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  • 3 orang fan bola sepak yang berangan nak jadi Football pundit. EPL review, tactic breakdown dan player analysis. Podcast pertama bola sepak di Malaysia!

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  • A podcast by WA runners, for WA runners.

    Join Matt, Sinead and Dan as they cover the roads, trails and track scenes in Western Australia, as well as interviewing notable personalities of the community.

  • Breve biografia sobre uma das maiores poetisas do Brasil

  • "The Weird Circle" was an old-time radio drama series that aired from 1943 to 1945. It is well-remembered for its anthology format, featuring adaptations of supernatural and horror stories from famous authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Dickens, Robert Louis Stevenson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and many others. Despite its relatively short run, the show has maintained a cult following due to its atmospheric storytelling and the classic literature it brought to the airwaves.

    Origins and ProductionProduced by the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), "The Weird Circle" was part of a wave of horror and mystery shows popular on radio during the 1940s. It distinguished itself by drawing heavily from established literary works rather than relying on original scripts. The show was produced by a group known as the "Radio Program Guild" with the intent of providing high-quality adaptations of horror and mystery classics to the listening public.

    Episodes and Adaptations
    Each episode of "The Weird Circle" opened with a distinctive organ theme, setting a chilling mood for the tales that followed. The announcer would invite listeners to "join the circle" of the weird, of the supernatural, and of the unearthly. What made the show particularly engaging was its ability to condense complex stories into half-hour formats while retaining the essence and atmosphere of the original works.
    Some notable adaptations include Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher" and "The Tell-Tale Heart," Stevenson's "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," and Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." These episodes are particularly celebrated for their faithful adherence to the source material and their effective use of sound to create an immersive experience.
    Legacy and InfluenceWhile "The Weird Circle" did not have as long a run as some contemporary shows, its focus on literary adaptations set it apart. The show's legacy lives on through various means, including collections of episodes available on digital platforms and as a subject of interest among fans of old-time radio and literary history. Its approach influenced later radio and television productions that sought to adapt literature for broadcast media.

    Collecting and Listening TodayFor enthusiasts of old-time radio, "The Weird Circle" remains a treasure trove of classic storytelling. The show's episodes have been preserved and restored by collectors and archivists, making them accessible to new generations of listeners. These episodes serve not only as entertainment but also as a historical snapshot of mid-20th-century broadcasting and its efforts to bring literary classics to a broader audience."The Weird Circle" exemplifies the golden age of radio's capacity to innovate and entertain by bridging the gap between classic literature and the medium of radio. Its adaptations continue to offer a unique way to experience some of the greatest stories in horror and mystery literature

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  • "The Bickersons" is a classic example of American radio comedy that enjoyed popularity in the late 1940s and early 1950s, celebrated for its humorous take on the trials and tribulations of married life.
    Creator: Philip Rapp, who also contributed to other radio shows and was known for his comedic writing.Initial Run: It first aired in 1946 as a sketch within the larger show "The Old Gold Hour" before spinning off into its own series.Format: The show was a series of sketches, each focusing on the domestic disputes and arguments between a married couple, John and Blanche Bickerson.Characters
    John Bickerson: Often portrayed as a hard-working but perpetually tired and grumpy husband, voiced initially by Don Ameche and later by Lew Parker.Blanche Bickerson: The wife of John, characterized by her relentless complaining, nagging, and the clever traps she sets for her husband, initially voiced by Frances Langford.Themes and Style
    Bickering as Comedy: The central theme revolves around the couple's endless nocturnal arguments, with Blanche's accusations and John's retorts forming the crux of the humor.Influence: The show was pioneering in depicting marital strife in a comedic light, influencing later television and radio shows that explored similar themes.Legacy
    Cultural Impact: "The Bickersons" left a lasting impact on the genre of comedy, showcasing how humor could be found in everyday marital conflicts. Its influence is seen in subsequent TV sitcoms and comedy shows that delve into similar domestic situations.Revivals and Adaptations: The show's popularity led to several revivals and adaptations, including records, albums, and a brief television stint, highlighting its enduring appeal.Modern Relevance: Despite being rooted in the era's specific cultural norms, the sharp wit, and dynamic between John and Blanche continues to resonate, making "The Bickersons" a beloved piece of classic American humor.Conclusion"The Bickersons" stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of domestic comedy, cleverly capturing the essence of marital bickering through its witty dialogue and memorable characters. Its contribution to the genre of comedic entertainment, especially in depicting the nuances of married life with humor and heart, continues to be celebrated by fans of classic radio and comedy connoisseurs alike.

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  • This is a production of the climate community 1.5° DAO.

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    "Climate Change for Professionals" training programme

  • KIZUKI the Podcast is a collection of inspiring stories that center around the Japanese concept of kizuki. The host, author and awarded yoga teacher Mae Yoshikawa defines kizuki as a moment of epiphany, an ‘aha’ of realization or insight which opens the knower to a new dimension of truth.

    Diving into an up close and personal telling of the kizukis that have starkly shifted Mae’s perspective and transformed her life and mind, it is Mae’s hope that these episodes may serve as a catalyst to inspire and invite a similar unfolding of awareness in your life too.

  • A range of podcasts produced by the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

  • This podcast is brought to you by Kevin Cabrera, a French and English teacher in ME Education in Hong Kong. ME Education is an education center offering classes in many subjects like English, Math, French and Chinese in its Centers in Wan Chai, Kowloon city, Mongkok and online through all the major online platforms.
    In ME Education, the student is the always our N.1 priority.

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  • Podcasts for antibody-based pharmaceuticals including Therapeutic antibody/Antibody-drug conjugates/vaccine/CAR-T/Immunotherapy. Creative-Biolabs, the provider, is an outsourced research organization for antibody-drug development.

  • Welcome to the EYE on Israel Podcast a broadcast of Memphis Friends of Israel. Since 2007, Memphis Friends of Israel (MFOI) has been on the front lines educating and engaging the community on the value and importance of support for Israel. MFOI has worked to bring together people of different faiths and backgrounds with a common goal of support for Israel.

  • Small Girl, Big Talk is a safe space where we talk about the big topics in adulthood - money issues, health and wellness, friendship, self-identity, mental health, and so much more. While navigating her own adulthood journey, Wendy shares candidly about her experiences and struggles, in hopes that it’ll bring comfort and help you feel less alone in your adulting journey.

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  • The David Potts Show is coming soon! Subscribe and follow to get the first episode when it lands!

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  • A trilingual Podcast founded by two Art-world girls in London, welcome to our chatty artsy nights ✨

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  • Dive into an all new look into Louisiana’s music scenes and learn about the artists behind the art.

  • Gordon T chats with some of the biggest and brightest names in the world of Contemporary Christian Music & Worship.

    The Artist Interview: A Podcast by Hope FM - Find us at


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