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  • I Allt vi vill laga låter artisten och författaren Jason ”Timbuktu” Diakité och vininfluencern Frida Lund maten ta oss till platser vi aldrig besökt, kulturer vi aldrig upplevt. Hur smakar världens bästa köttfärsås? Är det okej för barn att bara äta pasta i fyra månader och vilket vin passar bäst till sill?

    Med spännande gäster som Lotta Lundgren, bagaren Sebastian Boudet, Pepparkungen Adrian Coyet och krögaren Daniel Crespi dyker Jason och Frida varje vecka ner i ett ämne eller en maträtt och dissekerar den på alla sätt, kulturellt, smakmässigt och socialt. För mat smakar bäst tillsammans. Så lyssna och njut av den med oss.

    Jason Diakité är artist och författare, hösten 2021 aktuell med boken Köttfärsås.
    Frida Lund är matprofil och vinälskare. Hösten 2021 är hon aktuell med boken Vin från A till Ö.

  • Bokförlaget Daidalos pratar böcker med fokus på samhällsvetenskap, filosofi, politisk debatt och essäistik.

  • প্রাণের ভাষা বাংলায় শুনুন হামদ, নাথ ও ইসলামিক গজল।

  • Luminary Sounds is the 1st Radio Station dedicated to highlighting Independent Music Artists. Based in Southern California, Luminary Sounds went from podcast to radio within a short time. The shows creator Junior LLedo, and music enthusiast, Francois The Great have spearheaded the Independent Artists movement by drawing attention to the best unknown artists in music. Luminary Sounds has been Featured in VC Reporter and Voyage LA Magazine for their outstanding work in creating a platform for discovering the undiscovered. @luminary_sound @juniorlledo @francoisthegreat @itsmissytalks Support this podcast:

  • Let's Rap It Out! As we take on rappers and musicians to get a behind-the-scenes look at their life in music and what it took to get there. Guests, laughs, talks, and performing will show the world what being an musician is like and encourage you to get into songwriting and rapping.

  • Host and award-winning journalist Angélika Beener and special guests thoughtfully examine a curated selection of landmark albums celebrating milestone anniversaries.

  • A podcast hosted by the two greatest musicians of all time, discussing music and hip hop culture. They also tend to make drum loops and start freestyle rapping mid conversation.

  • Welcome to The Nine Circles Audio Thing, a podcast supplement to the wide-ranging metal coverage we offer up on a daily basis over at the Nine Circles blog. We'll have all kinds of metal-related audio #content geared toward people averse to the written word! (And/or people who maybe just prefer the drunkenly-spoken word, to be fair. But just those two types of people. No others.) Check back regularly for the latest!

  • Computer Music Live / Citrusonic is a weekly podcast dedicated to Live Computer Music Performances. This show features Live Underground Jungle, Techno, DNB, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Future Synth, Trance, Pop, DJ, Mixing, Battle Music, Altering, AM, FM, Modulations, Radio, Computer Music. Thunderous Scratch Tracks, Glitches and Old Skool Eject Noises. An hour long podcast of fresh original menacing Basslines, Heavy Drums, Synths all live, Computer Music Live is posted weekly from California only the hottest Underground Jungle Music is chosen. New podcasts are posted weekly. Up to the minute show information is posted here and you may visit for more info. Thank you and make sure to tell all your friends to subscribe to Computer Music Live.

  • Paid In Full Podcast is all about how money is generated in the music industry. Hosted by Joe Rausch, each episode dives deep into various topics, such as royalties, music publishing, record labels, copyright law, licensing, global income streams, branding and merchandising, touring, and much more. The goal is to empower the music community by providing education, access, and practical steps to reclaim ownership of your financial world. 

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  • Anna Charlotta Gunnarson och Christel Valsinger är tillsammans 500 mil. Här berättar de om sina liv som musiker, journalister och privatpersoner. Det handlar om musiken de älskar och älskat, pinsamma incidenter i journalistkarriärerna, idolmöten, låtskrivande, kärlek och vänskap. Varje avsnitt heter som en låt på den aktuella EP:n USA - Sovjet.

  • پادکست تخصصی شعر
    در هر قسمت یک کتاب ورق میخورد ، شعرهایی را میخواند و موسیقی هایی در سرش شنیده می شود.
    گوینده، آهنگساز و تولید، دکلمه: فواد تبیانیان
    نویسنده و دکلمه: امین احمدی شرف
    گرافیست: الناز مسرور
    طراح لوگو: النا مسرور

  • Our debut Artists Insight podcast is about the remarkable and life-enhancing journeys that music can take us on, and not just the exceptional and talented musicians featured here. Their stories will resonate with anyone who’s ever picked up an instrument and, we hope, inspire you to continue your musical journey and tell your own stories. This first season we've caught up with brass, woodwind and strings artists.

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  • This is all me, in the form of self written poetry/excerpts. I want someone to listen to my words and make out exactly who I am and was. It has taken everything to put out my vulnerable self out here.
    I hope you connect and find comfort in my voice and thoughts.

  • Fem musikälskare och en podd! Tabbe, Thomas, Jonas, Jocke och Johan snackar musik med varandra och inbjudna gäster. Allt ifrån vinylskivor, artister, konserter och mycket mer. Med andra ord, en podd om första versen, sista refrängen och allt däremellan.

  • ‘Highway Butterfly: The Stories Of Neal Casal,’ is a companion podcast available in the lead-up to the 41-song tribute ‘Highway Butterfly: The Songs Of Neal Casal,’ due Nov. 12. The first four podcast episodes premiered on World Suicide Prevention Day and include interviews with tribute album contributing artists Billy Strings and Jaime Wyatt and co-producers Dave Schools and Jim Scott. Each week following, additional contributors to the album will share their stories about Neal, memories of making the tribute album and what the Neal Casal Music Foundation means to them. The conversations bring up important topics such as mental wellness for musicians and destigmatizing our needs around mental healthcare. ‘Highway Butterfly: The Songs of Neal Casal’ is a 3+ hour tribute collection of Casal’s songs recorded by 41 artists & 130 musicians, now available as pre-order for both the 5-LP/3-CD limited edition boxed sets. All proceeds from sales and streams of the recordings will benefit The Neal Casal Music Foundation.

  • Join leading artists, musicians, and producers at Ingrid Studio, one of Stockholm’s few remaining legacy recording HQs. From the ins and outs of music-making, the rises and pits of fame, and what makes Sweden such a creative powerhouse, this podcast gets in-depth and intimate fast. Join studio owners Björn Yttling and Pontus Winnberg, and American musician Sarah Snavely as they dig deep into the nitty gritty of recording, creativity, and a lot in-between, with a few stops along the way into Ingrid’s past.

  • Man Machine - Musiken, människan, maskinen. En podcast med Nina och Johanna från producentduon LOKATT som bjuder in musiker och maskiner till samtal om skapande.

  • Epilogen Podcast är en kreativ och finstämd fakta-podd om psykisk misshandel, narcissism och våld i nära relationer. Podden är en blandning av ljudbok, drama, dokumentär och är illustrerad med musik, teater och ljud.

    Epilogen är producerad, skriven och framförd av konstnären och överlevaren Mia Makila, som med både allvar och humor tar sig an komplexa ämnen som trauma, destruktiva relationer och narcissistisk misshandel. Vi får även ta del av andra överlevares berättelser. Vill du bidra med din egen berättelse i Epilogen? Mejla till: (mer info:

  • Podden där forskare och praktiker samtalar om hållbar stadsutveckling. Institutet för hållbar stadsutveckling i Malmö är avsändare. Agneta Nordin leder samtalen och Umami Produktion står för produktionen.