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  • Merhaba ben Hazal ☺ Yasaklı yemek listelerinden, devamlı yaşadığın suçluluk hissinden sıkıldıysan ve artık özgürce istediğin besinleri yemek ve mutlu hissetmek istiyorsan sezgilerine tekrar güvenebilir, sezgisel beslenmeyi keşfedebilirsin 🌸 Burda seninle sezgisel beslenme ve sezgisel yaşamı paylaştığım youtube videolarımın ses kayıtlarını paylaşıyorum ♥

  • Death, Dying and Occasional Cocktails. Farewelling founder Karen Bussen hosts celebs, experts, and regular folks on a groundbreaking interview show to get us all talking more openly about death...and life.

  • A podcast for coaches, athletes, and parents who want to learn about the long-term physical and mental development of the adolescent athlete.

  • Bilgi çağındayız, bilgileri alıyoruz ama kullanamıyoruz ya da nasıl kullanacağımızı bilemiyoruz. Bu podcastlerde öğrenmeye akademik olarak devam eden, derin dinleyen, gözlemleyen koç kimliğimizle hayatımıza gelen tüm bilgileri nasıl harmanlayarak kullandığımızdan bahsedeceğiz. Yani pratik hayat sohbetleri yapacağız. Biz zaten bu sohbetleri yapıyorduk, bunları paylaşalım istedik.

    Edith yok, samimiyet var. Umarım bizim kadar keyif alırsınız.


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  • A podcast from the journal Occupational Medicine, that includes highlights from the current issue and an in-depth interview with a research expert on an important topic of the day

  • Bu Podcast serisinde hayata bambaska bir gozden bakacagiz.

  • To be EnLightened means to live as One with the Light, experiencing our Golden Light Essence in every experience. Having reached the state of constant EnLightenment, Great Masters such as Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song encourage us to strive for EnLightenment, knowing an Illumined state is the way to a Peace-full existence of Soul Balance and Soul EmPowerment.

    Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song is recognized globally as an EnLightened Peace Shaman, Shaktipat Master Healer and embodiment of The Divine Mother of the Universe. To help us achieve successful, EnLightened lives, She has created practical, easy to use Sacred Tools that we can apply to elevate every area of our being.

    Are you ready for greater Peace, Love, Harmony, Health, Prosperity, Clarity and Happiness? It is possible! Contact with Holy Mother's Teachings, Tools and Shaktipat Limpia healing sessions accelerates your Spiritual blossoming by igniting your inner Light Essence.

    We invite you to connect and receive an infusion of Bliss and Illuminating Wisdom...Holy Mother is a Joyful Teacher whose enthusiasm for the Spiritual Path is contagious!

    Tune in...experience expanded Awareness, amplified Self-Love and Higher Consciousness, as Her Holiness masterfully guides you on the Fast Track to EnLightenment!

    Visit our Impeccable Warrior of Light website,, to learn more about Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song, Her Wisdom Tools, Teachings, and Grace-Bestowing Shaktipat Limpia Healing Sessions.

    Stay up to date on all Peace Mother and Impeccable Warrior of Light are offering by joining our free Newsletter and receive the ebook “Spiritual Protection for Modern Life” by Her Holiness, Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song, available on our Impeccable Warrior of Light website

  • Diyetisyen Zeynep Çapay basit ve kolay uygulanabilen sağlıklı yaşam ve motivasyon tüyoları veriyor, beslenme ile ilgili güncel bilgileri paylaşıyor. Bu keyifli ve samimi sohbetlerden çok şey öğreneceksiniz.

  • Menopause Natural Solutions podcast was developed to help more women live the best life possible. Your host Jennifer Harrington will help to guide you through your menopausal transition as smoothly as possible. The focus will be on natural remedies such as food, herbs, vitamins and minerals, but also environmental and lifestyle changes.

  • Get Rich, Get Fit, Get Smarter. Learn What The Schools Won't Teach You.

  • Colorectal cancer patients are often faced with circumstances related to their disease that aren't often or openly discussed. In Taboo-ty : The Fight Colorectal Cancer Podcast we delve into those topics that are sometimes considered controversial, trending or just plain interesting. Listen in as we talk to experts, patients and caregivers who provide accurate, real and practical information for cancer survivors -- it’s time for us to bring these topics to light! Listen in from anywhere - from your car to the chemo chair. To suggest a podcast topic, email

  • Are you facing adversity, feeling stuck or settling for less in your life? The majority of people at one time or another have said YES to one or more of these issues.Your reaction or response to your issue(s) makes a difference in how you cope with your life. For more information visit blog

  • Predictive and Prognostic Biomarkers in Immunotherapy

    Moderator: Vamsi Velcheti, MD, Associate Professor, Director, Thoracic Oncology Program NYU Langone- Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center, New York

    Faculty: Hossein Borghaei, DO, MS, Chief, Thoracic Medical Oncology, Co-Leader, Thoracic Cancer Service Line, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia; and David Rimm, MD, PhD, Professor of Pathology and of Medicine (Medical Oncology); Director of Pathology Tissue Services; Director of Translational Pathology, Yale New Haven Hospital, New Haven 

  • An open, honest & unfiltered take on all things health & fitness

  • The Wellness Hustle is a weekly podcast empowering a shift in focus to what truly matters: ourselves. Work hard play hard isn’t cutting it anymore; we’ve been focusing on the wrong hustle.Intended to inspire a true shift in your life, this podcast will cut through the wellness BS that’s out there, chat with industry leaders, and have candid talks with real people who went through real struggles and how they overcame them.Real talks. Real advice. Real change.

  • Creating a higher standard of care for prehospital providers.

  • Practical steps, resources, and strategies to help you live Your Life Your Way. Each episode is designed as a Masterclass training, with uncanny inspiration, unconventional advice and unfiltered conversations so you up level your energy, confidence and happiness. Hang out with Diana if you are ready to be the best version of yourself. She unravels how by sharing secrets from ancient wisdom, thought provoking humor and advanced 21st century neurobiology. You will be able to find the real you again, plus find more meaning and purpose through her straight forward and friendly approach. Your Life Your Way is about your self realization and being free to be you to live a life with no regrets! Join Diana Dentinger as she enlightens you about your Personality, Life Purpose and Untapped Potential. Diana Dentinger is a Best Selling Author and International Speaker with over 25 years experience as a Personal & Professional Development Trainer. She is also the creator of the Personality & Needs Profile that gives you xray vision into your innate talents, main behavior drivers and predictable challenges. After years of research, she elaborated this profile based on her studies and experience as a Psychosomatic illness therapist. Unplug from the rest and tune in to every episode! For more information about Diana’s work: