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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • A modern day approach to spirituality. Dive deep with Crystal Healing Practitioner, Annie, and her Tarot Reading bestie, Ashley, as they cover all aspects of what it means to be on a spiritual path. They'll share plenty of personal experiences about their own journeys as well as some science based information and guests who practice other avenues of spirituality and energy healing therapies.

  • My name is Dr. Joshua Knabb. I’m a board-certified clinical psychologist and 21st century Christ follower. Early in life, I experienced overwhelming psychological suffering, which led me down a path of wandering away from the Christian faith in my adolescent years, reminiscent of the Lost Son in Luke’s Gospel, returning to my Christian heritage in my early 20s, my own psychotherapy in my mid-20s, and, ultimately, a life committed to understanding and pursuing psychological and spiritual health as I now head into the middle years of my life. Please join me as we devote each week to better understanding secular and Christian perspectives on mental health and the intersection between psychology and Christianity, then engage in a 10-minute practice to conclude each episode, drawing upon Christian meditation, prayer, and contemplation. Above all else, my aim in this podcast is to journey with fellow Christ followers, as well as those who are curious about the rich heritage of Christian psychological and spiritual insights into the human condition, doing so with humility and curiosity as we strive to cultivate Christlikeness in all we do.

    For more information, please visit me at my website:

    The information in this podcast is intended to be educational and in no way a form of, or substitute for, professional counseling or psychotherapy. If you are in crisis or suicidal, please call 9-1-1, go to the local emergency room, or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255. If you need a Christian mental health professional, referral networks can be found at the American Association of Christian Counselors ( or Christian Association for Psychological Studies ( websites.

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  • Her Many Hats is a podcast for all the women who wear many hats, while serving one God.

  • A friendly central Cambridge church that seeks to love and follow Jesus

  • Messages from Word of Life Church, Dubuque, IA. Visit us online at

  • 這是一個在閒聊飯店、旅遊、生活時事和發牢騷的podcast節目

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  • This is a biblical exposition podcast, in which Clinton De France takes listeners on an educational journey through the Bible: book by book, chapter by chapter, and verse by verse. While there aren’t many podcasts like this – dedicated to working through every sentence, phrase, and word in the Bible – this podcast has some other unique features. It represents undenominational Christianity; an effort to draw out the earliest and purest beliefs and practices of the followers of Jesus Christ during the time of Jesus and His apostles. Brother De France makes a concerted effort to avoid dogmatic traditionalism, subjective mysticism, and cynical liberalism in his teaching. If you hear something that challenges you, or something that you would like to challenge, brother De France welcomes correspondence and will release a special Question and Response episode once a month. Each time we begin a new book, brother De France will start with a short, non-exhaustive introduction before getting into the text. The text will be divided into related sections, sometimes consisting only of a few verses and sometimes stretching from one chapter into another as the context demands. We’ll give a title to each series reflecting what we have concluded about the general theme of the book.

  • We exist to connect others to the Source that changes your life, community and the world! A life connected to Jesus!

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  • Give you Moments of Happiness

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  • 在台北101附近巷弄的無事生活茶館Letterpress House,由三位壯遊回台擁有老靈魂的女兒+80歲卻ㄧ直認為自己20歲的年輕老爸共同經營。


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  • 從Windy多年的身心靈學習中,提煉出精要的日常方法,應付生活中遇到各式問題。

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  • We have incredible people in our CHBC family doing incredible things, and this podcast explores how the kingdom of God is being grown and shaped through their vocations. We hope that each episode encourages and challenges you to identify how God can use YOU through your work to make His kingdom known.

    Work Matters is a monthly podcast from Chapel Hill Bible Church hosted by Pastor Rodrigo Dinsmore. Each episode, we discover how the Kingdom of God is grown and shaped through the vocations of members at CHBC.

  • Lounge 11:11 is hosted by comic artist and writer Pat Lee who has worked on many known titles such as Transformers, Batman & Superman, SPIDERMAN and X-MEN. Through his research and own personal experiences, he discusses about spiritual awakening, spirit guides, Earth bound spirits, Angels, NDE (Near Death Experiences), extraterrestrial phenomenon and mysterious experiences and ancient structures all around the world. Join us on our voyage as we dive deep into the rabbit hole of the unknown.

  • Each week, we’ll take next steps to grow in our relationship with Christ, to be formed into the kind of people He’s created us to be, and to learn to better love and serve those around us.

  • The show that examines the many facets of Orthodox Jewish life

  • Hi 我是夢牛~是個從小喜歡心靈主題的人。





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  • 我是李暉,愛看武俠小説,並熱愛武術太極,年輕時賽場上獲獎無數,年長后喜歡與人分享習武心得,之前也喜愛看書及寫博客習慣,隨著年紀漸長,與我一路成長的夥伴們也開始眼花,正好有這個平臺出現,給與我們一個以聲音代替文字的平臺,我們可以在此分享看過的好書,練武中遇到的問題或者生活趣事,選擇精進,就不會原地踏步,讓我們變得更美好。

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  • Our desire and mission is to plant the seeds of God's word to the world, this is one way to do it