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  • Whose Stories? is a podcast about children’s books, diversity, and the role of archives, brought to you by Newcastle University and Seven Stories: The National Centre for Children’s Books. In the first season of our podcast, we’re exploring the story of children’s books and Black Britain. You’ll hear from authors, illustrators, and changemakers in the world of children’s literature, including the multi-award-winning writers John Agard, Valerie Bloom, and Beverley Naidoo. You’ll be introduced to Seven Stories’ unique collection of archival material and learn about why building a truly representative national archive of children’s books is so critical, and we’ll draw on the expertise of researchers at Newcastle University to put a spotlight on issues of diversity and representation in children’s literature and its history within these contexts. Ultimately, we’ll show you what we can gain from making children’s books more inclusive – and what’s lost when the UK’s children don’t find themselves reflected in the words (and worlds) they find on the page. Subscribe and stay tuned.

  • Here we recall African legends, myths, folk and fairytales, both in English and in French.

    Ici, on se rappelle des légendes africaines, mythes, fables et contes de fées, en français et en anglais.

  • Page Break is a collection of casual conversations between epic fantasy author Brian McClellan and fellow creative professionals—like two friends sitting down over lunch to discuss career, craft, family, and hobbies. Authorhood is a quiet sort of minor fame where the person behind the words is often obscured by the works they’ve created. Brian aims to use this podcast to find out more about his friends and colleagues.

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  • It's real people, telling their real stories, every week.

    We're a group of journalists, and in each episode, we help ordinary people tell you their own extraordinary, funny, heartbreaking or shocking real life stories in their own words.

    We'll feature everything from real life crimes and fights for survival, to romance, great escapes and acts of kindness.

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  • Welcome to the Home Instead Senior Care Swindon and Oxford Podcast! In this Podcast we cover everything there is to do with later life. That may be planning for later life, working in care for people in later life and also stories and news covering all aspects of growing older.

  • The Gentle Project is a podcast series to share #NewPossibles in new normals. We want to find inspiration from ordinary people’s extraordinary stories that empower us to grow during this pandemic. The Gentle Project hosts a gentle place at heart, where we enjoy a curated conversation about perspective, resilience and confidence.

  • We condense top podcasts into short episodes so you can discover new hosts and new podcasts and simply get to the best stuff faster. Tim and Chris then extract the core concepts from each episode to help you integrate the content long after the episode ends. Join us on our journey to abbreviate the world of podcasts.

  • If life really is a gift, how do we make every second count? We start with a photo and see where we end up. Join me as I meet amazing people and discover whatever rabbit holes we can find. Be inspired!

  • Two not-friends, an RV, and a magical Canadian road trip

    Tennyson and Alder had known each other about six months when Alder's mysterious fae bosses asked them to set out across the country in an old RV, solving people's magical problems. Too bad neither of them asked the important questions. Too bad their secrets might be hazardous to their health.

    CW: Beyond the Veil contains instances of emotional manipulation, abstracted violence, and sudden loud noises. It is also a show that includes queer characters. None of them are going to die. This is not that kind of show.

  • Van Allen Plexico & Andy Fix, along with occasional guests, dig deep into all things "Babylon 5," discussing each episode's Themes and Influences, Best Moments, Notes and Factoids, Guest Stars, and Episode Ratings and Evaluations, among other topics. This podcast does NOT spoil future episodes of the series.

  • The ongoing development of more automated and connected vehicles is driving an increase in the use of complex, electrified systems with unprecedented security needs. And it's critical for this security to cover the entire system, including components, interfaces and infrastructure. Automotive Cybersecurity Talk dives into these needs as well as requirements, factors, processes, technology - anything and everything related to the evolving world of vehicle cybersecurity. The podcast is brought to you by the experts at ESCRYPT, leaders in securing automotive embedded systems. To learn more, visit

  • First this series gives you the tools you need to troubleshoot Microsoft Azure yourself. Next, common issues will be presented and solved. If you are unable to solve the issue on your own, you'll have all the necessary data to expedite the troubleshooting process when you contact Microsoft support. This series builds on the different series which present the architecture of the different Microsoft Azure features such as Cloud Services and Web Sites. Finally, you can use this information to find common configuration errors and security issues.

  • The Healthier Tech Podcast is the show bringing you a practical solutions-based approach to understanding how best to live in balance with our increasing reliance on tech.

    The show from, Shield Your Body, brings you expert voices that clearly explain the science that matters to you, and the usable tips that you can use to live healthier, while defending against the health risks of modern day technologies.

  • It might start with a lightbulb moment or a sudden flash of insight—but having an idea and making a success of it are very different things. It’s the gap between invention and innovation. In six monthly episodes, we’ll find out about the gamechangers.

  • Edge of NFT Podcast brings you not only the top 1% of what's going on with NFTs today but what will stand the test of time. We explore the nuts and bolts and the business side, but also the human element of how NFTs are changing the way we interact with the things that we love. This podcast is for the futurists and dreamers, the disruptors and creators, the fans and connectors, the makers and the doers that are pumped about this ecosystem and driving where it goes next.

  • At the heart of America is a dirty and shameful reality. Everyone knows it exists, but the devastating impact it has left on generations of people has been glossed over and even ignored—especially by those who still benefit from it.
    Our American history is rooted in racism.
    More obvious chapters include the decimation of Native American populations, slavery, segregation, and the Jim Crow era. Most Americans have learned about—or at least heard of—these events.
    But ask them about the eugenics movement, or when homegrown extremists filled Madison Square Garden for a Nazi rally, or how Henry Ford's hatred of Jews helped inspire Adolf Hitler, and you're likely to get a blank stare.
    It's time to explore these overlooked events that don’t make it into our history books and correct the record for the people harmed by them, to trace our past to modern tragedies, and learn how folks over the centuries have fought back. We need to confront more of our racist history, so that we might have a chance to defeat it once and for all.
    Hosted by Nazi-fighter Christian Picciolini, F*** Your Racist History is a weekly history show that tells America's hidden, overlooked, and unknown racist origin stories.

  • We discuss, analyze, and educate in the field of information security. Our aim is to touch on all subjects, from regulatory compliance and new laws to current cases, leadership, and business culture.