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  • The 2022 edition of crypto’s most popular year-end report, now available in podcast format. Written by Messari CEO and Co-founder Ryan Selkis, this recording explores key trends, people, companies, and projects to watch across the crypto landscape, with predictions for 2022. Learn more and view the full 165-page report at messari.io/crypto-theses-for-2022/

    We’ve got you covered… WAGMI.

  • I attempt to have deep conversations with people regarding their interests and passions.

    My ultimate goal is to provide a platform for humans to come closer to each other through shared experiences.

    This is especially important in a world where we appear to be tearing each other apart.

    We are all humans. Let's celebrate each other by sharing our stories, together.

  • An e-bike podcast covering the ebike industry and other non-automobile electrified transportation

  • Net Zero. Repurpose. Quilt work. Scraps. Leaders. Visionaries. Disruptors. Gender-barrier busters. Bringing disparate pieces into efficient building- science harmony. Trailblazing industry authority Shawna Henderson has deep conversations about the building science world with a range of on-the-ground experts. Walk away with a little more housing energy conservation knowledge you never knew you needed. We are here to disrupt the status quo and change the culture for the betterment of all.

  • Baggedmilk has his own show! Here's here to bring you all the nonsense and hockey talk that you need! Send him a voicemail, a message, or anything and he will give you his take!

  • Gina Livy's Facebook Lives! Join Gina daily as she takes members through her revolutionary 12 week Weight Loss Program. Gina goes live in her Facebook Support group Mon-Fri at 9AM EST, Mon-Thu at 7PM EST, and Sat at 10AM EST. You can learn more about Gina and purchase her Program at www.ginalivy.com

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  • Les Astrophysiciennes Frédérique Baron et Nathalie Ouellette, de l'Université de Montréal, sont au rendez-vous pour parler de la recherche en cours en astronomie et d’astrophysique de manière informelle et ludique. Elles s’entretiendront avec des chercheuses et des chercheurs de différents domaines, afin d’explorer notre Univers, des planètes de notre système solaire jusqu'aux galaxies lointaines.

  • A bi-weekly podcast where hosts Stephanie and Kayla discuss trials and tales of witches throughout the centuries. Each episode will shed light on a new story bringing attention to the thousands of people who have been persecuted as a witch. Grab a tea, light a candle, and join us with our historic tales of woe!

  • Welcome to Back to Sq 1 - a podcast hosted by best friends, Derek and Carmen. Join us as we work through life's biggest questions and explore modern topics through our shared lenses of growing up as second-generation Asian Canadians from the suburbs of Toronto. Who do you relate to more? Is it Derek - the entrepreneur, who strives to question the status quo and bachelor searching for the one while being haunted by a dysfunctional childhood? Or is it Carmen - your typical straight A's student who became a dentist, now married but still in search of purpose and happiness?

  • Sound Space is a podcast where co-hosts Anthony and Jaian interview guests of the audio and music industry. Every episode, they will introduce a new guest and will dive into their beginnings and current participation, and contributions to the world of sound.
    Sound Space wants to present listeners with stories and experiences from musicians, producers, audio engineers, and more, within the industry. It's a space to learn about sound professionals as well as provide audiences with knowledge about the trade’s happenings and hopefully inspire future audio enthusiasts to join the field.

  • แž‚แŸแž แž‘แŸ†แž–แŸแžšแžŠแŸ‚แž›แž˜แžถแž“แž–แŸ’แžšแŸ‡แž‚แŸ’แžšแžธแžŸแŸ’แž‘แž‡แžถแž‚แŸ„แž› แžŠแžพแž˜แŸ’แž”แžธแž›แžพแž€แž‘แžนแž€แž…แžทแžแŸ’แžแžขแŸ’แž“แž€แž‡แžฟแž‘แžถแŸ†แž„แžขแžŸแŸ‹แŸ”
    A Christ-centered Khmer blog for the encouragement of believers.

  • Rage de dés est un podcast québécois de passionnés de jeux de rôle, de Dungeons & Dragons et d'improvisation! Suivez nos aspirants héros dans des mini-séries d'aventures où ils feront face à de multiples défis, monstres, pièges et obstacles.

  • Un podcast pour les amateurs de Tesla, pour ceux qui prรฉvoient en faire lโ€™achat et qui dรฉsirent plus dโ€™informations sur le sujet

  • Inspiration, information, helpful tools, tips and resources – find all this and more in our new eight-episode Canadian Immigrant podcast series First Generation. You’ll hear from a wide range of immigrants – successful entrepreneurs, refugees, young Canadians, artists, Canadian Immigrant Top 25 winners and everyone in between as they share the story of their unique journeys. Find more at www.canadianimmigrant.ca.

  • À 91 ans, Pauline commence à perdre la mémoire. Camille, 22 ans, termine sa formation de comédienne et attend les contrats qui ne viennent pas. Grand-mère et petite-fille ont une chose à s’offrir : du temps.
    Poussée par une intuition, Camille décide d’enregistrer Pauline.
    De 2016 à 2020, elles apprivoisent ensemble le deuil à venir, sans se douter qu’une pandémie les guette.
    De ce documentaire poétique, une question jaillit : comment raconter une mort ordinaire?

  • Comme tout parent, tout citoyen, Léa Stréliski se préoccupe de l'avenir. L'environnement, la diversité et le développement des régions font partie des enjeux sur lesquels Léa se questionne, avec raison. Mais dans quel monde vivront demain nos enfants?

    Elle part donc à la rencontre de citoyens engagés et engageants qui font partie de la solution. Ceux qui travaillent aujourd’hui à forger le Québec de demain. 

  • Auntie Up! is a celebration of Indigenous women talking about the important s***. Aunties can be counted on to speak their truth without the sugar-coating. They will tell you straight up what you need to know and they aren’t afraid to mince words. It is an unfiltered conversation into the Indigenous world view -- or at least the Auntie world view.

  • Two Black millennials navigating the entrepreneurial space and current dating & societal culture of this era – both Ryan & Zamour bring business expertise, relationship advice, and the love for all things media together which creates engaging conversations with their guests or even just between themselves.

  • My name is Tiffany Hamilton, I am a victim/survivor of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of my step-father. My goal is to provide this type of support to any victim who is seeking it. I want to help them where they are with whatever they need. This is my passion and my hope is that I can make a positive difference in the lives of sexual abuse victims and help to save them from a life of addiction, self-harm, and suicide.