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  • We here at Monki bring together key people we admire in public conversations on current topics like wellbeing, lifestyle and fashion for live panel talks to share perspectives, discuss thoughts & offer advice. Make sure to subscribe or follow to be updated on future episodes!

  • Redfield Radio is a podcast brought to you by the team behind Oakland, California's Redfield Cider Bar & Bottle Shop. On the show, hosts Olivia Maki and Mike Reis discuss all things cider with producer interviews, impassioned rants, and geeky educational deep dives.

  • Radiodrama, hørespil og dramatiseringer. Lavet af amatører med professionelt resultat.

  • Programmet er sponsoreret af Mofibo og produceret af Heartbeats.
    I podcasten ‘Lydbefalingen’ bliver du inspireret til din næste lydbogsoplevelse, når nogle af DKs største forfattere fortæller om deres inspirationskilder, og giver deres anbefalinger til klassikerne og dem de bare ikke kan få nok af. Vi dykker ned i forfatternes brug af lydbøger, og hvad der gør en lydbog til noget helt særligt.

  • The story is about Elinor and Marianne, two daughters of Mr Dashwood by his second wife. They have a younger sister, Margaret, and an older half-brother named John. When their father dies, the family estate passes to John, and the Dashwood women are left in reduced circumstances. The novel follows the Dashwood sisters to their new home, a cottage on a distant relative's property, where they experience both romance and heartbreak. The contrast between the sisters' characters is eventually resolved as they each find love and lasting happiness. Through the events in the novel, Elinor and Marianne encounter the sense and sensibility of life and love. In this dramatic reading, Librivox volunteers lend their voices to bring Jane Austen's classic story to life. (Summary by Wikipedia and wildemoose)Cast:Narrator: Bev J. StevensFanny Dashwood: AvailleJohn Dashwood: Noel BadrianElinor Dashwood: Beth ThomasMarianne Dashwood: Arielle LipshawMrs. Dashwood: TriciaGEdward Ferrars: Ernst PattynamaSir John Middleton: Ric FMr. Willoughby: Max KörlingeColonel Brandon: Bob NeufeldMargaret Dashwood: Tiffany Halla ColonnaMrs. Jennings: Katalina WattLady Middleton: Carol BoxMrs. Palmer: Elizabeth BarrMr. Palmer: Algy PugLucy Steele: Elizabeth KlettAnne Steele: Lucy PerryServant/Thomas: ToddHWMrs. Ferrars: Michelle RemingtonRobert Ferrars: David LawrenceAudio edited by: Arielle Lipshaw

  • Currency Press believes in theatre that raises more questions than answers, so we’re talking to Australian playwrights about their work, getting insights straight from the source

  • In The Working Actor's Journey, hear from amazing teachers, role models, and mentors about their lifelong careers. Learn from those who have been acting professionally for decades—to see exactly how they approach the work, what decisions and resources have made the biggest impacts on their artistic lives, and to hear their struggles and successes in the business. How do great actors work? What do they actually do? Let’s find out. These conversations are a virtual toolbox for actors, full of techniques, advice, and lessons learned.

  • THE Podcast for Landscape & Nature Photography; By Jack Graham & John Pedersen

  • Design denmark er et netværk, en medlemsforening, en brancheforening, som blandt andet arbejder for at formidle de positive effekter af design. Vi arbejder for at design opleves målbart, værdiskabende, som en klar parameter for konkurrencedygtighed og som et værktøj til at skabe positive forandringer i hele værdikæden.

  • Join Joanne King, M.A., best-selling author, therapist, and yoga and meditation teacher each week for the 10-Minute Mindful Moment. The show where it’s is all about slowing down, and just taking 10 minutes to get grounded and centered in your day. Each weekly episode begins with background information on the meditation of the day followed by the meditation. Gain insight into present moment awareness moment by moment to gain clarity, calmness and improved well-being. Connect with your innate wisdom and begin to live a fuller, more authentic and awakened life.

  • Breaking Through is a monthly narrative podcast produced by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's Tomorrow's Leaders group. Breaking Through is meant to help Tomorrow's Leaders members develop professionally, foster community, and learn from others through rich storytelling, while also recruiting and engaging new members. 

  • Join us each week for relationship advice and personal coaching from ‘America’s Go to Girl’ for NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox news stations across the U.S.
    Jennifer has been a Fox News Radio Relationship Expert for the past 10 years and was named one of the Top 10 Relationship Experts in the country, by Match Group.
    Every week you'll get practical advice on dating, self-awareness, sex, marriage and a glimpse into the mind of today’s men and women regrading relationships and love.
    Each podcast will give you the tools to grow and transform your most intimate relationships in your life.
    Join us for life changing conversations with celebrity guests and other love experts that will help you navigate through today’s ever-changing world of love
    You won’t want to miss an episode!

  • A comedy podcast hosted by two best friends who share a brain, a love of food and all things outrageous.

  • Welcome to the podcast for cross stitchers and cake eaters. My name is Hannah; I am a UK cross stitcher, the creator of and at Hannah Hand Makes and your host!

    This show aims to build a cross stitch community and help teach you the lovely art of cross stitch. In the show you will find some tutorials and hints and tips around cross stitch and I will be chatting about the benefits of cross stitch, any Stitch Along's (SALs) I am running and sharing my favourite cross stitch pattern or kit of the week.

  • Welcome to Tog Talks, a podcast where Alishia Love catches up with different Photographers, talking all things Photography.

  • Can photography save us from ourselves? Leading photographers consider the power of the photograph to explore the urgent environmental and social issues facing humanity today. From the Prix Pictet, the leading global photography prize on sustainability.

  • The typical action hero with a stiff upper lip whose actions speak louder than his words, a mysterious American who lives in dread of being killed, an anarchist plot to destabilize Greece, a deadly German spy network, a notebook entirely written in code, and all this set in the weeks preceding the outbreak of World War I. The Thirty-nine Steps, by John Buchan is a spy classic entirely worthy of its genre and will delight modern day readers with its complicated plot. It is also notable for being the literary progenitor of the spook novel that typically features the secret operative on the run, determined to unravel a world domination plot.

    John Buchan, the author, was a Scottish writer and historian who also had an illustrious career as the Governor General of Canada in 1935. Born in Perth, Scotland, he developed an early love of nature which features prominently in his writings. He won several prizes at Oxford for his essays and poetry and embarked on a diplomatic career. He served in South Africa and on his return to London, became the editor of a prominent newspaper. He wrote his first novel, an adventure tale, in 1910, worked on creating war propaganda for Britain during World War I. While recovering from a bout of illness connected with his chronic duodenal ulcer problem, Buchan wrote The Thirty-nine Steps, the first of a series featuring the intrepid Richard Hannay.

    The surprisingly slim novel (it has just 100 pages) is a quick but exciting read. One evening in London, Richard Hannay, recently returned from Rhodesia, is accosted by a desperate stranger who begs for shelter as he fears for his life. Hannay who's not the type to shirk adventure, obliges. However, the stranger is shortly found violently murdered in Hannay's flat. From here on, the plot takes readers on a thrilling rollercoaster ride as Hannay attempts to thwart a diabolical German conspiracy.

    Buchan, the author of more than 100 books, received several civil and literary awards. The Thirty-nine Steps has been extensively adapted for radio, stage, screen and television. A video game was released recently. However, Alfred Hitchcock's 1935 film starring Robert Donnat is perhaps the best take on this early precursor of cool, debonair secret agents like James Bond. In his preface, Buchan confesses to a passion for the “dime novel” or “shocker” where “incidents defy probability.”

    The book holds immense appeal for readers of all ages, especially those who enjoy tales involving plots and counter plots!