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  • This is no BS gaming podcast two and a half gamers. A safe space for all of us & you as well. Bringing you the feel of a "4am conference" discussion about the gaming industry.Fun, latest news, but also education. Let's dive in!

  • We explore controversial ethical issues about video games (e.g. what should be censored), in video games (e.g. what counts as cheating), and in video game design (e.g. what works to make a game morally interesting). Your hosts are Shlomo Sher, Ph.D. (Philosophy Professor and Video Game Ethicist) and Andy Ashcraft (Veteran Video Game Designer and Professor).

  • Serum Visions is a Magic: The Gathering podcast about iterative brewing. Each episode we work on a project -- a deck, strategy, or archetype that we think has room for exploration -- and brew to the fringes of competitive deck building.

  • Oletko valmis lisäämään arkeesi ripauksen taikaa? Hyppää mukaan!

  • Welcome to Story Craft Podcast, brought to you by Pioneer Library System.
    Story Craft is a podcast dedicated to showing you tips and tricks for implementing storytelling and creative writing into your everyday life. Episodes will range from exercises to get your creative energy flowing to exploration of important concepts in writing.

    Each episode has a writing prompt at the end to spur on your new writing habit. If you want to share anything you've written with us email us at: with the subject line Story Craft

    For more info about Pioneer Library System go to:

  • Tässä podissa koira on ohjaksissa, hyppää kyytiin! Uskallatko?

  • Join us at the Haikyuu Summit - where we meet to discuss all of Haikyuu 🏐

    Spoiler free! We talk about each episode without giving away what comes later

    New episodes every other Friday

  • Kepparipaja podcast kertoo 4h-yrittäjyydestä ja keppihevosista. Aiheita ovat mm keppareilla ratsastus, keppareiden ompeleminen ja vinkit. Täällä ruudun toisessa päässä on 4h-yrittäjä Anni jolla on oma 4h-yritys Hobbyhorses Anni. Mut löytää instagramista nimellä hobbyhorses_by_anni ja kotisivut löytää nimellä Hobbyhorses Anni.

  • Den digitale og teknologiske udvikling har accelereret de seneste år - Ikke mindst på grund af Covid-19 og det behov for digitale løsninger, pandemien har frembragt. Hvilke tendenser ser vi i dag hos forbrugerne, på arbejdspladserne og erhvervslivet generelt? Hvad sker der med forretningsmodellerne? Og hvordan har innovationen det? I denne podcastserie ser vi på de udfordringer, der møder virksomhederne i de kommende år – og hvordan de kan løses.

    Vært på Tidens Tech: Anne Marie Kindberg, CMO og COO i Microsoft Danmark

  • Hey Boys and Girls. In this Asmr podcasts you can relax and chill. Enjoy it. Luv ya:)

  • Comedy talk show με τον Ζήση Ρούμπο και τον Γιώργο Χατζηπαύλου.

    Ο Ζήσης και ο Γιώργος φέρνουν τις ιστορίες, τα αστεία και τις προσωπικές τους σκέψεις και σε κάθε εκπομπή επιλέγουν και συζητούν για ένα θέμα - εντάξει, μπορεί και παραπάνω γιατί συνήθως ξεφεύγουν. Ένα comedy talk show για τις απλές καθημερινές καταστάσεις αλλά και για λίγο μεγαλύτερα ζητήματα – λίγο όμως.

    - Ιδέα / Κείμενα: Ζήσης Ρούμπος, Γιώργος Χατζηπαύλου
    - Ήχος / Μιξάζ: Ζήσης Ρούμπος, Γιώργος Χατζηπαύλου
    - Σκηνοθεσία: Ζήσης Ρούμπος, Γιώργος Χατζηπαύλου
    - Άνθρωποι που θέλουν να βλέπουν παντού το όνομά τους: Ζήσης Ρούμπος

  • Chicago Comedy writer and performer Livi is here to talk to you about surviving your 20’s and all the baggage that comes with it. Shes here to bring you comedic relief of everyday situations every 20 something-year-old faces. Through trial and tribulation and way too much trauma, her stories and advice are sure to make your mid-day matcha break a little bit sweeter. We are all 20 something-year-olds, just trying to figure it the f*ck out. Join Livi on her journey of figuring out her 20’s.

  • Join B Brezzy & Slick Grayson as they tackle relevant topics to their generation. With everything from politics, music, and social hot topics on the table, what could possibly go wrong? Only time will tell but...... This Might Not Go So Well

  • Mia och Hampus. Den övermogna och den omogna. Ditt mörker i ljuset och ljus i mörkret. Med hybris, självhat och alltid i ett rop på hjälp. Ny veckopodd, varje måndag där poddar finns!

  • A podcast, as the name suggests, focusing on all things Service Management!

  • The home of OnPodcast: the Podcast

  • Metatason keskustelua koodauksesta ja kaikesta siihen liittyvästä. 🤑🍻

  • There is so much for enterprise business leaders to know about the new type of wireless network technology that supports digital transformation. Not least when it comes to the 4.9G/LTE and 5G cellular technologies involved.

    Nokia has created a library of podcasts to help you to learn more about private wireless, and to make the right decisions for you and your team.

    We discuss some of the most important issues around private wireless. How it is evolving, the key trends, and what you need to know to plan your private wireless deployments.

    From radios and spectrum, to edge clouds and device ecosystems, it’s all here – so please join the conversation!

  • پەخشی ڕادیۆیی یان پۆدکاستی چاوگ. بەرنامەیەکی دەنگی زانستی بەردەوامە لەسەر دواهەمین هەواڵەکانی ئایتی و یاری و فلیم و دراماکان بە زمانی کوردی. لەگەڵ کۆمەڵێک خەڵکی شارەزای ئەو بوارە لە کوردستان و دەرەوەی پێکەوە