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  • Podden hela FPL världen väntat på. Studiokampens favoritlag släpper en egen podcast. Här får man lyssna på Loose Cannons manager Henriks sista tankar inför helgen varje fredag. Max 15 min långt så du ska kunna hinna lyssna på det närsomhelst.

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  • 🎧Listen to the Hottest New Sports Podcast🎙️ with @royalflushrobbie & Friends.They share decades of stories from behind the books with weekly picks in Sports.

  • skiing and non-skiing related news, trashtalk and hopefully some quality humor brought to you by your hosts Mika Vermeulen and James Clugnet.

  • We're the news commentary show that takes today's stories and mainstream media narratives and dismantles them. We're going to open your eyes to great craft beer and some of the ridiculous news we find as well. In all, we hope you have fun, laugh a little, cry less, and think more. Welcome to Whiskey Hell Podcast. Love, McShane/Fitz/El Jefe

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  • Presented by Uninvited Media and from the co-creater of Level Set, TrailBlasian and Uninvited podcasts, the Play-In pod features one of the most dynamic new voices covering the National Basketball Association in Atiqa Mohammad. Atiqa, hails from Canada but goes hard in the paint for her Boston Celtics BUT don't let that fool you as she follows each team like a hawk (even the Hawks, whom she has strong opinions about). Her takes are fresh and she brings a newness to the world's fastest growing game. Along w/Jerry Jones, these two have created the freshest new show on the NBA scene.

  • Bit of banter, bit of chit chat, bit of gossip and lots of Cricket ! That's what this chat show is all about. Sit back and enjoy this freewheeling laid back chat show "Slower One" - अर्थात चेंडू-फळीच्या गप्पा !

  • Welcome to NOTEBOOK, a cultural guide to art, design and architecture, along with local views and travel news in English giving a realistic view of Tokyo from two perspectives, one from Japan and the other from abroad.

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  • Bethesda Shalom, "House of Mercy and Peace". A small independent Bible believing Church located in Wolverhampton, England; endeavouring to hold fast to truth and stand fast in love by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • This punchy podcast shines light on your deepest and darkest thoughts by decoding Sathya Sai Baba’s timeless teachings in a youth friendly way. Through candid conversations with youth leaders and fellow youth we explore questions that will help us navigate life and inch closer to experiencing our divinity! Join us every Friday to scoop within and discover sweet practical servings of Sai!

  • Bibelen er full av spørsmål. Enten spørsmål Gud eller Jesus stiller til mennesker eller spørsmål fra mennesker til Gud. I denne serien skal Gunnar Ferstad se nærmere på noen av disse spørsmålene, og kanskje også finne noen svar på veien?

    Serien er produsert av P7 Kristen Riksradio

  • Stories of extraordinary people who have made RTL their professional home. Colleagues from all over RTL Group share their favourite moments, stories of success and sources of inspiration after years or decades of working at the company. This is RTL stories – The podcast, hosted by Lisa Burke, Presenter at RTL Luxembourg.

  • If you're a leader craving real-world strategies and practical wisdom to amplify your impact, this podcast is your go-to resource. Join your host Thilan Legierse, a seasoned leader with a remarkable journey from Barrister to United Nations war crimes lawyer, then Human Resource Manager, Author and now, a Leadership Coach & Mediator. Unlike the usual ra-ra leadership theories, each week, Thilan shares actionable tools and stories gained from 30+ years in the global leadership trenches. Discover how to 10x your confidence, influence, and impact with insights that speak to the challenges leaders face every day. Ready to step up as a leader? Tune in for game-changing advice that goes beyond the ordinary.

  • Are you someone with a quiet nature, yet dare to dream big when it comes to your career?

    The Awfully Quiet Podcast is here to show you how your being awfully quiet is often misconstrued, but can become a killer asset in the workplace, in board rooms, at dinner tables.

    We cover subtle career strategies that get you noticed for your unique strengths and introduce you to introvert leaders and experts who have built widely successful, exceptional careers for themselves.

    This Podcast is hosted by Hannah Schmidt - INTJ, 6/2 Projector, Corporate Brand Marketer & Founder of SUBTLE CAREERS.

    With her signature program “Brand Your Quiet” she teaches Personal Brand Strategy tailored for introverts and is on a mission to get more introverts a seat at the table and in positions they thrive in.

  • Welcome to "UXChange" the podcast where we (ex)change experiences! I am a firm believer that sharing is caring. As we UX professionals are all aspiring to change User Experiences for the better, I have put together this podcast to accelerate learning and improvement! In this podcast, I will:- Share learning experiences from myself and UX professionals- Answer most common questions- Read famous blogs- Interview UX Professionals- And much more!For more info, head over to

  • Knif Jobb lanserer Stillingspodden – podkasten som lar deg bli bedre kjent med aktuelle stillinger og organisasjoner i det frivillige og ideelle Norge. 

    Stillingspodden fra Knif Jobb har som formål å gi aktuelle kandidater enda bedre innsikt i stillingen og organisasjonen vi rekrutterer til. Hvordan er kulturen i organisasjonen? Hvordan er arbeidsmiljøet? Hva ser vi etter og vil vektlegge særlig stor betydning i rekrutteringen? Hva tenker din mulige fremtidige leder om ledelse? 

    På en uformell og løs måte forsøker vi å gi deg som kandidat mer informasjon – og forhåpentligvis bidra til å øke nysgjerrigheten og lysten til å finne ut enda mer om stillingen. 

    Dersom du som lytter har innspill til relevante tema og spørsmål vi bør ta med i fremtidige podkaster, kan du gjerne ta kontakt med oss på [email protected]

  • HeltSjukehus er en podkast av Delta OUS. Podkasten for deg som jobber på sjukehus!

    Har DU en case eller problemstilling som kunne blitt diskutert i podkasten? Send den til [email protected] - men husk at du ikke må sende personopplysninger eller sensitiv informasjon i e-post til oss.

    SplashDesign: Celine Schefte Martinsen.

    Jingler: Eivind Engstad

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  • Привет, мы, Таня (коуч по адаптации и цветоаналитик) и Юля ( карьерный консультант и коуч), накопили столько информации про изменения, адоптацию и как при этом не сойти с ума, что настало время этими знаниями делиться.

    Woozy People - немного не в себе, но всегда с Вами!

    Если Вы наметили переезд, смену работы, окружения, и ищете поддержки и единомышленников в этом деле, то Вам к нам.

    Не стесняйтесь оставлять обратную связь и писать нам в наши соцсети:

    Солнечный коуч из Барселоны Таня Бинс -

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