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  • Radical Shift is for creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders who want to tap into their natural ability to create wealth, make impact and enjoy life in ways you never thought possible. Brought to you by 1st woman to launch and app, Carla White, each week we give you a person or message to teach you how to create radically shift your life, finances, relationships, productivity and success that is new, easy and designed for the modern era of women and people of color in leadership.

  • Elephant In The Room was created by Suvi Inkinen, a Global Intuitive Mindset Coach and Inspirational Speaker, the Founder or HUNAWORKS. It is her passion project to help break the destructive bubble of perfectionism. Something that stole 2 decades of her own life and in our time is keeping most people from living their life with joy and authenticity. The podcast is about sharing raw, authentic conversations of our shame and vulnerabilities, our personal elephants we hide from the world out of fear of being judged and becoming unlovable. It's to make us feel more connected than disconnected from each other. Being seen and allowing others to do the same.
    To find out more about Suvi or connect with her, go to / Insta:hunaworks.

  • Your weekly podcast bringing Scripture to bear on the issues, news, and politics of the firearm culture in the United States.

  • Taboo Talk featuring pastor Lady Charmaine Day is part of Lady Charmaine Day's Unlimited Help On-line Ministry which helps you transform for total mind,body&spirit wellness.

    In addition to being a Pastor, Lady Charmaine Day has over twenty years executive Human Resources management and Business Consulting experience. She has a Masters of Arts in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and Bachelors of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University. Lady Charmaine Day also is an author and publisher of eight books: a Christian wisdom book called “Zero Mathematics: The Science of Today”, her autobiography entitled “Size 7 ½: Walk A Mile In My Shoes," her memoir called “One Step From Insanity: Actual Words From the Psych Ward," a book of wisdom called "Trinkette's Wisdom For Every Day Living", a book of self-help and sequel to her autobiography called "H.E.E.D. S.I.M.P.L.E." and co-authored with Brooklyn Mike aka Mike Troy, a book of Christian comedy/philosophy called "MINDF.U.C.C.," a self-help book called "Lady Day's Pearls Of Wisdom" and her latest book a on-line business/self-help book called Cyber Hustle. In recognition of her book sales, March 2009, she was inducted into Barnes and Noble Hall of Fame.

    "Thank you for listening to Taboo Talk.Your support is greatly appreciated. For more information visit my website,"-Lady Charmaine Day

  • Knowledge, Devotion & Service is an Al-Maqasid podcast powered by SeekersGuidance global. The Maqasid (purposes) that are foundational to life of the believer are (1) Knowledge, (2) Devotion and (3) Service. It is through these purposes that we are able to truly fulfill our duty on Earth. Join us on this podcast as we explore these purposes which carry the meanings of the Prophetic inheritance.

  • In this series of lectures, Shaykh Yahya introduces Futuwwa, roughly translated at “spiritual chivalry,” as set forth by Imam Muhammad ibn al-Husayn al Sulami (d. 412 AH, 1034 CE) in his book Kitab al-Futuwwa.

  • Ko ne zna kakve su granice prilikom međuljudskih odnosa između vjernika i nevjernika, ovo predavanje je namjenjeno upravo njemu.

  • This is the place where you can rest in Grace. Laugh, cry, learn, think, and fall into the arms of a Jesus who knows you... and loves you UNCONDITIONALLY!

  • A monthly show by Jewish Lives exploring the life and legacy of an influential Jewish figure. Jewish Lives is a prizewinning biography series published by Yale University Press and the Leon D. Black Foundation.

  • This Podcast will examine ideas that impact our economy and financial system on the basis of values and ethical principles.

    Host: Almir Colan

  • Опис - Програм Кроз Свето писмо је део светске службе поучавања Библије службе Кроз Свето писмо. Серију је првобитно сачинио др Ј. Вернон МекГи и преведена је и прилагођена на преко 100 језика и дијалеката. Циљ је да се у 30-минутним радио-програмима слушалац систематски проведе кроз читаво Свето писмо. Сада вам је овај исти програм доступан и онлајн. Хвала вам што сте одлучили да научите више о Божјој Речи слушајући ове програме. Препоручујемо вам да слушате бар један програм дневно од понедељка до петка. Уколико то чините у наредних пет година проучићете читаво Свето писмо или Библију.

  • Welcome to my podcast aka “Pluto Trap House” where I’ll discuss all things astrological, psychological, spiritual, relational, and metaphysical. It is my aim to share cosmic knowledge to those willing to learn, laugh, and listen along with me.

    Let’s dig deep shall we?

  • Recordings from Emmanuel TV broadcasting live services from The Synagogue Church of All Nations. Keep on watching Emmanuel TV.

  • The Stillpoints Podcast with Scott Johnson brings insightful, inspiring and moving conversation to how contemplative practices have landed in our modern culture. Scott talks to the many people who have inspired him over the years, as director of Stillpoint Yoga London, to see how their practices have landed in the world.

  • The Gospel Underground is the ONLY podcast that helps to develop gospel artists for musical excellence and ministry propulsion. It features guests and tips that help empower artists to manage the business of music while being effective ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ

    The Gospel Underground is hosted by independent gospel singer/songwriter, Jenise La Vonne.

  • Linda Breitman Podcast is designed for Christian leaders as well as new believers. Question: If I could crawl inside your mind for 24 hours, would I have a good day? Aligning your thoughts with how God sees you affects everything -- your personal relationships, your success in business, and your spirituality -- everything you do. You can really live as The Real You and BELIEVE Your True Identity!