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  • Discover how to conquer debilitating chronic pain by using a groundbreaking, self-directed approach pioneered by Dr. David Hanscom. His methods have been used by hundreds of patients to eliminate chronic pain and regain control of their lives.

  • A series of discussions on how to overcome Childhood Sexual Abuse or Trauma based on the sister’s personal experience.

  • Your leading resource for all things holistic health, natural living, conscious relating, and spiritual awakening steeped in Earth wisdom. Hosted by the amazing duo Devon Battaglia, MS, NC, RYT and Michael Battaglia. We empower people to transmute pain and suffering into purpose. Through healing our subtle layers, our gross experience gets to be exactly what we deserve. We bring a unique approach complete with Western science and ancient metaphysical wisdom for the ultimate experience to create profound, sustainable shifts in life, health, body, relationships, and spiritual growth.

  • Ron Chapman believes there are no self-made men or women. “All I have and all I am came from people and circumstances for which I cannot claim credit. While I don't define myself much anymore as the product of any specific hardship, I have been drawn in ways I could not resist. Had I not been drawn, I could never have succeeded in the face of some daunting life challenges.” One of those key challenges was the battle with addiction, a battle that Ron has waged continuously for three decades of sobriety. During this time he has dedicated himself to helping others through their own Progressive Recovery.

  • Hi, this is The Michael Sole Podcast. My podcast is here to provide a clean-cut approach to health and fitness. I am a well renowned online nutritionist with the drive and ambition to help shift the industry to a REAL place. With my education and background in nutritional practice, along with the community I am building with my gym in Dubai, I wish to share the stories of mine and others to give listeners a real, raw and valuable podcast. Stay tuned!

  • The Mind Set Game Podcast is about everything to do with fitness, nutrition and sports psychology. The host of the show James Roberts is a 2x time Paralympian, online training and nutrition coach and owner of James Roberts Fitness.

  • John Forde hosts conversations with students of Ashtanga Yoga Shala Dublin. We're always inspired by our students' stories and their dedication to ashtanga yoga. This podcast aims to spread that inspiration further afield.

  • A podcast that takes an in-depth look at how we manage our mental health and offers practical advice about things we can do to keep our minds in check, whether it be physical fitness, meditation or something found useful by the host, Steven Gannon, or the show's guests.

  • Rosie and Adam, The duo behind the Irish Mummy, the show where business and motherhood meet is all about combining the two worlds that make life, and lifestyle, possible.

  • Every Wednesday Professor Luke O'Neill from Trinity College Dublin, explores the world of science with his incredible knowledge and familiar wit.

  • Hosted by Dan “Nitro” Clark, former American Gladiator, NFL player, bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur, and heart attack survivor. “Calm the Beast” will give you all the tools you need to help you bust through your fears, doubts, and anxiety so you can unleash your best self.

  • Come along with me on my weekly journey through horticultural jobs and duties and discussions during the day.

    Topic like
    Plants in Corporate industry
    Pest diseases
    Fruit veggies
    Indoor plants

  • How do retailers decide where to locate new stores? Why do consumers behave in a particular manner? How does a frozen pea get from harvest to a supermarket freezer? How do independent and online businesses compete with high street chains? These are just some of the many questions answered throughout this collection of video material that looks in depth at the dynamic and innovative retail industry, and what the future might have in store for retailers and businesses alike. Store operations, globalisation, ethics, supply chains and retail environments are some other areas which are explored, while industry experts discuss the influence and power of the internet as a marketing and distribution tool.

    This material forms part of The Open University course B122 An introduction to retail management and marketing.

  • Join our Fashion Alumni Community to hear weekly fashion pro interviews to inspire your success. New Podcast Episode Every Tuesday

  • This is the podcast for anyone who is interested in Philip Larkin. We will bring you new insights into Larkin's life and writing by talking to people with fascinating stories to tell and unusual connections to the great poet himself.

  • In 2016, playwright Sarah Peters walked the Camino de Santiago, an 800-kilometre hike across Northern Spain that has been travelled by pilgrims for centuries.

    She went to discover the stories of other adventurers - but she also had to confront her own. Drawn from encounters with real people walking ‘The Way’, Blister explores what happens when daily life is reduced to a 10 kilo pack, a pair of boots, and a series of yellow arrows pointing you in the right direction…most of the time.

    This series was produced by Kirrily Snape.

  • The story of our times told by the people who were there.

  • Todos los jueves a las 13:00 horas hablamos de nuestra memoria en Colombia, si nos quieres contar algo escríbenos a o encuéntranos en

  • G2 is a church in York that exists to help people discover and follow Jesus Christ.

  • Are you hungering for a philosophy of life that embraces ALL of what God desires for you? Then this podcast is your answer!

    Hosted by Dr. Peter Howard, Treasure in Clay engages the culture head-on and goes right to the heart of the its desires, challenges and errors of our times. Drawing from the wisdom of Fulton Sheen and 2000 years of Church history, Treasure in Clay offers a voice of common sense, truth and hope to help society discover a total vision of man according to God's design and purpose that brings authentic happiness to a deeply wounded and misguided world.

    The time to wake up and shake off the lies of the world is NOW!

    Join Dr. Howard for inspiring and informative podcasts that will help make you grateful for every moment of the unique, unrepeatable and irreplaceable life that God has given you. Your life, like that of Fulton Sheen, is a treasure in clay. Let's mold it together the way God intended, so that we can have life to the full!