New podcasts

  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • The BLB Podcast interrogates and celebrates the short story form. On each episode we invite a writer to read from one of their stories, talk about their work, writing and editing processes, how they got published, and what they’re reading.
    Hosted by Kate Ellis and Peter J. Coles.

  • A book podcast hosted by writing partners Amy Helmes and Kim Askew. Guests include biographers, journalists, authors, and cultural historians discussing lost classics by women writers.

  • Authors talking to David Freeman about their books. Most of the conversations are from David’s personal archive that have been collected over the past 40 years.

  • Comedian Andrew Ryan originally from Cork has moved to Northern Ireland. In this podcast Andrew talks to people from all across Ireland about this really interesting part of the island.

  • One writer, one work, 30 minutes to tell its story. Each month, Craft brings you one international writer telling the story of a single work from its earliest origins to publication on the page. Join them as they discuss the twists and turns of the composition process and reflect on the what of writing alongside the how. Brought to you by Wasafiri Magazine, Queen Mary University of London, and Arts Council England. Hosted by Malachi McIntosh

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  • Two UK based contemporary jewellers get together to talk about what they are working on, what they love, new tools and finds and who in the industry is exciting them. They also chat about life and how that plays into their working lives as creatives. Occasionally they invite others onto the show.



    Music: Octopi by Alfie Amadeus

  • "Imagine there is a huge meteor hurtling towards our beautiful blue planet and before life as we know it comes to end, we can magically click our fingers so you are able to see any theatrical production you want. What would you choose to see for your Last Show on Earth?"

    West End and Broadway stars John Owen-Jones and Alistair Brammer ask this question of friends and colleagues from the West End, Broadway and beyond - and the answers are often intriguing, funny and sometimes bizarre...

    New episodes on the first Friday of every month!

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  • Social Work Sorted is an Education platform with a difference. As an experienced Social Worker and Practice Educator I want to take you through the day to day challenges you are going to face as a newly qualified worker; how to do a home visit, how to complete an assessment, how to build relationships, how to do direct work that makes a difference. I'm here to help you, with short podcasts you can access whenever you need. Follow @socialworksorted on Instagram

  • #TheChaptersPodcast is a chatty and entertaining listen for lovers of books and agony aunt advice! Hosted by the girls behind Books That Matter, this podcast is all about recommending books to get us through every chapter of life. Listeners write in, the girls deliver advice and the perfect books to get them through! New episodes are available every week, and you can find the girls at @booksthatmatteruk, and can write in with your dilemmas and questions to [email protected] podcast is brought to you by Books That Matter, the book subscription box by women, for women. Find our subscription boxes at

  • A fun and informative English Premier League (Fantasy) podcast.

  • Join Jarrett and Jeff, two Premier League fans in America, on a weekly recap of the English Premier League, Champions League, and world football. Recording from the Barbershop Studio, weekly guests join the Boys to recount the Premier League season’s drama as it unfolds.

  • Isa and Lisa are two Asian-American zillennials who are hoes for the aesthetic. Join us each week for a casual dive into the internet and its trends, cultures and sub-cultures, society and its structures of power, and, of course, aesthetics. Follow us on Instagram @net.aesthetic or visit our website -

    In season 2, we got actual mics so maybe start there.

  • Shaun Keaveny presents the travel podcast that isn't going anywhere. Not until we're convinced these destinations are worth getting off the sofa for.

  • Recorded is a podcast from The National with a collection of topical interviews, interesting discussions and sometimes random stories.

  • We might not see millions in the streets, but the resistance is there.
    While the civil servants paint over hundreds of new anti-war graffiti, people in Russia are protesting and making their voices heard on social media despite risking their freedom.

    But who are they, and are they fighting a lost battle?
    Together with activists, journalists, artists, and people who can’t keep silent we’ll discuss how we, Russians, lost our freedom, why keep fighting and why there’s still hope.

  • Welcome to Letโ€™s Talk Social Work, the podcast from the British Association of Social Workers. This is a space for conversationโ€”discussion with social workers, the individuals they support, and colleagues working in related professions. We consider the key matters affecting social workers as we explore contemporary issues with a focus at both the local and global levels.

    The views expressed in this podcast are not necessarily those of the Association.

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  • Democracy is a community principle realized through individual action. This podcast series focuses on the ‘Me’ in democracy and how the idea of the ‘self’ defines and is defined by the democratic structures within which we function. 

  • Three life-long friends are on a find The Worst Song on Earth.

  • Every week, host Hannah Faust welcomes a fellow Bravo-head onto The Real Hits of the Housewives to recap an iconic episode from the franchise. They talk about their housewives ethos, their favorite wives, and more!

  • based on facts

    we love news but we are sick and tired of fox news trolling us with lies and then CNN hides the good news until 11pm so most younger audience and even older audience miss out on the critical news. we are news addicts and if you want to understand the news like a pro you better be watching the news that are based on facts so you could call us expert troll and fake news identifiers given our history browsing the internet and studying the news on regular basis. so if you want to know what CNN is sayin without it being a hassle we can provide the news along with our fact checks regarding politics science society feminism punk rock you name it and we have incorporated the news in to our show with just complete facts with live fact checking taking place every moment we can usually if we encounter something that looks a little fishy. with all that said, we present to you, based news network based on facts.

    Let the show begin.

    Imagine you are watching CNN, but now you don’t have to stay up until 10pm or even later to get to the good stuff that they hide for the news professionals who frankly are sacrificing valuable sleep and time with their loved ones in order to stay up late enough to watch the news as it is meant to be watched. LET THE SHOW BEGIN!

    Punk Revolution Now! and joan.of.arca are your hosts. find us on instagram and such.