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  • The Suite Talk will provide educators with comfortable and simple conversations about new or existing features of Google for Education and practical ideas to implement Google for Education and other technology tools effectively into the classroom. Let's connect, collaborate, share, and learn together while helping others integrate technology into the classroom. Let's #PayitForward!

  • Partial Credit is the podcast that brings together education, pop-culture, and shenanigans! Your hosts, Jeffery Heil, Donnie Piercey, and Jesse Lubinsky, span 3 generations and they've got you covered coast to coast. Sit back, relax, and earn your partial credit.

  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of twelve stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, featuring his famous detective. They were originally published in the Strand Magazine from July 1891 to June 1892. The title character was named after famous American poet Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (Summary from Wikipedia)

  • A gritty,violent, love story of animal rescue and human redemption. Man and Beast is a 15 episode narrative written by the author J.R. Helton with production by Mark Gifford.

  • Just three guys shooting the you-know-what on all things Premier League.

  • A podcast covering kettlebell sport, weightlifting, nutrition, lifestyle, and sport management. The show takes its name from Ballistic Strength Nanaimo Kettlebell Club and Performance Center - the home of the Nanaimo Kettlebell Club.

    It's head coach and the host of the show is Solomon Macys. Solomon is a certified kettlebell instructor who has competed in kettlebell sport since 2012. He has competed for Team Canada in both 2015 and 2017, winning a bronze medal at the IUKL World Championships for Men's Longcycle event. Solomon holds his CMS in Snatch.

  • In the sub-arctic environment in northern Norway and the high arctic climate of Svalbard, reindeer have adapted to their environment in different ways. The five video tracks in this album explore the key concepts of evolutionary science and investigate how these account for the characteristics of arctic reindeer. How do natural selection and other evolutionary processes produce changes in genes? How do new species originate? And how are large-scale evolutionary patterns generated. The material forms part of the course S366 Evolution.

  • ourVoices is a new podcast from openDemocracy which explores the ongoing crisis of our economic system – and promotes intelligent debate about what should replace it.

    We bring together some of the most exciting thinkers from around the world, and give a voice to those who are putting new economic ideas into practice from the ground up.

  • Journey Back, presented by Cliff Aguirre CH (certified hypnotist), is a podcast that will include discussions about past-life regression, ghosts, alternative realities, UFO's and much more. In some shows, Cliff will include actual recordings of the past-life regressions used in his book Journey Back - The Amazing Memories of Individuals Through Past-Life Regression. There will also be interviews with world-wide experts and researchers in the area of past lives, ghosts and all of the topics of this podcast.

  • It's an open discussion and read along in witchcraft, hoodoo, wicca and voodoo

  • The gummy bear podcast is a podcast to help kids calm down and tells stories and jokes.


    The following content may disturb some viewers.

    From Room 237 in the desolate Overlook Hotel, I'm Chris Berberian, and this is Shaping The Shining.

    This podcast seeks to uncover the secrets and idiosyncrasies behind Stephen King's tale, and more notoriously, Stanley Kubrick's cinematic adaptation—a film that haunted the collective psyches of horror fans and mainstream audiences from the 1980s to today.

    At your own risk, join us as we dive into the darkness inside Room 237 and explore the question... what drives our madness?

    Use headphones for best auditory experience.

    Shaping The Shining is written, produced, and narrated by Chris Berberian © 2018.

  • We live in an era where businesses are digitally disrupted almost on a daily basis. The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is a unique framework to enable businesses exploit the power of digital innovations and emerge as disruptors (and winners).

    The IOT Review is a podcast specifically designed to empower business decision makers and IT practitioners with highly relevant technology and strategic insights that's needed to integrate IoT in their business models... to gain in-depth know-how on various intriguing and complex facets of the digital transformation journey and also to connect with the right partners to charter the winning stretch.

    Laser focused to drive industry awareness, education and adoption of IoT in industries and enterprises, we present the very latest information & insights from well-recognized industry experts from around the globe.

    Stay in pace with latest information and developments in the Internet of Things by tuning in to these on-demand podcast episodes at your convenience - any time and from wherever you are!

  • Her Life By Design is a podcast that discusses all things influencer marketing, creating a career online, navigating life as an ambitious female and much more.

    Your host is Christina Galbato - social media influencer, creative entrepreneur and online educator. Join her each week to gain the strategies and motivation you need to create a life and career entirely of your own design.

  • 66 Degrees Nerd is a podcast being created in Iceland that will be covering all things nerdy, geeky and pop-culture related! From video games to movies. Technology to boardgames you can expect a wealth of topics to be discussed.

  • Hlaðvarp í fjórum þáttum sem nefnt er eftir samnefndri bók Bergs Ebba. Skjáskot fjallar um samskipti manns og tækni, innleiðingu gervigreindar og þessa sérstöku tilfinningu sem örlar stundum á, að við séum hugsanlega byrjuð að gera stafrænt afrit af heiminum sem fylgir ekki alltaf sömu lögmálum og frumeintakið. Í hverjum þætti er nýr kafli tekinn fyrir og eftir lestur höfundar ræða gestir kafla úr bókinni.

  • Wyjaśniam nowoczesne technologie bez zbędnego "tech bełkotu". Gadam dużo o Internecie Rzeczy, Smart rozwiązaniach, chmurach i blockchainie. Czasem też o Chinach.

  • The Change Makers Podcast is a series of interviews with people driven to make a positive impact on themselves, their communities and the world.

  • Hlaðvarp / Podcast þar sem farið er yfir allt sem tengist því að kaupa, selja og eiga fasteign.

    Næstu þættir:
    - Fyrstu kaup
    - Lánamál
    - Viðhald fasteigna
    - Kaup- og söluferli frá A til Ö
    - Slysahættur á heimilum
    - Að kaupa nýtt eða gamalt
    - Fjölbýli og nágrannar
    - Mygla og snýkjudýr
    - Endufjármögnun og greiðslumat