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  • Secrets of Steel ist der steelvolle Podcast über Heavy Metal und das Leben. Hier nehmen die angehenden Szene - Urgesteine Oli und Uwe euch mit auf eine wilde Safari durch die vielfältige Welt des Heavy Metal. Stets gut gekleidet in Zebra Leggins und Fellhosen durchschreiten sie dabei die ausgetretenen Pfade der Vergangenheit und haben noch genug Abenteuersinn, um sich auch durch das dichte Dickicht der Gegenwart zu schlagen. Sie bahnen sich somit ihren Weg von den musikalischen Anfängen des Heavy Metal bis in die heutige Zeit und berichten euch von all dem was es eben zu berichten gibt!

  • Brouhaha é um podcast sobre as histórias fantásticas do rock baiano nos anos 90. Baseado em crônicas do músico e escritor Ricardo Cury e apresentado por Zeca Forehead. Uma produção da Súbito.

  • Drum & Bass for Grannies

    Your monthly show mixed by Diagg with old sounds, new mixes, and 4 decks!

    - Ugly sound quality.
    - Classics from 1997 to 2005
    - Techstep, Neurofunk and liquid funk all together
    - Up to 4 decks mixing

    Never Boring, always refreshing !

  • To 20/20 αλλάζει τον τρόπο με τον οποίο ακούτε Podcasts.

  • Ah... è svizzero? Quante volte vi siete stupiti scoprendo che quella particolare canzone che tanto vi piace è svizzera?

    All'ombra del grande mercato e del circo mass-mediatico internazionale, in Svizzera si crea e si produce musica di ogni genere ad alto livello!

    Confederation Music é una finestra aperta sulla variegata e frizzante scena musicale elvetica.

    Potrete ascoltare parole e suoni di chi ha scelto di fare il musicista nel nostro paese, o di quegli Svizzeri che fanno musica all'estero, ma anche di chi, arrivando da fuori, ha fatto della Confederazione il proprio campo base musicale!

  • What is it about Bob Dylan’s music that inspires his fans to write books, start fan clubs, join online communities, document every song he’s ever played, develop an encyclopedic knowledge of his life and music, and travel to points all over the world to see him perform? Join Minnesotan Matt Steichen as he interviews and swaps stories with the Bobcats he's encountered during 20-plus years of following the Never-Ending Tour. Please rate and review. Contact the show at [email protected] Follow Matt on Twitter @Matt_Stike.VIDEO: Best of 2021 supercut, Support this podcast:

  • From sharing hilarious 90s childhood memories growing up Asian in Orange County to sharing their mental breakdowns, Liz and Debs bare it all. So get ready to laugh, cry, and smile as they discuss life, love, family, and everything in between.

    Gmail: [email protected]
    IG: @mooncakes.podcast
    Twitter: @mooncakespod

  • In meinem Brawl Stars Podcast nehme ich dich mit in wilde Raufereien um Marken, Trophäen und Powerpunkte. Gemeinsam kämpfen wir uns durch den Brawl Pass und öffnen jede Menge Boxen. Wir ziehen Brawler, Gadgets und Starpowers und zocken bis zum Abwinken.

  • Scotland and whisky go together like fish and chips, biscuits and tea or gin and tonic. 

    On "Inside Whisky - The Barrel Talk" we talk to people working in the whisky industry and listen to their stories - may they be about whisky, their lives or the places they live in. 

    Our podcast might be a bit geeky from time to time but whisky beginners will also find joy when listening to The Barrel Talk.

  • Ein Disney Lorcana Fan-Podcast mit Informationen über das neue Disney TCG. Neue Karten, News, Strategien, Tipps und mehr.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • QUOI DE NEUF c'est quoi ?
    c'est un podcast qui parle de tout et de rien !!!
    avec pleins d'invités incroyables!!!!!!!!!

  • Welcome to The Useless Hotline hosted by Max Balegde and George Clarke. A place to send your queries and dilemmas no matter how big, small, weird, or embarrassing. We can’t guarantee good advice or that you will leave a changed person, but we can guarantee that this is a useless hotline.

    Subscribe and join us every Sunday as we tackle your problems head on and on occasion will be helped by some faces you may recognise on a trial shift.

    Submit your queries/ dilemmas here:

    [email protected]


    Send a voice note to our Instagram:

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Julia und Joey labern euch zu - endlich! Jeden Freitag eine neue Folge.

    Du möchtest mehr über unsere Werbepartner erfahren? Hier findest du alle Infos & Rabatte:

  • Partout dans le monde mais surtout loin des idées reçues, la tête dans les formules mais aussi les pieds sur terre, avec passion et ténacité mais aussi recherche d’équilibre, entrez dans l’univers d’un jeune chimiste, vous n’aurez pas fini d’être étonné !
    Vis ma chimie est une série de podcast coanimé par La Fédération Gay-Lussac, 20 écoles de chimie et de génie chimique, et Réseau Jeunes de la Société Chimique de France.

  • 一首音樂一個故事


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    Hosting provided by SoundOn

  • William Somerset Maugham said sherry is the civilized drink. Indeed, it is. But how much do we know about this hyper versatile and timeless wine?We’re launching the first ever podcast series dedicated to sherry wines in English. This is for all the sherry-curious sommeliers, wine professionals, collectors, wine aficionados and foodies. Titled THE SHERRY ROUNDTABLES, the vision for the series is to bring together various experts in wine, spirits and gastronomy to join us to discuss and learn more about current hot topics related to sherry. Each episode includes 4 guests and a host, all sharing a copa of their favorite sherry tipple.

  • We help ambitious founders build world-class companies.

  • Short bite interviews of artists, creative professionals and people building businesses with a CNC machine and some imagination. This show will inform your own design process, business building and creativity. Informative and interesting stories from the front lines of design creation. Hosted by Kevin Barnett