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  • The Party Life is all about the music, there are no genre boundaries. Whether it be House, Deep House, Techno, Progressive, Bounce, Trap, Electro or Trance it all has a place on the show.
    Join Dj Fuel each week with The Party Life for the latest releases, unreleased music, interviews, guest mixes and more..

  • A show about how to create, record and release YOUR best music in the mobile or home studio.

  • Isol8- 8 Songs of Meaning. Music Podcast with artists, roadies & creatives discussing their musical memories. Raising funds for Support Act charity.

  • Behind the Bars by Red Bull breaks down the lyrics behind Red Bull’s popular music series, 64 Bars. Hosted by the series’ Director, Macario De Souza aka Kid Mac, Behind the Bars features a diverse line-up of lyricists who have given the 64 Bars format their own spin who take us on a journey to unpack their creative process and share the stories that have inspired the bars.

  • Corey along with his guests share their stories about life lessons. Based on his experience and learnings transitioning from athlete, constant career changes, partying to opening up a small business. Hopeful you take away some information and tips to help you Have a Go at starting a business, run a marathon, travel or whatever you like.

  • This is where you can relive all the highlights (and lowlights?) from JB for Breakfast - weekdays from 6am on Tamworth's Widest Variety of Music - 92.9 Cover art photo by

  • Welcome to the Metal From The Inside podcast โ€” your one stop shop for all things hard rock and heavy metal. Join host Sydney Taylor as she speaks with rockโ€™s biggest musicians, chats with the industry workers that make your favorite live shows come to life, as well as discussing hard rock/heavy metal history and news, and so much more. New episodes released every other Friday. Support this podcast:

  • ANAM is dedicated to the training of the most exceptional young classical musicians from Australia and New Zealand. It is a place in which young musicians fulfil their potential as music leaders, distinguished by their skill, imagination and courage, and by their determined contribution to a vibrant music culture.

    ANAM Musicians share the stage with the world’s finest artists, performing in over 180 concerts and events in venues across Australia. Alumni work in orchestras and chamber ensembles around the world, performing as soloists, contributing to educating the next generation of musicians, and winning major national and international awards.

  • Welcome to the Dancethropology podcast!

    Join us as we delve deep into the realms of dance culture.
    From dance music thru to the reasons why we dance, and the importance of dance across many cultures and how it effects us.

    Each season will be made up of 5 one on one long-form discussions, between selected authorities and myself. Tracing a chronological time-line, from the beginnings of that culture up until present day.

    I hope you’ll enjoy hearing from some often un-heard voices.

    For the debut season of Dancethropology,
    we will be taking an in-depth look at the minds behind some of Melbourne’s now extinct, iconic underground night spots.
    In some ways they are all akin to places of worship in their own right. These essential tombs of culture have faced an interesting change with the advent of technology. The venues left standing, face a whole new raft of challenges especially now with the current state of social distancing.

    Nightclubs have long been cultural & creative incubators, spaces free of judgement and filled with every type of person imaginable.
    A place where weirdness & self expression is encouraged and celebrated, allowing the curious minds the freedom to express themselves, without fear of discrimination. To be able to freely experiment & make new connections, that in some instances went on to launch entire careers & industries.

    I hope you enjoy!

    Dancethropology was recorded & produced on Wurundjeri country, we humbly pay our respects to elders past present & emerging.

  • An interview series on the unholy mess of crypto User Experience and what can be done about it, NOW.

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  • What’s Treading with Tire Review brings you features the latest tire industry trends, issues, technology and shop management practices among dealers in the industry today.

  • The Code Reader looks at DTC’s, scan tool procedures and common diagnostic dilemmas, discussing a diagnostic approach and useful tips to help listeners make an accurate diagnosis.

  • Shop Owner magazine explores management topics with some of the industry’s best shop owners.

  • The Underhood Service Podcast tackles the tough topics and technology confronting shops and technicians. Industry experts cover what you need to know when diagnosing, servicing and maintaining modern cars and trucks.

  • This podcast aims to collect, collate and share reflections and stories on digital education practices to understand what works.

    In our podcast, we interview colleagues from across the academic disciplines, subjects and services to understand what's worked for them in terms of both blended learning and teaching and moving to online/digital education.

    The main host is Dustin Hosseini who works at Lancaster University in Lancaster, UK.

  • Maggie, Becky, and Ariel are your new best friends. In their weekly podcast they dive into female friendships, current events, and what's going on in their lives. Sit down with them, and enjoy!

  • Join Australia's top SMSF lawyers as they dive into important issues facing the SMSF industry.

  • Sometimes you choose courage and at other times it’s forced upon you. Courage Unravelled is a podcast series about everyday people, professionals, influencers, business people, celebrities and community superstars.You will be served with dollops of courage, resilience and strength here, so come along and be educated and inspired. You just may find new ways to flex your own courage muscle. My name is Sana Turnock and I am your host.

  • Welcome to the grow tribe! We know growth is messy, uncomfortable and enlivening. Without it we stagnate and settle – boring! My name is Melissa MacGowan and my mission is to fuel your growth, sharing diverse stories and inspiration. After 20 years enabling growth in business and life (with our 4 kids), I know we we must action and nurture our own growth first before we can grow others. Let’s ‘Go To Grow’ together, so you can grow them and us.

  • Welcome to the Secrets of Confident Women podcast, for all women who want more out of life but know that their lack of confidence is getting in the way. Whether you’re a career woman, a small business owner, a mum heading back into the workforce after having kids, navigating a divorce or relationship breakdown, or just a woman going through a major transition in life - this podcast will bring you game-changing insights, practical techniques and inspiring interviews, to help you boost your confidence, get your head back in the game and get your life back on track... fast!Join Jodie and Anastasia from RiSe Women as they help you create, maintain and master the confidence levels you’ve always wanted, to live your best life possible.