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  • Joe Welkie and Vance Tucker watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the first time ever and share their thoughts on every episode.

  • The Duras Sisters Podcast is all about honoring the fantastic characters and storylines in the Star Trek Universes. Two sisters, Ashlyn and Rhianna Herd, join the House of Duras and partake in weekly discussions about every series of Star Trek through a philosophical lens and Series Theme.

    Each series will feature a theme and every new episode will travel from the Original Series to Lower Decks, diving deeply into each detail of this epic franchise. Episodes 1-9 is our Pilot Series, Episodes 10-17 will be our Family Series, followed by our Love and Affection Series.

    This podcast is the Star Trek fix you didn't know you needed, brought to you by the sisters who are as close as Lursa and B'etor themselves… except we survived Generations.

  • There are too many movies! Boring, dumb, garbage movies. You may have been forced to sit thru these terrible films by your boring, dumb, garbage friends. Those people are not your friends. I am. I will guide you thru the cat litter filled desert of cinema to an oasis of perfection. The best movies for the best people. Us. Enjoy. Support this podcast:

  • 3 Entrepreneurs in the fitness/bodybuilding industry with an off the cuff take on health, fitness and life. 2 IFBB Pros and 1Retired bodybuilder, full time entrepreneur make for a great conversation.

  • Welcome to the UIC Internal Medicine Residency Podcast! Join our chief residents as we discuss key topics that will help advance the education of our medicine residents.

  • Everyday Endorphins is a podcast hosted by Stella Stephanopoulos that discusses topics related to health and wellbeing, with an emphasis on uncovering the mind-body connection and finding ways to spark happiness in day-to-day life. Throughout the episodes, listeners will gain practice wellness advice, learn about scientific research that supports certain wellness practices, and hear from industry experts on the intersection between health and business. Support this podcast:

  • Our mission is to share the simplest, most peaceful way to end binge eating and achieve food freedom.

    This podcast is suitable for those who are seeking genuine and lasting freedom from binge eating, food addiction, emotional eating, and yo-yo dieting.

    Hosted by Katie Papo

  • Mind body engineering podcast with Saumik Bera A series of experiences in human body and functional anatomy that you can practice yoga and other forms of exercise safely

  • A series of 5-10 minute segments on a variety of training topics designed to help athletes improve and have a deeper understanding of how to train! With Tucker Grose, ultrarunner and coach, this podcast is designed to give the listener actionable takeaways that can be applied in their training today. For new runners to experienced endurance athletes, this podcast will help you dial in your training to become the best version of yourself!

  • This is a show that will dive into the science and art of helping you achieve your leanest body and most optimal life. We will dive into topics such as training, nutrition, and mindset to help you discover science-based strategies and application.

  • The Voyage to Peace Podcast is a weekly chat about the real source of inner happiness, peace! Join your host Yve Philibert, a social worker in Branford, Connecticut, as she discusses how practicing affirmations and manifesting lead her to discover her inner happiness. This podcast hopes to encourage other women and men to do the same and let go of those self-limiting beliefs that hold us back.

  • Hosted by one of the UK's most successful personal physique coaches and Team LRF Head Coach Rob Whitfield.

    The Team LRF podcast brings to you weekly interviews and in-depth conversations with some of the industries best athletes, coaches, experts and professionals covering everything from training, prep, coaching, mindset, business and so many more topics.

    So pop your headphones in and enjoy the Team LRF podcast!

  • Brittany, disabled Yoga instructor, advocate and founder of Eunoia Integrative Health and Yoga would like to invite you to enjoy our eclectic collection of guided meditations. Namaste.

  • Your Life in Process Podcast: Psychological Flexibility From the Inside Out

    Are you tired of chasing self-help strategies that don’t stick or make you feel like you are never doing enough? I am too. I am a modern psychologist, author of ACT Daily Journal, mother, and yoga teacher. Think of me as your psychological flexibility guide.

    Part conversation, part practical toolkit, this podcast offers you a roadmap for growing a compassionate, healthy, and rewarding life. In some episodes, I will teach you science-informed and holistic practices to try in your daily life to get in touch with your internal experience and to take committed action toward your chosen values. In other episodes, I will have intimate conversations with thought leaders, scientists, and friends about topics such as skillful striving, the science of behavior change, embodiment, and raising flexible kids.

    I’m here to walk alongside you as you enjoy the journey of your life, in process.

  • SuperPsyched is a podcast dedicated to supercharging your life with the best in Psychology Education. Each episode contains fun, fascinating, high-quality psychological content gained from interviewing top experts inside and outside the field of psychology. SuperPsyched give you tools to get you more of in life as well as gentle warnings to help you avoid things you don’t. See you there!

    The content on SuperPsyched is for informational use only and not intended to diagnose or provide any type of healthcare treatment.

  • 世界上真的有鬼吗?那鬼的世界真如电影般恐怖吗?

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  • Brooke's a listener. She listens to people talk and she also has a lot to talk about. That's why she's talking here, for great lengths, about her life, once a week — even if she finds extreme measures towards permanence terrifying, even if she prefers conversation to remain ethereal, prone to dissipation. (She talks about stepping outside her comfort zone. That's why she's doing this)

    You can subscribe and support this podcast here:

  • Chinese Short Stories for Kids - Adventures with Ollie is a free podcast with original audio stories and books in Mandarin Chinese, for families with kids between 2-8, bedtime, and daytime! Come here for the world of fairies, princesses, knights, dragons, rockets, and more! You can create a personalized story for your kids with their names and a theme that they fancy at Let us know what kind of stories you and your kids want to hear at

    If you want to listen to the English version, visit our website -

  • Welcome to Brainstorm - a podcast for kids, made by kids! Here we introduce you to inspiring people, books and movies. Do you know that Maria Sharapova ripped her toe nail before practice but refused to quit the session? What are best podcasts for kids? Want to learn about the latest MARS mission by NASA and many more interesting topics then dive into our episodes. We also welcome our young listeners to contribute their messages, ideas and creations.