete!

  • Welcome to Brunch w/ Pri - The Podcast!

    I started this off to allow people to get to know more about me apart from my work at prunch (@prunchme). While cooking has my heart, there is so much I love to do and explore and I want to express that through this podcast. Thank you for being here and supporting me, I really hope you enjoy all that we have in store!

    Hosted by: Priyansh Parekh
    Produced by: Vaidehi Patel
    Cover art by: Sophia Gawan-Taylor

  • Povídání o jídle, jeho produkci, udržitelnosti, zdravé výživě a všem, co souvisí s cestou jídla od trávy až po váš prázdný talíř.

  • Здесь мы говорим о различных социальных конфликтах, которые повлияли на мировую историю и во многом определили развитие общества.

    Нас зовут Тая и Лада и мы студентки-социологи. Данный проект, «Ненавидеть. Не замечать. Любить», это наша проба пера на научном поприще, попытка разобраться в важных вопросах об обществах прошлого и настоящего, а так же, конечно, показать вам ту социологию, которую видим мы и которая нам очень нравится.

    Прежде чем начать, мы хотим предупредить, что наш подкаст не несет в себе цели оскорбить кого-то по религиозным, гендерным или каким-либо другим причинам. Так же он ничего не утвержает и ни к чему не призывает, а вся информация взята из открытых источников, ссылки на которые вы найдете в описании выпуска.

    Подкаст создан исключительно в развлекательных целях, и хотя его мы не претендуем на роли экспертов, мы постараемся быть максимально объективными и беспристастными в своих суждениях.

  • On Mythology Explained we will be diving deep in to all kinds of Mythology: Greek, Roman, Norse, Chinese, Egyptian - you name it. If you've always been curious about the beginnings of Hercules or how Zeus came to be- then this is the podcast for you.

  • Klasická i ta méně známá témata z oblasti dějepisu a literatury pohledem mladé studentky. Podcast plný zajímavostí nejen pro historické nadšence.

  • Malý černý slon je podcast, v němž dokumentaristka Petra Verzichová oprašuje zajímavé, čtivé deníky a rukopisné vzpomínky pamětníků a zpracovává je formou audioknih.
    Texty, které vybírá a postupně s kolegy načítá, jsou autentické, skutečné příběhy, tak jak je zapsali pamětníci.