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  • My first ever episode! It’s about change, sorry for me sounding like I’m about to cry

  • Get the latest powerful sermons, messages and revelations from the Church of the Apostolic Faith Mission Osizweni Assembly. We bring you the most High Praise & Worship by our Spirit-filled team. Your Life will never be the same again!!!

  • Welcome to the Victor Marx Podcast with humanitarian, speaker, renowned martial arts expert, and child/youth advocate Victor Marx. Known as high-risk missionaries because of their work in sensitive areas, Victor and Eileen serve veterans and military personnel, women and children in the Middle East who have encountered debilitating trauma, and promote healthy, Christ-filled marriages and families. This is the podcast that tackles hard truths, stories of redemption and the latest from the front lines. Check out VictorMarx.com for more ways to stay connected, hear incredible stories and follow Victor and Eileen's ventures.

  • 飼い主ふじ子。のダメダメ人生と、猫の多頭飼いの質問にお答えします。

  • The six Bastable children are plunged into grief when their mother dies and their father's business partner cheats him of all his money. As a result, he loses not only his fortune but also his good name. However, the children decide to lend a hand. Determined to restore both, the children set out to find some way of making money. A variety of amusing and exciting events follow as they plunge into a series of scrapes in search of a legendary lost treasure.

    Published in 1899, The Story of the Treasure Seekers by E Nesbit was her first children's novel. It has had an immense influence on children's literature and was reputedly JK Rowling's favorite children's book. Others like CS Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia) and many other British and American writers were inspired by The Story of the Treasure Seekers. Told from a child's point of view, the style is witty, amusing and interesting, making it the ideal read-aloud book for both parents and children.

    One of the interesting aspects of the book is that it is narrated by one of the children, but readers find out which one only towards the end. This child is priggish, arrogant and not always very smart, making his lofty observations and pronouncements even more funny as the reader can see through them quite easily!

    As with much of Victorian literature, there is plenty in the book that seems dated today. Additionally, E Nesbit's passionate interest in the Socialist ideology that she and her husband Hubert Bland espoused are subtly yet surely inserted into the conversations and plot of The Story of the Treasure Seekers. However, far from being a dull and depressing tale of do-gooder kids, the novel is often hilariously funny as the children cook up various Quixotic schemes to make money. The child narrator's voice is itself a piece of subversive humor, as he feels he is the smartest, most powerful person around, hurtling the children into various predicaments. They try speculation, becoming detectives, entering a writing competition among other zany adventures. All through, it is their courage, determination and sense of honor that shine through.

    The story has been successfully adapted to stage, screen and television several times. If you haven't encountered this children's classic yet, it's a riveting, droll read with an underlying message for those who would like to read between the lines!

  • もう一度聴きなおしたい! 聴き逃した! そんな人へ第2章・全26話


  • インターネットラジオ|ラジオクロニクル(らじくろ)は、声優・アイドル・プロダンサー・ラジオDJ・パフォーマーなど様々なジャンルの番組をお届けするwebラジオステーションです!パーソナリティーの生写真やマグカップなどオリジナルグッズも好評販売中!詳しくは、らじくろで検索♪http://radio-chronicle.com/

  • Pastor Dave is currently teaching through the book of Hebrews, we hope you are blessed!

    If you would like to get in contact with us please visit us online at ccwestside.com

  • The Reality Transurfing Podcast is hosted by Bootsy Greenwood and features interviews with all types of Transurfers - Instructors, comedians, authors, researchers and many others who have benefited from this model of Reality Creation. Brought to you by Transurfing TV - a collaborative Transurfing youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM9BB90P-BgZzrlfSGxNSXA (subscribe!) This podcast and the Transurfing TV channel aim to break these concepts down in a format that is comprehensive, useful and practical. Get your free 20 Reality Transurfing Course at http://www.transurfing.us

  • 「ダーウィン・メガネをはずしてみたら」のオーディオ・ブック。
    著者:安藤和子 ナレーター:山本晴代


  • 突然ですが、「話がうまい」とは、限られたひとに与えられた、特殊能力でしょうか。   人を惹きつける話し方は、才能、なのでしょうか。 …自信を持って言います。答えは「ノー」です。 話し方は、学んで、繰り返し練習をすることで、誰でも必ず磨くことができます。 なぜ、自信を持って、そう言うことができるのか。 それは、まさに私自身が、話し方に悩んできた一人だからです。 学生時代、舌ったらずな話し方だったことで 「アナウンサーになりたいなら、その話し方は変えたほうがいいよ」と指摘され、 滑舌も弱く、自分の名前を聞き間違えられてしまったことも…。 でも、それらには「克服できる術」があり、訓練で必ず良くなることを、私自身が痛感しました。 話し方を身に着けることは、楽器を習得することや、筋トレをすることと似ています。 人前で堂々と自信を持って話すこと、人を惹きつける話しをすることは、トレーニングで必ず身に着けられます。 正直、身に着けるまでには時間がかかります。 あのスティーブ・ジョブズも、何時間も何時間も練習をしてから、 プレゼン、講演のステージに立っていたと言われています。 ですが、この番組では、数あるトレーニングの中でも 「今日から、すぐに実践できる」ことに絞ってお伝えしています。 ぜひ、番組を聞いたらすぐに実践し、継続してみてください! 話し方を磨きたいと思ったあなたのお力になれたら嬉しいです。

  • 武蔵野市市議会議員の本多夏帆のポットキャストです。このポットキャストでは、先輩議員や人生経験豊かな議員をゲストでお招きして、これから議員として大切なことについて教えていただくトーク番組をお届けいたします。

  • Your host, Joel Staley, talks with other Dads Who Lift about fitness, fatherhood, business, and the trials and tribulations of all 3.

  • 日々の生活が面白くなるような見方や考え方、豊かな人生にするための情報、毎日がちょっと笑顔になるようなお話です!

  • 全国の臨床医の方々に向けた医学情報番組。医学のコントラバシーとして、一つの疾患に対し、専門の先生方からご意見をお伺いする番組。

  • NBA Timeout (タイムアウト) は、NBA についてカジュアルに語るポッドキャストです。カナダと日本に在住している日本人が意見を交えます。英語も混じるバイリンガルポッドキャスト??2019年ドラフトで日本人初のドラフト1巡目指名された八村選手が出てきた今、日本のバスケ熱は上がるばかり。その熱に少しでも貢献したい!

  • This is a bilingual podcast (English and Japanese) brought to you by two male foreigners living in Japan, one gay and one straight. Listen to what we have to say about Japan! Questions/Comments: ritorukapodcast@gmail.com

  • Zach & Shams discuss modern television and share their insights on what is and isn't "required viewing" in today's vast sea of high quality original programming.

  • Stranger Things Season 3 Recaps from Josh Wigler & Mike Bloom