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  • Renowned creator, entrepreneur and pioneer Caterina Fake brings together some of the most brilliant and visionary figures of our time, many of them friends and colleagues, for deep discussions about inspiration, humanity, technology, and the future of the world. With Ingenious, she explores the sources of inspiration and the hopes fueling luminaries working on the cutting edge of creativity, art, entrepreneurship, and technology. Shaping the outcome of global conflicts, climate change, education, and other forces acting upon the future, Caterina poses essential questions about where we are headed and how our ingenuity can solve some of the world’s thorniest problems.

  • DIE Podcast-Show zum Thema Geld, Erfolg, Business und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung.

    Michael Kotzur’s FÜHR MICH ZUM SCHOTTER Podcast ist der Podcast für Querdenker, Menschen mit großen Visionen und jeden, der den Traum verfolgt sein eigenes Ding zu machen!

    Michael Kotzur teilt seine persönlichen Learnings die dir dabei helfen deine persönlichen und wirtschaftlichen Ziele schneller und einfacher zu erreichen.

    Wenn du dich für Themen wie Motivation, Geld, Erfolg, Business und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung interessierst, findest du in der Show FÜHR MICH ZUM SCHOTTER viele spannende, unterhaltsame Geschichten und Interviews mit besonderen Persönlichkeiten, die über ihren Weg zum Erfolg berichten.

  • Mein Name ist Ludwig Lingg und ich bin der Autor des Buches "StoryPower für Unternehmer".
    Der StoryPower Podcast hilft Unternehmern und Selbstständigen zu mehr Sichtbarkeit am Markt, ihre Kundenanzahl zu erhöhen und mehr Gewinn zu erwirtschaften.
    Sie erfahren coole Storys von Unternehmern und wie Sie selbst coole Storys für Ihr Unternehmen entwickeln.

  • I am bootstrapping from the ground up, two Shopify stores, using Facebook / Instagram advertising amongst other common-sense marketing strategies. This diary-type podcast shares my real-time challenges in growing a small product business as things happen in real time, because we often feel less alone in our business journey when sharing the challenges with someone else. Maybe you import products, or are a handmade business, I do both! Discover motivation together from my kitchen table in Adelaide Australia. Brought to you by one of my Shopify stores:

  • Příběhy bojovníků, rozhovory, analýzy i tipy. Vše o MMA a bojových sportech s redaktory deníku Sport Patrikem Cziepcem a Mariánem Šustrem.
    kategorie podcastu: MMA / sport / boxing / wrestling

  • ديما كوباية الشاي عندنا ليها ارتباط سحري بالراحة و الحرية ف الكلام ، ف مثلا كوباية الشاي ع القهوة بتخليك تحكي كل همومك لصاحبك ، او كوباية الشاي الي بتشربيها مع ست الكل ف المطبخ الي بسببها بتحكي كل تفاصيل يومك ليها او كوباية شاي الي في البلكونة الي بتخليك تفتكر كل الذكريات الجميلة و غيرها كتير . و علشان كدة كوباية الشاي هي الي ديما الي بنلجأ لها لما نحس اننا عطلانين ف الحياة . و علشان كدة قررنا اننا نشاركم حكاوينا مع كوباية الشاي و نتكلم عن قصصنا و اهتمامتنا .
    بودكاست كوباية شاي| تقديم: اكرم خالد

  • Driving Brand Growth is where:

    Savvy marketers come to find stories.

    Advertising veterans share their experiences.

    And gurus and beginners alike can share a laugh or two.

    As a team with a love for Storytelling, Content, and Marketing Strategy, we invite fellow professionals from across the industry to joining us on the show to share their wisdom and their passion for the work we do.

    Grab an episode on the go to learn about upcoming trends and tactics. These will help broaden your mindset and grow your brand.

    All you have to do is hit play.

  • Research and Justice For All is a podcast from Health Affairs that provides perspectives on how to dismantle unjust systems and structures that have long impacted health outcomes in historically marginalized populations. Hear how to challenge injustices in health care – rooted in racism, sexism, ableism, and other forms of exclusion – through research, evidence, community-building, and other potential and innovative solutions.

    Each season of the podcast is sponsored by organizations dedicated to eliminating health inequities. The first season, sponsored by CVS Health, features C-Suite level executives, such as Karen DeSalvo (Google), Sree Chaguturu (CVS Health), and Joneigh Khaldun (CVS Health), as they discuss private sector initiatives and responsibility to advance health equity.

  • My name is Alvin Peoples II I'm obsessed with the journey of great people from entertainers, (all forms) business owners, CEO's, authors, film makers, personal trainers, athletes, teachers/trainers etc. My goal is to interview people from all over from different backgrounds and career choices. I want it to feel less like an interview and, more like two people having a good conversation. Also besides interviews I have 3 other shows called Sessions, Don't Hate My Take, (sport show) and The Peoples Choice Podcast Reviews. I hope my audience AKA (my peeps) enjoy all the content

  • Underdog Dramas: stories that hit home, told in six episodes. Cinematic audio dramas about everyday heroes overcoming adversity, pursuing dreams, and defying the odds.

    Underdog presents POWER TEN: A rebellious young athlete must learn to keep his demons in check to qualify for an elite rowing team. Follow us on Instagram @underdogdramas.

  • Nothing is as terrifying as the sounds we hear in the dark. The slow creak of a door opening late at night... or a whisper in a room when you thought you were alone... or a distant scream in the wind. One noise at the wrong time or place can scare us for days.

    Each episode of I HEAR FEAR plunges the listener into a tale inspired by real events, from a deadly dance party to a cursed film set. Join host and two-time Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan for six immersive stories designed to jangle your nerves and haunt your dreams.

    Listen to I Hear Fear early and ad-free right now with Wondery+, or wherever you get your podcasts on 10/16.

  • One missing child. Two siblings. Three days.

    You're following John Adams - a devoted single father from a small town. No one has answers for John when Naborhi disappears, so it's up to him (and his sister Jess) to find out what happened to his daughter before it's too late. Finding Naborhi is an intimate, but surprisingly hilarious journey that’s full of heart; it’s a ride you don't want to miss.

    Created by Sisan Fregene; visit to learn more about the show!

  • Sjuka Myter är en podd med Robel Malki och Jonna Nilsson. Vi spräcker myter inom medicin och hälsa så att du nästa gång du hör en myt kan du säga det som det är.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Como Psiquiatra e Psicoterapeuta quero esclarecer sobre os mais diversos Transtornos Mentais e tratamento

  • La ultima novetat sobre com els avenços tecnologics canvien diversos punts de la nostra vida. Support this podcast:

  • La mayoría de las personas consideran el mundo de la materia y, por tanto, también el cuerpo físico como la única realidad, pues es el único que pueden percibir a través de los sentidos físicos y captar con el raciocinio. Sin embargo, al ojo clarividente que mira a una persona se le abre un sinfín de estructuras energéticas, movimientos energéticos, formas y colores, que se hacen visibles dentro y alrededor del cuerpo físico.

    Si tú te encuentras entre esas personas que sólo pueden aceptar como realidad el cuerpo material, piensa en todo lo que sucede con la energía, con la fuerza vital que da vida a un cuerpo físico y que le proporciona sensaciones y capacidad de expresión, cuando ese cuerpo muere. Una ley física afirma que, en el universo, la energía no se destruye, sino que únicamente puede transformarse en otras formas de energía. La energía que actúa detrás de la manifestación material del cuerpo y sus funciones y capacidades está compuesta por un sistema energético complejo sin el cual no podría existir el cuerpo físico. Este sistema energético está formado por tres componentes fundamentales.

    1) Los cuerpos no materiales o cuerpos energéticos.
    2) Los chakras o centros energéticos.
    3) Los nadis o canales energéticos.

  • Somos dos Terapeutas estudiosas de la Conducta Humana que nos juntamos a charlar y a hacernos preguntas que nos lleven a pensar diferente. Para que re-pensemos nuestras formas de relacionarnos, de emparejarnos, de criar a nuestros hijos...

  • Estrategias fáciles que te ayudarán a poner la vida en perspectiva partiendo de lo que dicen los libros más leídos, las teorías de psicología positiva, la filosofía actual y clásica junto con consejos de un experto en comportamiento humano