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  • Looking for your next reverse harem audiobook? In this podcast we introduce you to the newest why choose audiobooks, chat with authors and narrators, and offer you special discounts.

  • After a scandal breaks out involving a famous Irish Nationalist politician, Stephen Dedalus finds his family being torn apart over their differing opinions of the matter. Shaken by all the fighting and animosity, Stephen begins to wonder where he can place his faith. Questioning the Irish and Catholic ideology that he was raised on, Stephen begins to rebel against expectations as he departs for college. While he excels in his studies, Stephen struggles to conform to the social norms of his college, leading him on a self-destructive path of unwise behavior. Attempting to navigate his new home life, conflicting beliefs, and his own coming-of-age, Stephen searches for his identity and struggles to belong. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce is a semi-autobiographical tale centered around finding one's identity, both separate from and amid societal expectations. First published in 1916, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man required a grueling writing and publication process, in which Joyce nearly destroyed the original draft of the novel in a fit of frustration. Written in a modernist style, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man depicts the timeless and relatable struggle of an intellectual and religious awakening. With themes of identity, religion, and family, Joyce's debut novel continues to capture the minds and hearts of modern audiences, and has inspired both film and stage adaptations. This edition of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce now features a new, eye-catching cover design and is printed in a font that is both modern and readable. With these accommodations, this edition of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man crafts an accessible and pleasant reading experience for modern audiences while restoring the original drama and emotional mastery of James Joyce's literature.

  • Rahva Raamatu taskuhääling "Raamaturännak" on sulle, kellele raamatud ja kirjandus on suur osa su elust – ning sulle, kes sa tahaksid rohkem lugeda, aga poes või raamatukogus ajab valik silme eest nii kirjuks, et ei tea, kust alustada.

    Raamaturännakule viib kirjanik Eia Uus, kes on kirglik bibliofiil, hariduselt kirjandusteaduse magister ja tema sulest on ilmunud kaheksa raamatut. Taskuhäälingul on iga kuu üks pikem episood koos külalisega, ning üks lühem osa, kus Eia soovitab raamatuid, mis viimasel ajal silma jäänud, ning räägib teemadest, mis raamatumaailmas parasjagu aktuaalsed on.

  • A routine campaign rally turns tragic as former President Donald Trump is shot and wounded in Butler, Pennsylvania. This episode provides a detailed account of the sniper attack, its immediate aftermath, and the national response. From eyewitness reports to official statements, it explores the incident's impact on political discourse, security protocols, and the 2024 presidential race. The report offers a sobering look at political violence in America and its potential consequences for democracy.

  • Masaa'il al-Jaahiliyyah (Aspects of the Days of Ignorance) is a unique and powerfully insightful work warning against the worst traits of the days of pre-Islamic ignorance, authored by one of the most knowledgeable and authoritative scholars of the past few centuries, Shaykh al-Islam Muhammad ibn 'Abdil-Wahhaab at-Tameemee (may Allah have Mercy on him).

  • Siamo noi Over IT. Siamo noi che abbiamo deciso di fare le valigie un giorno della nostra vita e di andare lontano. Di andare altrove. Di andare over. E noi, tutti noi che abbiamo avuto questa sensazione di slancio che ci bruciava nel petto, che era quasi diventata epidermide, abbiamo deciso di vivere la nostra vita all'estero. Lontani. Ma perché lo abbiamo fatto? Vi svelo un segreto: non è MAI solo per ragioni economiche. C'è di più. E mi sono chiesta: "Cosa possiamo fare per rendere l'Italia un posto migliore per tutti quelli come noi?" Condividere. Le vostre e le nostre storie.

  • Relationships, Entertainment, Music, Sports, Celebrities, Television

  • The Landlords Malik Jarrell and Jalen go into things that lives Rent Free in the mind.

  • The No Starving Artist podcast is dedicated to dancers & artists looking to take their dancing to the next level. We interview people from all walks of dance that have had professional experience doing what they love. We hope to inspire the next generation of artists to pursue what THEY want.

  • Kopperoisen & Kormilaisen Synninpäästö on huumorilla höystettyä tulitusta kuulijoiden synneistä. Jokaisessa jaksossa Kopperoinen ja Kormilainen arvostelevat ja tuomitsevat kuulijoiden syntejä; kuka pani ja ketä, kenet tekisi mieli nirhata ja mitä tulikaan viikonloppuyössä tehtyä.

  • Noel Miller's new show, Company Lot. A seemingly infinite parking lot where Noel pays homage to the original podcast, the universal act of loitering. Join him for brain rot.

  • Killrådets extrapod – kommer ut fredagar! Få åtkomst till avsnitten genom att trycka på "hänglåset" och följa instruktionerna. Eller följ denna länk:

  • В этом аудио-шоу я общаюсь со своей аудиторией, анализирую их текущее положение, подсвечиваю сильные стороны и в live-режиме помогаю именно на них выстроить такую стратегию, с помощью которой они забудут о своей точке Б и которая поможет им эффективно развивать себя и выстраивать свой личный бренд через мои тактики и инструменты, которыми пользуются эксперты всего мира и теперь доступны и для моих героинь.

    Ведущая: Анна Рудакова – мотивационный спикер №1 по темам личного бренда и женского лидерства. Основатель самого масштабного в России Бизнес-Форума для женщин Woman Who Matters. Создатель образовательной среды WE University. Cпикер TED, life-coach, бизнес-тренер, ментор, эксперт по счастью

  • Empathy For The Devil is a brand new podcast from Attune and Message Heard that discusses music and mental health by delving into the lives of artists and performers who, despite their unique talents, left us far too soon⁠⁠. Each episode is a journey into one iconic musician, using their life story as a lens to understand them as individuals beyond societal judgments, unravelling their personal stories with empathy and understanding⁠⁠.

    Attune, as a dedicated provider of mental health and well-being services, is committed to delivering holistic support and resources.

  • Join hosts Dr. Carrie Wilkens and Rev. Jan Brown in this 6-part series as they explore the complicated and often life-altering, experience of loving someone struggling with substance use. Jan and Carrie will provide ways to approach the helping process that are grounded in the latest science and their guests will share how real change happens for a family and the community around them. Re-Thinking Rock Bottom sheds light on the impact shame and stigma have on those struggling and the people who care about them and provides insights that can help everyone involved invite in and find the belonging they need. If you don’t have optimism that someone who struggles with substance use can change, we hope that you borrow some of ours and join on us on this journey.

    Rethinking Rock Bottom is a production of CMC:Foundation for Change, a 501c3 non profit dedicated to providing evidence-based tools for change to everyone who cares about a person struggling with substance use. Visit WWW.CMCFFC.ORG to find more resources, sign up for a workshop or find a support group.

  • Psychotherapist, Energy Healer and Intuitive Coach, Michelle Poverman presents Into the Work, a fully immersive podcast that allows you unrestricted access to someone else’s therapy session as they explore the topics and conversations that will likely impact your own mindset and self awareness of being a sensitive human in your everyday life.
    Additionally, the podcast includes interviews with experts and healers who were likely once where you are now. Listen as they share their wisdom and stories to help you gain clarity about how you too can expand and heal beyond the things that are holding you back. 

    All of these courageous individuals share their deepest fears and relatable challenges, while they step into the uncomfortable unknown of creating a purposeful life. 

    Expect to be inspired.