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  • What's Amanda Knox up to these days? How's Jon Ronson getting on? And what does Richard Dawkins think of bath bombs? Award-winning BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews celebrities and quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath. Joining them is a mix of celebrities...and a man who once had to eat his friends. 

    New episodes every Monday.

  • Hi, I'm Nick, and welcome to RetroBreak! I made this podcast to celebrate everything good about Retro Gaming! Join me on this nostalgic journey!

  • The Adventures of Lola Badiola presents essential business English in an innovative and entertaining way. Lola is a talented and complicated businesswoman. She faces all manner of challenges in her professional and personal life. In each podcast you will hear a chapter of her story and then an explanation of the common business expressions, phrasal verbs and vocabulary used in the text. So put away your boring grammar books, and let Lola Badiola guide you to a leadership level of English.

  • Short, uplifting evening meditations from God’s Word to help you refocus your heart on the Lord at the end of each day. Experience His peace as you “lie down and sleep” with the assurance that “you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety” (Psalm 4:8).

  • Know anything about anime? Because Will certainly doesn't... Follow him as he is guided by Sam, a self-proclaimed expert on all things Japanese, on a journey into the Aniverse. Each episode will take a look at a new anime that will be mulled over, discussed and totally side-tracked from by two completely opposite perspectives. Whether you're a weeb like Sam or a complete novice like Will, we hope you'll get something out of the Gateway to the Aniverse!

  • This podcast tackles the biggest trends in African tech and interviews local startups disrupting their industries.

    The hosts are Connecting Africa Editor Paula Gilbert, Venture for Africa Co-Founder and CEO Tobi Lafinhan and Informa Tech Senior Video Producer Tien Fu who may come from three different geographies and cultural backgrounds but who all have a love of tech and an interest in Africa's startup scene in common.

    Find the latest tech and telecoms news at

    Connect on Twitter:
    Paula - @paulajgilbert
    Tobi - @TobiLafinhan
    Tien - @tienchifu

  • Feast is Feast is a brand new podcast hosted by Big Zuu all about the celebration of foods across different cultures, communities and generations.

    In each episode Big Zuu and his celebrity guest will be chatting about the intricacies of their relationship with food and the role food has played in their lives from childhood to present day, exploring the memories and emotions attached with certain dishes and occasions.

  • A brand new podcast by Bake Off star Laura Adlington and her best friend Lauren Smith!

    We’re on a mission to empower people to feel good about themselves! After all, your body is the least interesting thing about you…

    We grew up in the 90s and 00s when low rise jeans were high fashion, Bridget Jones was the poster fat girl and diet culture was rife. Now, as plus size women, we’re unlearning everything we’ve been taught about body image, acceptance and confidence, and this podcast takes you along for the ride!

    Join us as we talk about everything from diet culture to dating, mental health to social media, fashion and giving zero f***s about what people think. 

  • Me (Jessie) talking about Motherhood, pregnancy and more generally life. Although it's hard to say.

  • Join the anonymous creator of the pop culture and entertainment news Instagram account @deuxmoi for a weekly podcast featuring an extensive analysis of the most popular and controversial posts from the account. On every episode “Deux”, along with insiders and expert guests, will take a look behind the post and share exclusive details that haven’t been revealed on Instagram.

  • Today many people find themselves without a story that can point to their place and purpose in the universe, and yet can withstand the test of rational scrutiny. The mental health crisis isn’t just a medical crisis. It’s a crisis of meaning.

    All of us are different, and so all of us will find meaning and purpose in different things. But what if there was something which ties all these purposes together, which can explain why they are meaningful, and which has the potential to unite all of humanity in a great common enterprise.

    Welcome to the dawn of Conscious Evolution.

  • Philosophy, schizoanalysis and sorcery, mixed in with music and pathworking. A monthly (roughly) podcast, an accompaniment to the Monday night philosophy seminar sessions on Twitch. Two kinds of podcasts, the first will be readings from philosophical texts. The second will be 'radio show', a more informal space for thought, with short pieces on philosophical concepts, reflections on the world, pathworking sessions and, of course, a bunch of music tracks.

  • Two friends discuss various pop culture topics. From games to anime and manga the Bois are trying to spread "culture".

  • Conquer Food Show | With Extreme Weight Loss & Food Addiction Experts Paula & Craig Williams Conquer Food, Eradicate Sugar & Create The Happy, Healthy Life You Lust ForAS SEEN ON TV: Secret From The UK's Most Effective Extreme Weight Loss, Food Addiction Rehab & Wellbeing Center - TEAM BootcampWHY LISTEN?In this section, I want to explain to you why the Conquer Food Podcast is the most valuable ally in your quest to beat food addiction, eradicate sugar from your diet or achieve non-surgical extreme weight loss.โžค Fully submerge yourself in your journey - I know first hand that when you on something big… I mean something life-changing... you have to give it everything! You have to completely immerse yourself in what you are doing. The CF Podcast allows you to listen and engage through your mobiles devices in the car, gym or on the move.โžค As it is - How it is - No Bull S*** - We have no hidden agenda… In fact, Paula and I hate the fact people are held hostage, caught in a constant cycle of turmoil because of food & fitness industry B/S. We won’t hide behind fitness & fat loss jargon or bull s*** fast fixes and fad diets. We will expose what is working right now in a no-nonsense manner… even if it’s not what you want to hear.โžค From the horse's mouth - Paula and I have spent years fighting fat and unhealthy relationships with food and you get all that experience PLUS centuries of top tips and advice from the huge network of expert guests and success stories that we regularly tap into.โžค Become part of something much bigger than you - The Conquer Food community is on the up. Originally started as an extension to our residential weight loss retreats, the Conquer Food programme has been featured on ITV, Skt TV, The Mail, Telegraph and many other media outlets. We're not stopping now... our mission is clear, our results are immense and our community is everything!!!โžค Recruit your mind as your greatest ally - Nowadays we coach thousands of people to Think, Eat & Move through fitness and nutrition, but our main focus is working on the top 6″ of your body!!! We’ll include mindset tips and tricks to help you convert your lazy fogged up sugar brain into the mind of a winner!โžค Exclusive access to experts - I am constantly on the look-out for information that will help you. I am chasing down anyone with an interesting and motivating story to tell from war heroes to revolutionary doctors. You concentrate on listening and implementing the advice and trust Paula and me to get you good fuel for your brain!Hope you enjoy, Craig & Paula x

  • B2B Better exists to help businesses use marketing to navigate moments of change. Whether this is gearing up for a new funding round, launching a new product, pivoting in response to market trends or sitting either side of an acquisition - I break down modern-day B2B strategies into actionable advice with guests who have seen it all before.

  • A podcast about behaviour change to accompany the Psychological Interventions module at Oxford Brookes University and for anyone else interested in developing behaviour change interventions.

  • The school run's done - now let's change the world!

    Are you hungry to make a bigger difference in the world with your business? You know you have a message to share, but you secretly suspect you’re getting in your own way?

    In the Dare to Dream Bigger business podcast, Clare Josa inspires you with her unique blend of proven business strategy and the little-known ‘inside work’ that creates breakthroughs, not burnout, even if you're crazy-busy juggling being a mum with your Passionate World Changer dreams.

    You get the tools you need to feel confident, excited and fearless about the next stage of your business journey, whether you're just starting out as an entrepreneur or stepping up to the next level and growing your business.

    Clare Josa shares with you the secrets she has spent the past 15 years teaching her Passionate World Changer mentoring clients and workshop delegates, so you can set yourself free from the secret 3 a.m. fears that keep us stuck, dreaming big but playing small.

    The world is waiting for your unique voice and the difference that only you can make. It’s time to Dare to Dream Bigger.

  • NI Chamber speaks to inspirational business leaders to uncover the secrets of their success. Hosted by former BBC journalist Mark Devenport, the series gives listeners an exclusive insight in the skills, passions and mindset of some of our most successful business people. This podcast series is supported by executive search and selection consultancy, Narratology.

  • Two Friends Talk History is a podcast where public historian, Zofia, chats with scholars, archaeologists, researchers and more to explore fascinating histories, look behind the scenes and ask the big question that's missing in much academic discourse: so what? Why is this relevant today? Carrying on from season 1 in which Zofia and Liam explored the ancient world through stories and interviews, season 2 invites new friends to Two Friends. Find me on Instagram at Two Friends Talk History and at Support the Pod cool merch @

  • The Interesting Bits is a weekly attempt to delve into the stories of some of history’s underdogs – the forgotten majority who never became historical celebrities but played their part nonetheless. It is designed as an antidote to the ‘big’ narratives of wars and politicians which dominate history books and which suggest history has some overall-all point. It is here to tell the stories of the mad, bad, stupid, wonderful, odd and improbable things that happened to our ancestors. They have no greater meaning, no direction and no overarching theme beyond being worthy of note, perhaps even memorable and reminding us that the past was as daft as the present and the people of the past were as daft as us. That’s what actually links us.