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  • The most hated podcast on the internet. We tell you why your favorite podcast is bad and why you should feel bad for listening to it!

  • A podcast that’s for the people by the people with the people. We talk about many different subjects such a entrepreneurialism, creativity, and innovation

  • Der Pflegepodcast, der Ihnen hilft, die Pflege ihrer Liebsten so zu gestalten, wie Sie es sich wünschen.

    In den monatlich erscheinenden Folgen berichte ich von meinen Erfahrungen als Pflegeexperte und helfe Ihnen, mit den Herausforderungen in der Pflege und den Themen drumherum umzugehen.

  • Alles rund um die Pflege!
    Erfahrungsberichte, Hilfestellungen und Experteninterviews zu Pflegethemen.
    Hier kommen Menschen zu Wort, die aus erster Hand über die Pflege berichten.

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  • We spend 70% of our waking hours at work, yet so many of us are left dissatisfied and unhappy. It's about time we challenge this and make work a tool for your personal and professional growth.

    Join Mindvalley’s Jason Campbell, as he plugs you directly into the minds of the world’s best authors, peak performers, and workplace experts to hack the code of becoming ‘Superhumans At Work’

  • Milan Trbojević i Dejan Savić preduzetnici sa preko 20 godina zajedničkog iskustva u biznisu razgovaraju o temama kao što su izgradnja uspešnog biznisa, marketing, prodaja, finansije, kultura firme i sličnim temama.

  • Part One of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Mars-Series. Easy, swank, pulp read about an omnipotent gentleman teleported to Mars, finding an outlandish society of ape-, tree- and lizardmen, red-, white-, yellowmen, brains on legs, strange bastions and curious apparatuses, where the strongest survives and women are needy beauties to be saved. How can something be so platitudinous and at the same time so imaginative and enthralling? Boys’ book for sure. (Summary by Stephan)

  • Yellow Packaging is a current events and comedy podcast by Colton and Jesselyne!
    We’re two Asians, repping the 604, from the perspective of a growing minority.
    Our podcast is about nothing, about something, about everything.
    We talk about issues going on in our lives, our city, whats happening in the world and how that relates back to our place in a Western society.
    So sit back, listen up and gain a new view on what its like to live in Vancouver. Enjoy!

  • As the United States confronts an ever-changing set of international challenges, our foreign policy leaders continue to offer the same old answers. But what are the alternatives? In None of the Above, the Eurasia Group Foundation’s Mark Hannah asks leading global thinkers for new answers and new ideas to guide an America increasingly adrift in the world.

  • Finding yourself and your greatness
    Cover art photo provided by Annie Spratt on Unsplash:

  • 'A Submarine That's Yellow (A Teenage Perspective on the Greatest Band of All Time)' is a podcast hosted by J.D.: a teenage Beatles fan. Join him as he goes through The Beatles' discography and explores the inner meanings of the most legendary songs of all time.

  • This podcast is about the different identities of people from different backgrounds

  • The Better Achiever Sessions brings stories and ideas on burnout prevention for overachievers and perfectionists.

    I am Carol Miltersteiner, host and producer of The Better Achiever Sessions. Brazilian living in the Netherlands, I am the founder of The Better Achiever, writer, two times burned out, and currently learning how to shift from doing more to doing better.

    In this show, I share some key learnings of my own process, and I talk to people from all parts of the world who have something to say about the epidemic that has become burnout.

    You will hear from researchers, artists, therapists and more, as we talk about burnout with honesty, hope and who knows?, even some sense of humour.

  • Oratio est un podcast National Geographic.

    Tous les quinze jours, Oratio vous emmène à la rencontre de scientifiques, d'explorateurs, d'activistes et de chercheurs qui partageront avec vous leur passion et leur engagement.

  • Imaš idejo, pa ne veš, kako iz nje razviti podjetniško zgodbo? Imaš svoje podjetje in ne veš, kako zgraditi odmevno zgodbo? Dobrodošla na podcastu Lovim ravnotežje, kjer bom tvoja gostiteljica Nina Gaspari odgovarjala na vprašanja povezana s podjetništvom in življenjem. S teboj bom delila 15-letne izkušnje dela v piaru in 10-letne izkušnje samostojne podjetniške poti. Priduži se meni in mojim gostom, s katerimi bomo odkrivali skrivnosti uravnoteženega podjetnišva. Prijavi se s klikom na "subscribe" in ujemi nove epizode tvoje nove navdihujoče podjetniške in življenjske zaveznice.

  • Die Creators of Beautiful Experiences – kurz COBE – tauchen mit euch in die Untiefen der digitalen Produktentwicklung ab! Gute Websites, grandiose Apps und brillante Kaffeemaschinen-Displays gehen ebenso auf das Konto der COBEes wie legendäre Partys, spannende Talks und philosophische Gespräche rund ums Thema New Work und Achtsamkeit. Das Alltägliche und Besondere am Agentur-Alltag wird aus der Perspektive unterschiedlicher Teammitglieder erzählt – mit nur einer einzigen Regel: Es gibt keine Regeln.