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  • Welcome to "Hard to Explain". This is a small dialogue of 30 minutes where we talk about mental health at a more personal level. As human beings, we all need a place of small comfort where that can be small as sharing our own stories to big as creating conversations with others. We bring you our own personal stories, and maybe you can share yours too if you wanted. It's always hard to explain these things. But we're here to listen.

  • Acreditamos que a jornada do outro nos ajuda a entender o mundo e a nós mesmos. Foi com essa inspiração que criamos o Podcast do Plenae.

    Convidamos você a ouvir nossa primeira temporada, “Histórias para refletir”, com convidados especiais que irão nos contar suas trajetórias e reflexões. Cada um deles representa um dos nossos seis pilares: Corpo, Mente, Contexto, Espírito, Relações e Propósito.

    Ouça, reconecte-se e abra-se para uma nova experiência.

    O Plenae é uma iniciativa criada por Geyze e Abilio Diniz com o objetivo de estimular mudanças de hábito para uma vida longa e plena, a partir do equilíbrio de seis pilares. Conheça mais sobre nossos conteúdos no www.plenae.com e no Instagram @portalplenae.

  • 地球上のみなさんk・e・m・i・o、けみおでーす♪この番組は、広い世界でまだまだある未知なることを様々なゲストをお迎えして密かに学んじゃお~というシェアハピ・プログラムです♪みんなも一緒にお耳からいろいろ吸収しちゃってスポンジになっちゃってくださーい!

  • Our Future Now is the official podcast of the National Children's Campaign. NCC is a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that serves as a catalyst to inspire and empower America to make children a priority by promoting health, education, safety, economic and environmental security through the power of media, grassroots, internet partnerships, business and community leaders, celebrities and subject matter experts.

  • Across the university, leaders in a wide range of disciplines are providing advanced, interdisciplinary education and secure research experiences that foster critical thinking and advance leadership skills in our graduates. Listen, Learn, Lead with NPS President retired Vice Adm. Ann E. Rondeau introduces these extraordinary campus leaders, and the invaluable contributions they make to the university, and to the Navy and nation.

  • ユニバーサル ミュージックが抱える膨大なカタログの中から、毎回1枚を中心に、アーティストの情報や雑談まで幅広く語る!毎回ゲストにライターや評論家の方を迎えて初心者から玄人まで楽しめるポッドキャスト!

  • Gated Record Label for a variety of good music.

  • 東京・高円寺を中心としたインディーズミュージックを紹介するラジオ番組「KOENJI RADIO」はPodcastで配信中!

  • Join Chris Schreiner, Derek Viita, and Lisa Cooper from Strategy Analytics as they discuss the latest developments impacting the user experience across personal devices, automotive, and the smart home. Digest the latest research news from SA's UX Innovation Practice, listen to interviews from leading UX practitioners in industry and academia, and hear the team discuss the latest products and services from a human-centered design perspective.

  • The Jersey Boys are back and looking for love. DJ Pauly D and Vinny are put to the test to choose between girls to find the one. But what happens if they both fall for the same girl? Our hosts with AfterBuzz TV will break down the episode each week and give us their thoughts on the guys choices and spill the tea on who they think will be going home! Subscribe, rate, and comment to stay up to date on all things Double Shot at Love with the Double Shot At Love After Show Podcast.

  • 大家好我是部長!歡迎收聽🎵【部揪私聊】Podcast
    🎙️每週三晚間 21:00🎙️ Bujo與你私聊一波(部嫂不定時客串)
    👨‍💼 工作的心路歷程以及經驗分享
    📽 電視、電影、遊戲以及新聞的看法
    ❤️ 感情相關話題
    ▶️ YouTube節目聲音版
    每週三的晚上 21:00,部長在【部揪私聊】與你談心
    🎙️部長 Podcast🎙️ 這邊都聽得到
    Apple Podcast:⚠️敬請期待⚠️
    Google 播客:⚠️敬請期待⚠️
    ▶️ YouTube:http://bit.ly/SubBujo
    ▶️ IG:bujo1104
    ▶️ FB:http://bit.ly/BUJO_FB
    ▶️ Telegram 群組:http://bit.ly/bujoTelegram

  • 這是一個電影的網路廣播節目,由艾蜜莉跟浩克主持,陪你聊聊討論電影的各種趣聞。以及邀請不同的來賓,聊聊他們喜歡看的電影。

    你可以透過 https://pay.firstory.me/user/ha_movie 贊助我們錄音空間,讓我們用好的錄音品質告訴你好看的電影。


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  • Two Doctor Who fans from opposite ends of the world, Jack and Joe discuss Doctor Who from every angle their grey matter will allow.

  • Yo Castは、「スマポ」「ショッピ!」「日本交通タクシー配車」「ファンズ」など、数々のサービスを手掛けた連続起業家 柴田陽(@yoyoshibata)が、話題の本やテックニュース、トレンドなどをゆるくご紹介する番組です。 #yocast

  • We all have experienced natural hazards in our lives: earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunami, floods: they impact our society at the most fundamental levels. Through rigorous testing and outreach programs, the team at the Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure is committed to making sure the next natural hazard doesn't have to be a disaster for you and your family. From the National Science Foundation and the Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure: This is DesignSafe radio!

  • Welcome to Cycling Science Podcast, where we and invited guests chat about the latest developments in Cycling Science

  • Join Hosts Frances and Mallory as they talk with fellow scientists about the most important historical #WomeninSTEM you (may) have never heard of.

  • とある港町の路地裏にあるBar。カウンターからお客さんとマスターの会話が聞こえます。

  • 司法心理學(Forensic psychology),是一門衍生自法律學與心理科學的應用科學;專門將心理學的理論,研究,與知識應用在各式各樣的法律議題上。




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