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  • The Friend of a Friend Podcast introduces you to the next generation of luminaries. Hosted by entrepreneur and founder Olivia Perez, each episode will take you inside the minds of today’s up-and-comers and game changers - from brand builders, to personalities, activists, artists, and thought leaders from around the world - to hear their experiences, advice, and the real story behind their success.

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  • Looking Forward, a podcast about unique and interesting people who build their lives with grand purpose.
    Those who are open to new opportunities, and are mindful, in both, their personal and professional lives.
    A podcast with insightful and inspiring talks.

  • This show is for those who run a tourism destination and are looking for new ways to market that bring in consistent bookings but still maintain a healthy profit margin for their operation.

    Inside each episode, learn from Erik Hatterscheidt, a resort marketing manager as he shares his biggest “A-ha moments” and marketing secrets with full transparency.

    From marketing flops, to mindset, to big booking wins, Erik pulls you into his world and shares his personal journey to filling bookings at a destination resort using clever marketing ideas.

  • Discussing news I find worth sharing.

  • The observation post is meant to educate people about issues that affect disabled veterans. I will try to debunk the garbage the Canada tells us is Gospel!

  • Ez a podkaszt azon vezetőknek készül, akik minden nap akarnak tenni azért, hogy jó vezetők legyenek. Témáink a hétköznapi vezetői kihívások az alapelvek megközelítésén keresztül. Hetente legalább egyszer jelentkezünk, tartson velünk!

  • Active Ingredient is a weekly podcast hosted by Sophie Weill where she takes a deep dive into why people do what they do and what it is that drives them. The podcast is a mix of both business stories and soul searching covering people across the board with fancy titles like editors in chiefs, founders and ceos, to under the radar activists who are changing the world one person at a time. The goal is to get to the bottom of how these incredible people discovered their passion, channel their talent consistently and ultimately, how their Active Ingredient is making the world a better place.

  • When we think of change, we tend to think of the end result - the big, visible thing that is really different from how it started. But in reality, change is the culmination of thousands of moments over time. The seeds of the next decade’s huge changes in our world are being sown today. How to Change the World features interviews with the people that are sowing those seeds.

    Through conversations with all kinds of people in a wide range of jobs and industries we take a microscopic look at what it takes to make change. We look at why change is sometimes feared and at other times celebrated, what it takes to have a change-focused mindset and how we can be creating tomorrow’s change today.

  • Sermon audio from Vortex Church in Albemarle, NC. For more information, visit us online at vortexchurch.com

  • Christian and Colleen are a couple with wildly different interests, but they share a passion for learning. Each episode, they (or a special guest) explain a hobby or niche interest that excites them. Join them in a deep dive of interests that range from the history of rollercoasters to the psychology of true crime, and everything in between.

  • This series is host to episodes created by the Centre for Criminology at the University of Oxford which is part of the Faculty of Law, within the Social Sciences Division. The series reflects this department's world-leading research and teaching by providing talks that encompass topics such as rights and justice, politics, penal culture, crime and mental health and immigration.

  • Stories of Ordinary Muslims Doing Extraordinary Things

  • A Huszárvágás egy politikai podcast, de nem úgy ahogy gondolnád. Nem kenyerünk a politikai korrektség, de nem is kívánunk a trollhadsereg soraiba állni. Nem hőbörgünk az Akácos úton minden egyes Szomorú vasárnap, és a köldöknézegető értelmiségi munkát sem az elefántcsonttoronyban képzeljük el. Politikáról, közéletről, kultúráról beszélünk, de nem vagyunk politikusok. Mindössze polgárok, civilek, aktivisták… és néha Huszárok is!

  • A series of podcasts exploring key themes in public safety, emergency response, disaster preparedness and accident prevention.

  • James Hsu speaks to "Magic: The Gathering" players about their background, passions, and competitive mindset.

  • Podcast indépendant qui donne la parole aux autrices de bande dessinée. Je vous propose de découvrir leurs parcours, leurs histoires et leurs aspirations.

  • Kétheti podcast érdekes nőkkel, nem csak nőknek érdekes témákról.