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  • Dobrodošli u podcast Biznis Priče, ja sam vaš domaćin Vladimir Stanković.
    Podcast BiznisPriče nastao je iz razgovora uz kafu i pivo koje praktikujem sa mentorima i ljudima od kojih učim.

    To su oni razgovori o kojima razmišljate narednih nedelju dana.
    Posle samo jednog takvog razgovora rode se nove ideje, motivacija skoči a vi niste ista osoba.

    Takvi razgovori nekada mogu da uštede i godine lutanja.

    Zašto to ne bih snimio i podelio sa vama?

  • Na jednostavan i opušten način obrađujemo teme iz osobnih financija i investiranja uz moto "bolje je živjeti 100 godina kao milijunaš, nego 7 dana u bijedi".
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  • Dragi ljubitelji digitalnog marketinga, tehnologije i biznisa, danas je vaš sretan dan - Dan Za Podcast. Naši voditelji, Petar Bogdan i Tibor Trupec iz agencije Kontra, istražuju širok raspon tema. Naši su gosti uspješni poduzetnici, lideri i stručnjaci, stoga očekujte puno inspiracije, korisnih savjeta i zanimljivih priča. Jer djeljenje iskustva i znanja uvijek je vrijedno gledanja.

  • Welcome to The Future of Shopping, a new Vogue Business podcast that investigates what the new era of shopping will look like, presented by Worldpay. In each episode, Vogue Business editors will unpack what comes next for e-commerce, social commerce and Web3, what will happen to malls and high streets, and how consumers will shop in the future.

    Use the code PODCAST20 to save 20 per cent when you purchase a Vogue Business membership for full access to the Future of Shopping series, as well as, exclusive industry insights that will give you the edge in this competitive dynamic landscape.


    Executive Producer: Joe Haddow

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Welcome to The Deep End with Taylor Welch...

    On this podcast you'll find deep conversations on taboo & controversial topics that will challenge the beliefs you've grown up with, or adopted without realizing. This is the Deep End.

  • "Développer une finance au service de la nature et de l'Homme (et non l'inverse)", telle est la mission que s'est donnée Jean-Benoît Gambet. Dans ce podcast, il invite des femmes et des hommes qui se battent quotidiennement pour changer les choses et qui mettent la préservation de l’environnement au coeur de leur décision d’investissement ou au coeur de leur mission. Jean-Benoît est convaincu que le secteur financier peut avoir un impact positif pour aider à protéger, à préserver, à conserver et à restaurer la nature et la biodiversité dans l’intérêt de la société toute entière.

  • Understanding how technology and innovation will change the way we work in the future. Airs every Monday at 5:00 p.m. on SiriusXM 132, Business Radio powered by the Wharton School.

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  • Подкаст про деньги и инвестиции: от недвижимости до криптовалюты. Мы расскажем, куда можно вложить, чтобы не потерять, а заработать!

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  • The transition from an individual contributor to a supervisor or manager role is one of the most critical and difficult career moves. This 12-part podcast series from Impact Achievement Group helps managers understand the management behaviors and tactics required to ensure their and their company's success. The series is based on Supervisory Basics, 12 individual yet linked two-hour training modules, delivered in leader-led or eLearning formats.

  • A business podcast for product entrepreneurs. A creative balance of life and business to help you create your dream life.

    Featured in Inc. as "the country's most sought-after product experts." Also featured in Forbes, NBC News, Yahoo! Finance and more. Also a co-founder of the Shop 1 in 5 pledge - a commitment to shop 1 in 5 of your purchases from small businesses online and offline.

    The goal in every episode: uplevel you as the Boss of your business. Take your physical product sales and strategy to the next level to create your dream life.

    As a woman entrepreneur and product expert Jacqueline Snyder delivers a workshop-style strategy hour of social media marketing strategies and marketing made easy and simple. Blending life as a boss mom, goal digger, coach and female business owner in this ever-changing online world has its ups and downs. Creator of the Best Seller framework of snowballing your sales inside their signature course, Multi-Stream Machine, which focuses systems, visibility and sales from $0-$100k and beyond.

    Join me weekly in a training and “marketing school” format with actionable takeaways that include how to grow your online platforms and revenue, e-commerce business sales channels, gaining steady and perpetual traffic to your website, such as Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, brick and mortar, bakery and food products, one-of-a-kind custom or artist products, social media influencer marketing, small business marketing ideas, content calendar, scaling handmade, visibility and Instagram tactics, abundance entrepreneurial mindset and growth, productivity hacks and organization tips. Guests include: Jenna Kutcher of Goal Digger Podcast, Lori Harder of Earn Your Happy podcast, Jamie Kern Lima (author of Believe IT), Cat & Nat Unfiltered, David Meltzer, Jasmine Star, Angie Lee of Ready is a Lie and Mike Lee of Soul CBD, Suzi Weiss Fischman, Pura Vida Bracelets, Mike Michalowicz of Profit First, Joy Cho, Jaclyn Johnson of Work Party and Create & Cultivate, Kelly Roach, and more.
    Are you asking yourself: Is it possible to create consistent income and multiple streams of revenue in the product world? Can you take your maker or Etsy business, physical product or private label business a full-time income from a side hustle to a stable household income for you and your family? Can makers be millionaires? Can you take your handmade items and scale your team, inventory, and production? The answer to all: YES! Let’s dig in! Don’t forget to subscribe.

  • So the big question is this:

    How are creative entrepreneurs like us, who don’t have a huge brand or following, who are spending time away from friends and family to grow our business…

    How do we use SEO in a way that gets our products, services, and things we believe in out to the world?

    That is the question and this project is the answer.

  • Introducing "The Jimmy Rex Show,” hosted by Jimmy Rex, the founder of "We Are The They.” On the show, Jimmy unveils the stories and insights of the world's most captivating personalities. Engage in conversations with global leaders, pioneering thinkers, and exceptional people who are living extraordinary lives.

  • Welcome to the Full-Funnel B2B marketing podcast hosted by Andrei Zinkevich and Vladimir Blagojevic from

    Every week with B2B marketing professionals we dive deeply into topics as a B2B marketing strategy, full-funnel marketing, demand generation, lead nurturing, sales and marketing alignment, sales and marketing automation, content marketing and account-based marketing (ABM).

    Our goal is to share proven advice with B2B marketers & foundersof tech companies to increase their sales pipeline, scale revenue, and customer growth.

    Learn more about full-funnel b2b marketing here:

  • This is the show about the most proven and and predictable way to to build 7-figure businesses.

    Presented by Ryan Daniel Moran, founder of and successful physical products entrepreneur, MDB reveals how Ryan and his partners build brands, invest the profits, and create financial freedom.

    If you need the steps to get your idea or what you have out the door and into the real world this is the playbook.

    If you want your first sellable company, this is the show for you.

  • Hey my friend, and welcome to the #PrettyAwkward Entrepreneur Podcast where we talk all things entrepreneurship, marriage, personal growth and how they all intertwine.

    My name is Meg and I’m a serial entrepreneur, having built three successful businesses in the last ten years. But what I’ve found? The secret to success is in the HONEST conversations we have with our fellow entrepreneurs, our partners, & our own selves.

    At #PrettyAwkward Entrepreneur we are all about helping you build a business that allows you to thrive in your marriage just as much as your bank. And the kicker? Doing it in a way that’s truly unique to you AND helps you stand out from the crowd. Let’s dive in.

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  • If your business Is on a mission to provide authentic value and achieve a positive impact, society doesn't just need you to think about sales and marketing. It needs you to be great at them. Don't let companies that lack integrity continue to dominate the conversation.Selling with Love Podcast is designed to shift your way of thinking about sales, unlocking your ability to further your mission without hesitation and with- out compromise. Achieve results and do it your way.Join Jason Marc Campbell as he brings world class experts in sales, marketing, abundance mindset and self mastery; who will help you unlock your potential.Once you know how to do it and you truly understand why it's so important, you'll be unstoppable in your growth and impact--and even more aligned with your core value.(Formally known as Superhumans at Work by Mindvalley)

  • Pogovori o zavesti, vesolju, drogah, naši kulturi, tehnologiji in prihodnosti človeštva ...

    Pogovori o idejah. Vodi Klemen Selakovič.

  • Great entrepreneurs are great storytellers. Heart of the city spotlights the dopest investors and entrepreneurs around the country, and gives them the opportunity to tell the stories that get missed in most interviews.

    Host Vince Harris draws on his background as a Wall Streeter and serial entrepreneur to take guests beyond the numbers; to share the ways their work is benefitting the communities where they operate. Every week a different city. A different story.

  • Path2Product's Mission is to bridge the gap in product management experience for aspiring product managers, so the Lessons In Product Management podcast is here to support that effort, as well as provide valuable insights to existing PMs and PM leaders.