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  • A place for finding freedom through embracing the journey and adventure of life. This podcast dives into all of the messy parts of life as we unpack together how we can experience deep rooted joy through Jesus, People, and Places. Mackenzie is an imperfect christian who's goal is to show you Christ through her own experiences. We are not meant to do this life alone and we believe the BEST way to experience the adventure of life is by being in tune with our body, soul and spirit. Let's jump into this adventure we call life, because the journey is far better when we're together.

  • The Unfiltered Extra podcast with host Joe Warner is where inquisitive minds go to meet the most respected, decorated and controversial experts in health, fitness, nutrition and performance to get the life-changing advice they need to #LiveSmarter. Visit for more.

  • Podcast host, Karen Cruess, is a devoted wife, mom of 6 and licensed counselor who is passionate about seeing women set free, as they are healed, equipped and released in to their God-given identity and purpose. The truth is that we are in a war, and the battle plan of our enemy is to wound us in such a way that we miss out on the fullness of God’s vision for our lives. In this podcast, Karen will walk with you and lead you to an experience of God’s healing that will renew your mind, reignite your spirit and set you free to joyfully fulfill the unique mission God has placed on your life.

  • The #1 podcast for "Uniting Croatian Fans Around The World"

  • "The Fashion Interview" is a new series of videos that I want to develop. It'll be broadcast on YouTube, along my other videos. I'll interview several guests. I want to share with you the different possibilities to work in fashion industry.

  • Where style, glamour and controversy collide. The Fashion Academy is a podcast that focuses on the good, the bad and the very ugly aspects of the beautiful and elusive industry of fashion. You’ll here interviews with industry professionals, get advice if you want to make a career in style and hear first hand experiences from people who have been in the industry for years. I love to share my opinion and I am definitely doing that here. We’re here to empower, uplift, inspire and expose! Class is now in session! Stay styling!

  • Get your Glowing Skin From Within as Dr. Alissa explores the ground breaking science behind overall wellness.

  • The Irish Pages podcast brings you discussion about writing featured in Irish Pages, a journal of contemporary writing from Ireland and overseas. In each episode, editors Chris Agee and Kathleen Jamie talk to contributors to the most recent issue, ranging through poetry, short fiction, essays, creative non-fiction, memoir, essay reviews, nature-writing, translated work, literary journalism and more.For more information about Irish Pages, the latest issue, and how to subscribe, visit the website:

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Подкаст о женщинах, которые больше, чем просто мамы.

    Я и мои собеседницы говорим здесь о себе, об ожиданиях и о реальности с которой нам пришлось столкнуться, о том, что отпуск по уходу за ребёнком- это совсем не отпуск, о том, что помогает нам не сойти с ума и о том, как найти себя если кажется, что уже потеряли.
    Гости моего подкаста это обычные необычные женщины. Мы - очень похожи, но при этом ТАКИЕ РАЗНЫЕ.

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  • Маги,колдуны, ведьмы, шаманы... Кто они и с чего всё началось? История возникновения и тенденций магии и оккультизма. Поговорим о разных магических течениях и традициях, религиях, которые тесно живут с магией. Почему ведьм сжигали на костре? Как проводят обряд экзорцизма? Как правильно втыкать иголки в куклу Вуду? И многое другое...

    Все мы немного волшебнутые, теперь будем знать почему.

    Потрясем бубном над пыльной историей магии.

    Естественно с юмором.

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  • Подкаст «ОК ЛАЙФ» - про творческий путь основательницы и ее взаимодействие с внешним миром.

    Основательница подкаста Таня, она же особа керамическая, уже больше 5 лет развивает свой бизнес - студию авторской керамики ELEMENT SPACE, развивается как художник, эксперт, бизнесмен. Подкаст будет о студии, об уже накопившемся опыте и до сих пор трепещущих вопросах, а также о планах по развитию.

    Будут как соло выпуски, так и выпуски с гостями, на которых каждый участник будет делиться своими взглядами.

    Вы сможете найти что-то ценное для себя, вдохновиться и стать частью этого творческого пути.

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    Аккаунт студии ELEMENT SPACE


    Почта для связи [email protected]

  • Диана и Гуля будут обсуждать различные книги и фильмы, их сюжеты, стиль, и влияние на современную литературу и кинематограф.

    Присоединяйтесь к нам в нашем подкасте "Рону не хорошо" и давайте вместе погрузимся в увлекательный мир литературы и кино!

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  • Koliko puta ste čuli da su nam potrebna “Nova lica” u politici? Verovatno ste i sami nekada izgovorili ovu rečenicu, a KOMS vam donosi priče upravo Novih lica, mladih iz podmladaka političkih partija. Tokom predizbornog serijala, imaćete priliku da saznate kako su organizovane omladine političkih partija, za šta se zalažu, ali i kako izgleda put jedne mlade osobe u političkom životu. Uživajte!

  • Come with us and explore secret histories, investigations and deep dives into the dark side of famous/infamous people and the stories you can’t get enough of. With your hosts, Shannon and Tony, take a walk on the dark side.

  • The Domain of Women is an interview style podcast highlighting the stories and ideas of women in social sciences.

  • Swisher will sit down to discuss life, music, sports, and more. Tune in and follow along with the audio adventure.

  • A series of podcasts to raise awareness of Pancreatic Cancer in memory of Seth Goodburn who died aged 49 just 33 days after being diagnosed with the disease.

    This podcast is hosted by Captivate. Please see their listener privacy policy here

  • Od svoje 16. godine, tokom svoje 30-godišnje karijere rada sa psima stekao je neuporedivo stručno znanje i iskustvo. Kroz projekat " Sve što ste hteli da znate o psima a niste imali koga da pitate" Saša odgovara na pitanja svojih pratilaca na Tik Toku i Instagramu užvo, nedeljom u 21.h. Dobrodošli.

  • The 'Rebellious Business Show,' hosted by Cordelia and Caroline, celebrates unique entrepreneurs who dare to be different. It's more than business talk; it's a tribute to individuality, embracing personal stories and self-ownership. Each week, we bring stories of rebels making an impact, offering practical advice and tools, and promoting transparency and self-acceptance. Join us to feel empowered, be unapologetically yourself, and use your unique story to make a difference. Tune in weekly to journey with us on this rebellious adventure.