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  • In today's society, the competitor within slowly fades when the transition into fatherhood begins. As a father, competing is no longer about winning and losing, it's all about leading by example by giving your best every chance and every day we are blessed with.

    Join Daniel Hickman (a competing dad athlete of 3 girls who has several podium appearances racing in OCR, Hyrox, DEKA, and road races) as he interviews the top dad athletes in the World for their advice on how to juggle parenting, time management, business success, race-specific fitness training, and mental focus synergistically.

    If you are a dad struggling to reconnect with your competitive edge -or- a current dad athlete looking to learn strategies from the best, tune in for the best insights and proven strategies shared by leading dad athletes in the world.

  • The 5 Spot with Donovan McNabb will dive into all the NFL action, the latest news around the league, and interviews with the greatest football minds. McNabb was a superstar Quarterback for 13 NFL seasons, primarily with the Philadelphia Eagles, leading the team to five NFC Championship Games and one Super Bowl. He garnered more than 40,000 yards and 250 touchdowns over his pro career. The show will be co-hosted by OutKick Senior NFL Writer Armando Salguero, an award-winning NFL reporter, Pro Football Hall of Fame selector and Associated Press All-Pro voter. McNabb and Salguero will be giving fans honest, smart and fun football talk along with regular interviews with current and former players. New episodes drop each Tuesday and Friday during football season. 

  • Out of Bounds with Jaimie and Abby is a guest-based podcast heavy on lifestyle and light on football. This new Titans podcast is hosted by Jaimie Robinson (the wife of the Titans' General Manager, JRob) and Abby Flittner (co-founder of Nashville Guru, a popular resource for Music City). Nothing is out of bounds for this welcoming duo, who dive deep into the lives of other influential and inspiring women.

  • An official Minnesota Vikings podcast that bring you weekly insider content about the Purple People Eaters - hosted by Mike ’Wobby’ Wobschall and Gyles Uhlenhopp

    #MinnesotaVikings #NFL #Football #DefensiveCoordinator #KirkCousins #JustinJefferson

    Hosted by Mike Wobschall and Gyles Uhlenhopp

  • Welcome to Schoolyard Sports with Lane Frank! Every Thursday we are going to be coming to you from wherever you listen and watch your favorite podcasts! Lane is a 14 year old Sports Encyclopedia who will be discussing all things: NFL, NBA, MLB, College Basketball, College Football & more. He will also pontificate about the players he likes or like to rag on. Teams to watch or worry about. Stats that are worth a chat & anything in the wide world of sports that catches his attention. The student has become the teacher. Subscribe to get in the game!

  • The Sooners Illustrated Podcast is the perfect call for any die-hard Oklahoma fan. Join hosts Josh Callaway, Collin Kennedy, James D. Jackson and Tom Green as they take you from National Signing Day to the national championship with in-depth analysis on everything OU. Sooners Illustrated offers insider insight from real reporters who are on the scene daily at Oklahoma football and basketball.

  • Happy Smiling People is a podcast space where I speak to interesting individuals from various areas of life. We talk through their specific niche, how they got there, how they find serenity in day to day life, and much more.

  • Welcome to Grind My Metal Gears! A podcast where lore master Danny takes Metal Gear novice Austin through the Metal Gear Solid series.

    Follow the podcast @GrindMyMGS, Austin @chai_squared, and Danny @covermeinsauce on Twitter!

  • Mushroom Comix, or Josh as some call him, hosts the worlds 10 millionth (there is no evidence of this) Audio Only Lets Play Podcast with advertisers spanning space and time.
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  • Three movie lovers discuss the filmographies of cinemas most important directors in hopes of gaining a greater understanding of their vision, impact, and the culture that surrounds them.

  • A father revisits the movies of his teenage years with his teenage son.

  • Hey friends! It’s Daisy. My stories are super fun, adventurous, smart, and filled with cool music and sound effects that will sweep you away to another world! You’ll get a major dose of entertainment while learning exciting new things along the way. Perfect for bedtime, anytime or listening in the car with the family.

    So, parents? Unleash your childrens’ imaginations with my colorful, creative stories! My characters explore key life skills that nurture passion, creativity, curiosity, strength, education, individuality, diversity, and relaxation in a fun, humorous, and engaging style.

    Kids and teens will get enlightened about social skills, the environment, helping animals, the importance of nutrition, understanding politics, coping with fears and challenges, calming mindfulness, and meaningful use of technology.

    Age appropriate character stories for grownups, little ones, and anyone who loves creative entertainment -- Purple Pop Pete; Popcorn Penny; Sierra Spider; Belinda Bunny; Attorney Malkah ; Conversations with Josie; Pink the Caterpillar; The Waddle Family; Billy Booger;
    Cassie Naranja

    Age appropriate stories for teens and parents 12+ years -- Sarah Sadness; Preston P. Politix;
    Quinn Queer ; William’s World; Sailor Girls

    Folks, storytelling has been a magical way of exploring the world since the beginning of time! Tablets and devices simply cannot replace the art of storytelling.

    Grownups, remember when we were kids? We were precocious tots experiencing improbable adventures - hilarious, perilous, and definitely memorable. You might enjoy our stories, as well!

    If your child would like his/her very own short story about one of my characters, go to ! I will create an amazing tale around your child’s idea that won’t soon be forgotten!

    About Daisy
    Hi! I’m Daisy, an American creator and content writer living in Madrid, Spain with my husband, daughter, 2 cats & a dog. I fell into podcasting when my daughter Malkah and I started recording stories together just for kicks. We’d invent wacky characters and develop storylines around them that we would share at bedtime to help her relax and fall asleep. Because she was so young at the time, I’d lead the stories with morals and lessons that she could learn from. And voila! No screentime or device necessary. It was pure, power of imagination! Now that she's 12, she creates characters and stories of her own – a mini creator in the making!

    My husband Luis is also coming up with some characters of his own, as well. Even our three fury critters – Boss Kitty Kat, Jackie Clover the Siamese and Joselita the Pomeranian all play roles.

    Our family of characters are lining up fast!

    Submit your story idea
    Hey! Does your little one have a story idea for one of our characters? Send it to us! Daisy will turn it into an incredible adventure that might get featured on our podcast.

    See our characters here

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    Contributing Writer: Malkah Woolley, our youngest creator -

  • Episode 1: The Early Years- Introduction to Justin Bieber- His birth and family background- Early signs of musical talent- Local performances and competitions
    Episode 2: The YouTube Sensation- How Justin was discovered on YouTube- Role of his mother, Pattie Mallette, in his early career- Meeting Scooter Braun and the initial trip to Atlanta
    Episode 3: The Breakthrough- Signing with Usher and L.A. Reid- Release of "My World" and its impact- The "Baby" phenomenon- Rise to teen stardom
    Episode 4: The Sophomore Success- "My World 2.0" and its reception- The "Never Say Never" documentary- Collaborations with other artists- The Believe Tour
    Episode 5: Trials and Tribulations- Legal issues and controversies- Public perception and media scrutiny- Personal struggles and hiatus from music
    Episode 6: The Comeback Kid- The release of "Purpose" and its significance- Chart-topping singles like "Sorry" and "Love Yourself"- The Purpose World Tour- Grammy Awards and other accolades
    Episode 7: Love and Marriage- Relationship history, including Selena Gomez- Meeting and marrying Hailey Baldwin- How marriage influenced his life and career
    Episode 8: The New Era- "Changes" and "Justice" albums- Collaborations with artists like Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, and Chance the Rapper- Social activism and philanthropy- The evolution of his musical style
    Episode 9: The Legacy and Future- Overall impact on the music industry and pop culture- His influence on the next generation of artists- What the future holds for Justin Bieber- Final thoughts and reflections

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  • Well hello there! Welcome to the Dramatically Daydreaming Podcast, straight from the creative mind of actor and cabaret artist Adam Weeks comes a weekly [YEAH RIGHT] podcast of creative outbursts from monologues to poetry, to think pieces to just a simple chat. This podcast aims to share with you a little bit of creativity for you to carry with you, as you go about your day to day life. A chance to sit back and immersive yourself in some creativity, to inspire you, make you think or even to help you switch off from the outside world god knows I need that off switch lately.

    (This podcast will have a full transcript with every episode, links to be provided in the info section of each episode)

    The Legal Bit

    Dramatically Daydreaming is a Milvery Soon Production, created in collaboration with Adam Weeks.

    All rights reserved to Adam Weeks and MSProds: 2023

    Current podcast artwork by Modern Obscurer and Milvery Soon productions.

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  • Welcome to the new Cleo Parker Robinson Dance podcast series! This series will feature a diversity of uplifting and informative conversations with not only Cleo Parker Robinson, Founder, and Artistic Director of the nearly 50-year-old Cleo Parker Robinson Dance, but also some of the most respected and influential people in the arts - dance, music, theatre, and artistic technical innovation. From front-of-house to back-stage, from Denver to locales around the world.... we'll take you there, with new guests and new conversations every week

  • Dads Making A Difference Podcast celebrates dads that are making a difference in the lives of their children. We share the stories of resilient dads, discuss solutions to barriers many dads may face, and provide information on how dads truly make a difference.
    This is a podcast for dads, by dads.

    Dads Making A Difference Podcast is a podcast powered by First Things First.