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  • What makes you a heretic? Journalist Andrew Gold believes that, in an age of group-think and tribes, we need heretics - those who use unconventional wisdom to speak out against their own groups, from cancelled comedians and radical feminists to cult defectors and vigilantes hunting deviants.

    Learn from my guests how to rebel, think differently and resist social contagion. From Triggernometry's Francis Foster and the world's most cancelled man Graham Linehan to ex-Hasidic Jew Julia Haart and gender critical atheist Richard Dawkins. These are the people living with the weight of their own community's disappointment on their shoulders.

  •  El Podcast Crimen Real Asesinos de Vampiros es una nueva serie de podcasts semanal que examina historias reales de crímenes sobre vampiros y lo que se esconde detrás de los ojos peligrosos y malévolos de algunos de los asesinos más retorcidos y sádicos en la historia humana.

    En cada episodio, examinaremos un caso aterrador completamente nuevo. Pero ten cuidado, ya que te adentras en estos casos de cultos vampíricos retorcidos, juegos de interpretación de vampiros que salieron terriblemente mal y hombres tan mentalmente perturbados que realmente creían ser vampiros, es posible que encuentres un par de ojos rojo sangre mirándote desde la oscuridad.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Замкнена Кімната | Моторошні історії на spotify та на youtube

    Нові історії на youtube!

  • A delusionship is an informal term for a romantic relationship that is characterized by one or both partners having significant delusions about the relationship. Some key aspects of a delusionship include:
    One or both partners imagines the relationship is much more serious or committed than it actually is. For example, someone believing they are in a fully committed, exclusive relationship when the other person is just casually dating them or even considers them a friend.Unrealistic expectations about the relationship or the other partner. This could include beliefs that the relationship is destined to be perfect, that the other partner will change in major ways, or that the relationship will lead to major life changes like marriage despite little evidence to support those beliefs.Ignoring, downplaying, or rationalizing away significant problems, conflicts, values differences or warning signs that the relationship is troubled. This allows the delusions about the relationship to be maintained.Projecting idealized fantasies onto the other partner rather than seeing them realistically. This could include believing someone is "perfect" or your "soulmate" when you actually know little about their real self.Envying relationships that seem happy from the outside while being unable to evaluate your own relationship properly or acknowledge its flaws.Staying in the relationship for too long despite clear evidence it should end, often due to being overly attached to the fantasy of what you wish the relationship was rather than what it truly is.In summary, a delusionship refers to a romantic involvement where one or both people are fully committed based on serious delusions, rather than realistic assessments, about the relationship. These delusional beliefs allow them to stay with partners who are incompatible, uninterested in commitment.

  • Тепер Армія TV не лише у телевізорі та ютубі, але і у ваших навушниках. Тут ви знайдете усі наші розмовні формати.

  • Це міг би бути ще один подкаст про літературу. Про книги та що і куди вкладав бідолашний автор. Але життя існує і поза межами сторінок: справжнє і смішне.

    Тому ми обрали інший формат: читаємо книгу, знаходимо її основну проблему, а потім шукаємо такі самі й у своєму житті.

    Як поводитися на балу, але не на корпоративі? Як вловити момент і виглядати шикарно поряд з колишніми? Рубанути каре чи записатись на йогу?

    Жодних натяків на експертність, але досвід, історії з життя і щось з книжок.

  • Ever wonder what it was like listening to music in the 80's? Sure, you've heard the hits and know some of the names. But, I grew up in the 80's! Join me as I take us back to a time when vinyl and cassette tapes ruled the day. Twice each week, I take us back on a journey through this amazing time in Music. Buckle up, kids it's about to get totally tubular!

  • Monday, In Concert. Marches, serenades and classical pieces from instruments playing to perfection. This programme was broadcast on - where you can discover a world of automatic instruments playing all day! Broadcasting 24 hours. Whenever you tune in, you're never far away from a style of mechanical music you'll love. Every hour takes you on a journey though automatic instruments. Mechanical Organs, self playing Pianos, Musical Boxes, Orchestrions and more., search Mechanical Music Radio in your social media channels, and download our free app.

  • Podcast sobre filmes, séries orientais, animes e muito mais. Empenhado na divulgação e análise desses conteúdos a fim de fomentar maior interesse do público em geral.

  • Відкриваємо завісу магії маркетингу! Разом з найкращими експертами країни розбираємося, які таємниці поведінки людей і секрети нашого мозку використовують маркетологи, щоб ми купували товари і послуги.

  • In this podcast we talk about the up and down in a girl experience and even my very own experience

  • "Irreverent, fun, and scorchingly honest" JON X and SAM TYSON explore relationships, sex, and hookup culture with uncommon grit and relevancy.

    Rate us on Apple Podcasts, it makes big difference in rankings and allows us to book interesting guests and quality sponsorships. Drop questions via voice message at: or Twitter @deepdeepcast

  • just a young female looking to educate and give her opinion on some issues surrounding the punani & the world of sex.Follow me on instagram @thepunanipodcast Support this podcast:

  • Подкаст, де ми спільно скидаємо завісу над питаннями сексуальної освіти, які часто залишаються осторонь суспільної уваги.

  • All the information on gaming funny podcast Memes and a bunch more

  • Weekly updates on stream, what I've been watching, and future plans. I'm a relatively new Mixer streamer and I want to document my progress moving forward. So ask your stream and content related questions and I'll answer them to the best of my ability!

  • Привіт!
    Тримайтеся, бо це подкаст Андрія та Сашка. Вони, маючи 20 років досвіду в ІТ на двох, раптом вирішили, що світ просто не виживе без їхньої мудрості.

  • Подкаст ЯК МИ РАЗОМ — це серія розмов про учасницькі практики в мистецтві та мистецько-спільнотні програми.

    Ми говоримо про активізм та інклюзію, про соціальне та творче, про митців, які йдуть до людей, і людей, які творять разом. У наших обговореннях існуватиме “до” і “після” повномасштабного вторгнення: як практики участі змінилися і набули нового значення після величезної хвилі внутрішнього переміщення, і як вони можуть допомогти будувати громадянське суспільство далі.

  • In today’s marketplace, everyone is an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to think like one.

    Some believe entrepreneurs make up 4% of the population. They think this minority is brave and bold—focused on start-ups, investors, and risk.

    This may be the classic definition, but the truth is you are a brand and you run a company of one. It’s your responsibility to create value and if you fail to deliver, chances are you’ll find yourself without a job.

    Time to accept the facts. On some level, you’re an entrepreneur. And everyone in every industry would do better by thinking like one.

    When we do, we gain an exponential advantage.

    The E-Mind Podcast and Dr. Kary Oberbrunner will show you how.