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  • As the United States confronts an ever-changing set of international challenges, our foreign policy leaders continue to offer the same old answers. But what are the alternatives? In None of the Above, the Eurasia Group Foundation’s Mark Hannah asks leading global thinkers for new answers and new ideas to guide an America increasingly adrift in the world.

  • Finding yourself and your greatness
    Cover art photo provided by Annie Spratt on Unsplash:

  • 'A Submarine That's Yellow (A Teenage Perspective on the Greatest Band of All Time)' is a podcast hosted by J.D.: a teenage Beatles fan. Join him as he goes through The Beatles' discography and explores the inner meanings of the most legendary songs of all time.

  • This podcast is about the different identities of people from different backgrounds

  • The Better Achiever Sessions brings stories and ideas on burnout prevention for overachievers and perfectionists.

    I am Carol Miltersteiner, host and producer of The Better Achiever Sessions. Brazilian living in the Netherlands, I am the founder of The Better Achiever, writer, two times burned out, and currently learning how to shift from doing more to doing better.

    In this show, I share some key learnings of my own process, and I talk to people from all parts of the world who have something to say about the epidemic that has become burnout.

    You will hear from researchers, artists, therapists and more, as we talk about burnout with honesty, hope and who knows?, even some sense of humour.

  • Oratio est un podcast National Geographic.

    Tous les quinze jours, Oratio vous emmène à la rencontre de scientifiques, d'explorateurs, d'activistes et de chercheurs qui partageront avec vous leur passion et leur engagement.

  • Imaš idejo, pa ne veš, kako iz nje razviti podjetniško zgodbo? Imaš svoje podjetje in ne veš, kako zgraditi odmevno zgodbo? Dobrodošla na podcastu Lovim ravnotežje, kjer bom tvoja gostiteljica Nina Gaspari odgovarjala na vprašanja povezana s podjetništvom in življenjem. S teboj bom delila 15-letne izkušnje dela v piaru in 10-letne izkušnje samostojne podjetniške poti. Priduži se meni in mojim gostom, s katerimi bomo odkrivali skrivnosti uravnoteženega podjetnišva. Prijavi se s klikom na "subscribe" in ujemi nove epizode tvoje nove navdihujoče podjetniške in življenjske zaveznice.

  • Die Creators of Beautiful Experiences – kurz COBE – tauchen mit euch in die Untiefen der digitalen Produktentwicklung ab! Gute Websites, grandiose Apps und brillante Kaffeemaschinen-Displays gehen ebenso auf das Konto der COBEes wie legendäre Partys, spannende Talks und philosophische Gespräche rund ums Thema New Work und Achtsamkeit. Das Alltägliche und Besondere am Agentur-Alltag wird aus der Perspektive unterschiedlicher Teammitglieder erzählt – mit nur einer einzigen Regel: Es gibt keine Regeln.

  • In this subject we examine some of the central problems that have captivated philosophers throughout millennia, as well as those that scientific advances and cultural changes have only recently brought to our attention. These might include: where did the universe come from? Might a machine think? Is time travel possible? Is it morally acceptable to eat meat, or to design children genetically? Does the world suggest the existence of a designer, a God? Students will focus on examining the merits of the various arguments on these issues, dealing with each philosophical problem for a week. Students will be introduced to most of the major philosophical areas, including epistemology (what can we know?), metaphysics (what is the nature of reality?), ethics, personal identity, and philosophy of mind.

  • What Workers Want, presented by Steelcase 360, explores the intersection of business and design by bringing together leaders, innovators and risk takers for behind-the-scenes conversations on how the places we work, learn and heal are changing to help people thrive and ideas flourish. Meet the people shaping the future of design and business, and discover how place can shape behavior.

  • The Bike Lab OKC is a bicycle shop in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Interview's, bikes, perfomance and the business!

    Topics will including cycling nutrition, technology and Regional Race information for Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Kansas.

  • True, raw, unedited personal stories of recovery from addiction.Qualified is not affiliated with any recovery program. All organizations, institutions, books, people, places, things, and opinions expressed by each guest are entirely their own, part of their own journey of recovery, and not intended as medical advice. If you have a story of recovery and you would like to be a guest on Qualified, please write us at us on Twitter @qualifiedpod. If you are suffering from an addiction, there is help for you, and there is hope for you. We on this podcast are living proof.

  • Join me, as I discuss things happening in the world, my music, and my journey through life.

  • Discussing how men should handle dating in the social media age

  • "Nicht vom Brot allein wird der Mensch leben, sondern von jedem Wort aus Gott" (Mt 4,4).

    Die Homilie zum Sonntagsevangeliums legt einen Text aus dem Neuen Testament aus und macht ihn aus seinen Wurzeln heraus verständlich. Die Worte, Gleichnisse und die Person Jesu selbst werden lebendig und werden zum Brot für jeden Tag.

    Die Predigtreihe aus Maria Linden/ Ottersweier (Baden) begleitet durch das Kirchenjahr und erschließt die Texte der katholischen Liturgie.

  • Prva slovenska podcast oddaja o duhovni in osebni rasti, ženski energiji in podjetništvu te spodbuja, da v ospredje svojega življenja postaviš sebe, živiš zavestno, pristno, svobodno in polno.