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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • Renowned financial advisor, Eoin McGee embarks on a journey of financial discovery to understand how current global events impact your money. In the show, we hear listeners give their real-life experience of a changing world, and with the help of experts, Eoin equips them with advice and information to help them understand it. In jargon-free, easy to understand language, Eoin lays out the building blocks of sound financial planning and how understanding them will leave you better placed.

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  • Chris Riley has amassed a loyal following across the world. Chris' natural born ability to connect with Loved Ones leaves people astounded and amazed, with his sense to give intricate and specific details only known to the client.

    Welcome to 'Forever Loved!', where Chris invites you to step into his world, to find out more about Chris' journey of being a Medium and being aware of the Otherside from just 8 years old, and even now where Chris' work leaves him ''lost for words'' on a day to day basis. Join Chris as he aspires to help and guide you, bringing clarity through Q&A sessions, chat & more. Chris' podcast 'Forever Loved' will also allow for his fans, callers and guests to connect with him personally, to have an opportunity to receive guidance, healing messages and connections with Loved Ones. Chris' private sessions are in demand, but if you would like to have the opportunity to appear on the Podcast, to connect with Chris personally then you can leave a message for Chris via Whatsapp +447951738261 (include your name photo and your questions) and it may just be you who Chris feels drawn to connect with.

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  • Welcome to the Kate Hamilton Health podcast. I’m your host, Kate Hamilton.

    In this podcast I discuss all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle and achieving sustainable fat loss and fitness.

    As a busy working mum of 3, I understand just how challenging it can be to make time for you, to prioritise yourself. We will dig deep into issues and obstacles that we all face, and discuss useful strategies to overcome them.

    By taking small steps in self-care, we can open a door to a whole new world for ourselves. A world of empowerment, vitality and strength. Your journey starts here…

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  • Welcome to "Vivacious and Vital Living - Post the Pause," the podcast that's all about empowering you to fully embrace and celebrate your post menopause journey. It's time to shatter those outdated societal expectations that tell us we should fade into the background just because of our age. You, my wise, skilled, and experienced people, are essential and valued members of society, and together, we're going to live life to the fullest.

    I'm your host, Marian Hearne, and I'm absolutely thrilled to take this empowering journey alongside each and every one of you.

    Let's explore the unique challenges and incredible opportunities that come with post menopause and the transition into it, known as perimenopause. These phases are all about growth, change, and renewal—a chance to rediscover our true selves, reclaim our energy, and rejuvenate our spirits.

    Throughout this podcast, we'll cover a diverse range of topics, from optimizing nutrition for our fabulous age, to staying fit and taking care of our mental well-being. We'll learn how to find our flow and take charge of our days. Together, we'll create our personalized self-care toolkits and support our bone health. You'll find practical tips for building stress resilience, achieving restful sleep, and navigating menopause and its symptoms. And that's just the beginning—we have so much more in store to help you embrace a vibrant, purposeful, and essential life during our menopause transition and post menopause years.

    So join me every week as we embark on this journey of sharing secrets and igniting a blazing path to a vivacious and vital life - post the pause!

    You’re warmly welcomed here. Time to dive in and let the adventure begin...

  • Welcome to "No Fungi, No Future," the podcast that explores the fascinating world of fungi, mushrooms, and mycelium and their incredible impact on our lives. Join us to discover their essential role in shaping our environment, health, and future. Get ready for captivating stories, expert insights, and the untold wonders of these remarkable organisms, celebrating their profound impact on our past, present, and most importantly, our future. Let us enlighten and inspire you with the magnificent world of fungi.

  • Hello welcome to my republican podcast where we discuss issues.

  • We've all had our own dating disasters, we're just sharing ours with the world. Come along for the ride.

  • Tune in to this podcast from Lorraine at Penned to Perfection, who has created luxurious, practical and essential stationery for any baker.   The Imperfect Cookie is a podcast for bakers, where you get to hear from some like-minded people in the baking industry, opening up the conversation further about  the highs and lows, the never again's, lessons you’ve learned, those stressful seasonal bakes, the wedding cakes, the why and where some baking journeys started, the disasters, best moments, and inspirations.  We will be talking about it all! 

  • Hello and welcome to the Benny Carroll Podcast - where your favourite personal trainer delves into the world of fitness and much more as we take life lessons through the success and learnings from the leaders of our community that lead to their greatest achievements.

  • Eco-socialist perspectives on the latest news at home and abroad all from our fantastic contributors at REBEL

  • I believe if we are going to affect the change we must go back to the very basics, which for me, in essence, is Conversation. Talking and listening to one another is KEY for growth and with these conversations, I hope our stories will bring us together and draw inspiration from one another. This podcast aims to get you talking about your Mental Health, topics such as Mental and Physical Health, Suicidal Thoughts, Trauma, Recovery, and well-being, We hope to raise awareness and offer you a different perspective and mindset or an idea that could inspire you.

  • I never dreamed of being a CEO... instead, I studied endless nights to become a Neuroscientist. This was how I would create change in healthcare. In reality, I was a terrible fit for academic research. I remember my old boss telling me 'the change you want to see in a day, you're not going to see in my lifetime or yours....' My first non-academic job was at a biotech startup turning psilocybin into a medicine for depression. Things moved different: closer to my pace. I also saw areas where tech could make things much faster and more efficient. I was inspired and built a company to improve how we develop medicines today: Neuroute. In growing this company (government-backed, VC-backed) over the last 3 years, I've met thousands of people with different backgrounds and inspiring visions of the future. This is my way of sharing what I learn from Creators building the Health of tomorrow. This is Health Creators, Iโ€™m Livia Lifes. Let's make healthcare better in this lifetime.

    Neuroute - copilot for clinical trials

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  • Welcome to Fix My Pain Naturally Podcast where Dr. Heather discusses some of the most common aliments we as athletes & non-athletes face and how to achieve optimal performance by learning how to fix your pain naturally. Dr. Heather is a neuromusculoskeletal practitioner specializing in proper spinal/articular alignment, muscle imbalances and soft tissue injuries. As a Doctor of Chiropractic with over 20 plus years of experience, Heather has concentrated on athletic training/ sports medicine. Licensed in Connecticut, Heather has measurably expanded her family-oriented practice, and become an even more active consultant and speaker in the Tri-State area over the last several years in addition to her continuing local volunteer work with schools and nonprofits. Thanks to the rise of the Pandemic, Dr. Heather has also been able to provide continuous care for many patients via her online platform. Dr. Heather constructed a 3 week Sports Chiropractic Program which has been able to help thousands of people globally in becoming pain free. By using various digital platforms patients are able to use her treatment protocols which are customized to each individual.A note from Dr. Heather:I was in eighth grade. It was during one of my softball games. I will ever forget that day because of the intense pain I left with from the field. Radiating pain down both my legs. I could barely walk. I thought I would never play again the pain was so bad. I didn't want to go to the hospital. I didn't want to have to take drugs or medications for the rest of my life. I wanted someone to help me. I wanted the help fast.Then something happened that would change everything...My mom brought me to see the chiropractor she had been going to. This was my very first experience with a chiropractor. I mean I had watched my mom get treated several times but never once was I the patient until now. He explained to me that he incorporated Kinesiology into his diagnostic skills to help him figure out what muscles and nerves were being the most affected. It was the way he explained the body. The muscles. The nerves. How it was all connected. I was amazed.Now I'm a sports chiropractor helping people feel better and returning them to activity without hesitation or fear that their injury will come back. Having that experience at such an early age had a profound effect on me. It made me take my passion for art, sport and science and bring them together. I wanted to do what he did for me, for others.I'm doing this because I am passionate about helping people. I am a firm believer that our bodies can heal themselves. Now don't get me wrong there is a time and place for traditional medicine, science and intervention. But a majority of our pain symptoms can be fixed naturally. If we can understand how our bodies work, the physiology and then we can begin to understand how to heal our bodies.

  • Expert analysis, deep dives and a bit of craic, you wont miss a trick with Today FM Rugby

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  • A football podcast focussing on The Premier League with weekly reviews and predictions of the weeks fixtures. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content.

  • A podcast of two Latinos conversating on music, fashion, different cultural perspectives, and similarities. With the Latin take on different topics.

  • Creative entrepreneurs and coaches Gabe Ratliff and Jude Schweppe help extraordinary business owners overcome their fears, clarify their big grand vision, and create the business of their dreams on their new podcast The ร„rtful Experience, where they give as much support and value as they can cram into 60 minutes. 

    Whatโ€™s on your mind at the moment? Whatโ€™s niggling at you? What challenges are you experiencing in your business that you could really use some outside perspective on? Maybe your business isnโ€™t up and running yet but youโ€™ve got an idea that youโ€™d love to run past someone - just to see how it lands.

    You bring the topic - theyโ€™ll bring the ideas. Their goal is for you to leave the show with some real clarity on your chosen topic and some exciting ideas that you can start implementing right away. Think of it as a coaching/brainstorming/ideation/insights session with 2 brilliant brains focused solely on you and your business.

  • Welcome to The Three Intrapaneurs, the podcast where Benji, Oliver, and Alex, three established real estate advisors, share their personal journeys, tips, and tricks. 

    Join them as they delve into a range of topics, including how to get into real estate, the challenges and rewards of the industry, and discuss the latest trends and strategies for success.

    The Intrapaneurs are dedicated to sharing their insights and expertise with aspiring and established real estate professionals alike. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your career to the next level, their conversations are sure to leave you feeling inspired, informed, and ready to take on the world.

    So if you're looking a real-world perspectives on the business of real estate, tune in to The Three Intrapaneurs. With Benji, Oliver, and Alex as your guides, you'll be well on your way to achieving success in this exciting and dynamic industry.

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  • Welcome To The Epic Entrepreneurs ShowWhat does it take to build a real and thriving business in today’s world? As entrepreneurs and business owners, we went into business to have more freedom of time and money. Yet, the path of growing a business isn’t always filled with sunshine and rainbows. In this chart-topping show, host Bill Gilliland; author of the best-selling book “The Coach Approach” leverages his decades of experience coaching proven entrepreneurs to make more money, grow the right teams and find the freedom of EPIC Entrepreneurship.