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  • Host Aroop Mukharji sits down for conversations with experts from the Belfer Center and beyond to discuss their areas of expertise and to get to know the people on the front lines and at the forefront of thought just a little bit better.

  • Speaking of Change examines philanthropy's role in shaping and driving social change. Produced by the Philanthropy Forum at the University of Pittsburgh, Speaking of Change looks at philanthropy's work through intimate conversations with philanthropists, foundation leaders, social changemakers, nonprofit gurus and academics.

  • To ensure we have a strong Army, professional development is key. The Association of the U.S. Army provides many venues for our Soldiers to increase their knowledge of where their Army is today and where their Army is going in the future. The Soldier will be kept up-to-date on all the latest in equipment, technology and the Army’s transformation by viewing any one or all of the videos within this podcast channel.

  • Go behind the scenes of the films at NYSFF! In this short interview series, our filmmakers discuss their upcoming projects and artistic process.

  • Jazz Northwest focuses on the regional jazz scene from Portland to Vancouver. CDs by the best resident musicians from Seattle, Portland and Vancouver are featured, and the program also includes news about the best places to go for live jazz in the region. In addition, Jim goes "on location" to concerts, clubs and jazz festivals to record performances by resident and visiting artists for playback on Jazz Northwest. These one-of-a-kind recordings are available nowhere else! 899328 Jazz Northwest is published by KNKX Public Radio.

  • The Global Coalition is made up of 80 nations and international organisations committed to Daesh’s (sometimes known as ISIS, IS, Islamic State) enduring defeat. The Coalition focuses its efforts on five priority areas: military, stabilisation, communications, foreign terrorist fighters, and finance. In this weekly podcast series, experts join official Coalition representative Nancy Jamal (@repcoalition) to discuss progress – and challenges – in the fight against terrorism. To stay up to date with the Coalition’s work, follow us on Twitter at @coalition, or check out our website:

  • Eye on 65 showcases creative ways for public sector plan sponsors to keep the promise of retiree health care.

    Ask public sector employees why they chose a government job, and many will note the expectation of a stable pension and retiree health benefits.

    But the percentage of public sector retirees who receive these benefits is shrinking. Five years ago, 83 percent of state and local governments provided retirees health care coverage; today it’s 68 percent. And retirement without health care isn’t very secure.

    We’re helping public sector plan sponsors make sense of the options available when it comes to their retiree population’s health care benefits, from Group Medicare Advantage Plans to individual Medicare marketplaces—also known as Medicare exchanges—to health reimbursement arrangements, and how they can manage change and help retirees navigate choice. Tune in with Willis Towers Watson’s John Barkett and Marianne Steger to find out how public sector retiree health care promises can be kept.

  • This is The Mission, the new podcast from the Tennessee Department of Correction. We'd like to bring you inside of our world through the stories of men and women who make our agency what it is - what scare them, what makes them proud, what's the craziest thing that ever happened to them, and why they joined TDOC in the first place.

  • This podcast series explores the changing relationship between business and society from 1999 to today. Each episode unpacks a key event—from the Seattle WTO protests to the global financial crisis and beyond—to find insights for the future. Produced by the Aspen Institute’s Business & Society Program and hosted by Michelle Harven.

  • The Society for Human Resource Management's HR Tips and Webcast previews.

  • This is an archive of The Daily Standard podcast. Please note that advertisements, links and other specific references within the content may be out of date.

  • In Season Two, we introduce to our listeners 10 women who have had many struggles along their life’s paths. Despite their challenges, their protective factors have helped them soar and inspire others. We hope season two brings you as much hope and inspiration as it has for us.This season we are excited to introduce ten women who are continuously fighting the odds and manage to succeed anyway. These strong women seem to always thrive despite negative circumstances.So get ready, Listeners. As always, thank you for taking this journey with us!

  • عشقت الاعلام فعملت ‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏مذيعة (بإذاعة الرياض و يو إف إم) متخصصه في الإتصال الداخلي والصحافه،احترفت التسويق والعلاقات العامة، شغفي الابداع وصناعته بأدوات مختلفه

  • Our commentators - Aaron Brown and Chuck Marohn began the conversation about the State of Rural by telling us about their upbringing, political beginnings and why they choose to live in rural Minnesota