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  • Welcome to CrimeX 🪐
    Home to all your Solved/Unsolved Murder cases, Mysterious Disappearances & Conspiracy Theories 👽🔪
    Tune in every Sunday for a new episode! 🛸

  • Welcome to the This Medical Life podcast. Our mission is to share stories about the triumphs and tragedies of diseases and illnesses from ancient times up until what we know today. It is about those scientific and medical minds who came before us and how, every single day, we stand on the shoulders of giants. This is a podcast about the stories of medicine.

    Hosted by Dr. Travis Brown and Steve Davis, our target audience is General Practitioners, medical students, and other health professionals. We hope to educate, inspire and celebrate those who choose to care for others in their profession. From experience, we know that our audience extends beyond these fields and would like to welcome anyone to listen. The stories of those who came before us are nothing short of remarkable and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

    Production by Tim Whiffen

    Design by Tom Buzz

  • Discover real people, overcoming security problems.
    30-minute interviews with entrepreneurs, engineers, and leaders that explore modern security dilemmas and how we overcome them.

    A shame-free space to engage in open and honest discussions about what‘s really going on in Security. Interviews of about 30 minutes in length explore the dilemmas and opportunities faced by real entrepreneurs, operators, engineers, and leaders. Join us and catch a glimpse into the proven technologies and techniques that solve real problems, today.

  • Join professional basketball player Anneli Maley as she dives into players stories, experiences and struggles, to really discover who we are underneath basketball. This is Under The Surface, with Anneli Maley.

  • Hosted by Ibby Akbar. Exclusive, hard hitting interviews featuring your favourite personalities. Expect tears, chaos… and pep talks from Moey.

  • Welcome to Creativity Unpacked, I'm Nicole Velik, head ideas girl at innovation and creativity company, The Ideas Bodega.

    Over the past 12 years I’ve been fortunate enough to unlock creativity in thousands of people around the world across many different industries. From Nike to LEGO, Google to The United Nations. And What I know for a fact is that creativity isn’t an illusive gift for a chosen few. It’s actually an innate part of being human that every single one of us possess. Creativity is a muscle. You can build it and you can get better at it.

    Ultimately, this podcast is a celebration of our creativity.

    Its for those of you like me who have a curiosity and a desire to understand it.
    You might be asking, where do great ideas come from? How can I hack my brain to get into creative flow? How do I flick the switch and get ideas on demand? How do I break through my creative blocks.

    And its also for those who need to lead people and teams and get the best creativity out of others. You have a desire to build a workplace culture that oozes creativity – the kind that you just feel and is palpable when you walk through the door of a really creative organisation.

    In each episode we will unpack, demystify and dive into all facets of creativity.

    Here you’re going to meet some incredible creatives. We’ll go deep into their brains and break down their creative processes, habits and dissect what it is that makes them successful so you can learn from the best.

    And I’ll teach you creativity tools and techniques that you can apply right away in your own work. Techniques that I’ve used to help my clients get creative and innovate.

    Each episode is designed to fire you up with creatively, shower you with inspiration and arm you with practical techniques so you can go forth and create some epic stuff.

  • Hello!

    My name's Jack Hallows and I'm an online coach and Personal Trainer from Sydney, Australia. I started this podcast because I like having conversations, educating others but also myself.

    Join me as we chat all things nutrition/training but also seek new perspectives through interviewing people across all corners of the industry.

  • Amazing facts from space. Presented by Henry Perraton from Melbourne, Australia.

    Henry has a blog on space at and a YouTube channel called Give Me Space - check them out.

    Follow Henry and Give Me Space on Instagram:

    And Facebook:

  • A podcast with conversations about raising kids and households to know and love Jesus

  • A podcast about late diagnosed and self diagnosed autistics.Each episode we will cover a topic that looks at how an autistic person makes their way in the world after not being aware of their autism most of their life. Hosts Dan and Bianca bring a more personal and lived approach to the table and hope that their stories can help others along the way.

  • Transform Your birth Podcast will educate, entertain and support your ability to navigate pregnancy and prepare to give birth. We can't control birth, but Tracey helps us to see how we can influence it and how it helps us to become parents.

    Transform Parenting Founder Tracey Anderson Askew explores birth through stories and the lens of what birth can teach us. She prepares families for birth and parenting and views birth as the catalyst for the transformation necessary to go from woman to mother, and man to father. These podcasts will share that wisdom and change the current birth narrative from what happens in birth to how birth changes us.

  • A podcast for how faith fits with your everyday life. For those who are asking big questions around faith, religion, church, and life.

  • Join me Luke Leyson a 1st Generation Butcher, as I meat up with guests every week to talk about their experiences. From butchers to BBQ'ers, producers to industry leaders we will cover all aspects of the meat industry and hear about the impact they are having on the world of meat.

  • Short stories and poetry from chronically ill Australian indie author Iris Carden

  • Today, music artists are no longer just music artists. They are content creators. Marketers. Social media managers. Promoters. And much more. This podcast was designed to make your life a little bit easier. Each week we bring the latest social media changes and how they affect you -- a music artist trying to grow your audience and get your music heard.

    Podcast hosted by Jayson John Evans, author of the best-selling music business and performing arts book, 'The 4D Songwriter: How to Dominate the New Music Industry', marketing consultant to artists, students and labels worldwide.

  • We're young, we're dumb, we may be un-datable but we are defiantly relatable. Who knows what we're going to talk about. From our funniest memories to getting deep in the feels. Two mates having a chat, why not join!

  • Подкаст о психологическом здоровье, принятии себя и личностном росте. Каждый 4ый выпуск-интересный разбор. Подкаст ведет психолог, гештальттерапевт Лиза foxyer.psy

  • Welcome to the  Deep Breaths: Updates from CHEST series, dedicated to championing the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of lung and chest diseases. Check out CHEST leaders and advocates sharing the latest in chest medicine education, clinical research, and team-based care in the areas of pulmonary diseases, critical care, and sleep medicine. Learn more about the latest diagnostic and treatment advances in pulmonology and critical care below.
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  • Hidden Creatures is a cryptozoology podcast taking a look at some of the weird animals/cryptids people say they see around the world. From Bigfoot, Nessie and beyond we take a look at the first sightings, evidence, and look at the mythology sounding the animals.

  • Mark and Alastair talk all things Motorcycle, Camping, Mental Health and Man Cave stuff. See the video version on YouTube: @BikerBits