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  • Have you ever heard a great story and felt, wow I'm inspired and ready to take action? But then your time to shine in front of your audience comes and everyone loses interest.

    Why is that?

    In this podcast you'll learn how to confidently craft stories that makes doing business with you a no brainer while feeling emotionally connected to your tribe that leads your audience to a positive change in their lives.

    Here you'll learn from the experts who are currently crafting compelling stories that persuade and influence others to take action in a way that creates a ripple effect of positive change.

    If you're a coach, consultant or course creator struggling to get people to notice your message and persuading people to commit to change that will transform their lives, Storytelling Secrets is the podcast for you.

  • China paradigms is brought to you by daxue consulting. Daxue Consulting is a China-focused professional consulting firm offering strategic-driven research.
    Since 2012, daxue has served more than 250 clients and completed more than 300 projects.


    Daxue Consulting is a market research and management consulting firm focusing on the Chinese market. We are leveraging a multiple-methodology approach in order to support clients’ needs, auctioning traditional methodologies as well as technology-driven tools.

    More about Daxue Consulting:

  • Foreign Correspondence is a podcast with hour-long interviews with journalists around the world hosted by Jake Spring.

  • The CRUSH Method is all about empowering coaches to build powerful and professional coaching practices so that they can have the impact on clients that coaches often start out wanting to have, but get stuck on the entrepreneurial journey. Join Amanda Kaufman, the creator of The CRUSH Method and Chris Lavelle each week as they share with you inspirations, strategies, and tactics to take your coaching business full-pro!

  • Hey internet, I'm Simon Squibb, the host at the Good Luck Club.

    I believe luck is an ingredient that's necessary for a successful life!

    Whatever you're starting, building, or shipping...I'm here to tell you that WITHOUT LUCK YOU'RE NOT GONNA MAKE IT.

    I've been testing my luck as an entrepreneur since I was 15, I've had plenty of failures and successes, and I'm fascinated by things that I couldn't control. The moments that made my career, and the ones that threatened to end it.

    In each episode I'll invite a guest to share their stories about luck; the good and the bad, and together we'll test my theory about Luck's role.

  • Bienvenue sur Un café avec le boss, le podcast sur le leadership.  
    1/3 de notre vie est passée au travail, alors autant que ça se passe bien !
    Je suis Caroline Tronel, j’ai 12 ans d’expérience professionnelle et j’ai réalisé que depuis 12 ans, à chaque fois que je retrouve des amis, les 10 premières minutes de la discussion sont consacrées à lister les conflits de la journée au bureau… il nous faut alors vider notre sac pour finalement nous détendre et passer à des sujets plus croustillants...  
    Malheureusement, peu importe le niveau d’étude, le sujet du leadership n’est jamais traité à l’école. 
    Je suis donc partie à la recherche de vrais leaders. Des femmes, des hommes, des entrepreneurs ou des corporates qui placent en priorité le développement de leur équipe avant tout autre KPI. Créer un esprit de famille et des liens fort entre chaque membre, un environnement serein où règne respect, reconnaissance et où chacun pourrait évoluer au rythme de ses besoins et de ses envies…. 
    Et en plus, ça marche ! 
    L’augmentation de la satisfaction au travail est directement liée à une augmentation de la productivité ! Alors pourquoi s'en passer… ? 
    Retrouvez-moi tous les 15 jours pour prendre un café avec un boss inspirant, écouter ses expériences de leadership et ses meilleurs tips dans le domaine.  
    La petite histoire: 
    J'habite à Hong-Kong depuis 4 ans et comme beaucoup de français en France et partout dans le monde, j'ai succombé à la passion du podcast! 
    Gregory Pouy est le premier que j'ai commencé à écouter dans son podcast VLAN ( puis sont venues Clothilde Dusoulier et son podcast Change ma vie (, Generation XX ( de Siham Jibril et plus récemment de Vraies Vies ( d'Anastasia de Santis, En élcaireur (, d'Emmanuelle Coulon et F-Collective ( de Sandra Scannella.
    J'adore ce média car les invités deviennent accessibles, sincères et parlent en toute honnêteté de leur propre expérience. Depuis que j'habite à l'étranger, je suis devenue la reine du networking et je propose souvent aux nouvelles têtes que je rencontre de boire un café. Une manière sympathique de faire connaissance et qui sait...  peut-être devenir amis ou trouver des opportunités de travailler ensemble. 
    C'est donc en rencontrant des centaines de personnes que je me suis aperçue que certains parlaient naturellement de Leadership, racontant leurs expériences ou leurs challenges en la matière, souvent avec beaucoup d'émotions. 
    Le sujet du leadership est un sujet qui nous touche tous car nous serons TOUS, à un moment de notre vie, un leader: en tant que parent, en tant qu'employeur, en tant que capitaine d'une équipe de sport...etc et malheureusement, même s'il existe des tonnes de livres sur le sujet, personne ne nous en parle JAMAIS.  
    Voilà comment j'ai eu l'idée de lancer le podcast "Un café avec le boss", des histroires de vrais Leaders qui participent à leur échelle mais chaque jour, au développement et au bonheur des membres de leur équipe.   
    Bonne écoute! 

  • Recruitment Now shares ideas and insights into the world of recruiting. The hosts, Luke Gass (CEO of TopRecruiter) and Tim Vanderpyl (Associate Professor at Ambrose University) use their extensive background in recruitment to find and share best practices from world-class recruiters and researchers.

  • Patrick Campbell and Hiten Shah break down what people think about popular products on their new video show Tradeoffs. They analyzed 1000s of survey responses to understand how people really feel about some of the biggest products on the market.

  • Welcome to Streams of Progress, where we bring you weekly conversations with many of UAE's prominent leaders and thinkers. Each of our Guests are actively contributing to the vitality of the UAE community and economy. Our goal on the podcast is to inspire you to drive progress in your professional and personal life.

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  • Brought to you by Presevica, the Tales from the archive series delivers behind the scenes access to the archives from some of the worlds the best known organisations. Journey with us as we explore how the corporate archive has become the trusted source of critical long-term business records and brand assets.

    The series features guest speakers who are using digital preservation to ensure they can quickly respond to compliance and litigation challenges and unlock the value of their brand heritage.

  • Dr Austin Tay is an organizational psychologist based in Asia. In each episode of the podcast, he will discuss work-related issues that matter in the workplace. Through the lens of a psychologist, Austin will provide tips and advice to his listeners to help them navigate the complex world of work.

    Austin Tay is the founder of Omnipsi Consulting ( We specialise in executive coaching, leadership assessment and development, career transitioning, training and workplace intervention. To send comments or suggestions, email to or send via twitter @psych_chat.

  • The Merch Minds Podcast is hosted by Glen and Yong. The podcast is all about the Merch by Amazon business and the print on demand industry.

  • Welcome to the HRCI Work | Life Podcast bringing news, stories, and interviews from the Human Resources realm straight to you – presented by HRCI studios in Alexandria, Virginia.

  • Exploring the start up world in India and learning from some of the most accomplished entrepreneurs, investors, and CXOs in India. Part of

  • We are passionate about helping the community with everything related to Print on Demand and Merch by Amazon. We will cover all different aspects of Print on Demand including design, marketing, tools, mindset, time management and much more with all of you! Every Monday night we interview an expert in the Print on Demand Community. These guests include graphic designers, artists, business consultants, print on demand tech experts, marketing and advertising specialists, and much more! Support this podcast:

  • The Only One Business Show features James Nathan one of the UK's leading business development, sales and service excellence experts.

    Each show focuses on and highlights outstanding practices and experiences as
    James chats with leading business professionals sharing tips and insights on how to create amazing customer experiences, and build bigger, better and more profitable businesses as a result.

    What can you do in your business today, and in the years to come, to truly delight your clients? What exceptional experiences can you give them to take away and cherish? How can you delight the most important person in the world?

    Satisfaction makes you one of the many…..Truly delighting people makes you the only one.

  • Your source for stock market analysis, global macro musings and hedge fund investment strategies. Hosts Julian Klymochko and Michael Kesslering aim to bring you the knowledge and analysis you need to become a more intelligent and wealthier investor

  • EB-5 Investment Voice covers the United States immigrant investor visa that attracts foreign capital into the U.S. and creates jobs for American workers. Host Mona Shaw, other attorney guests and other leaders walk through the program from a legal perspective, business development factors as well as investor return and residency considerations.

  • The Community, c’est le podcast qui traite des réseaux sociaux chaque semaine. On en discute et on invite des praticiens et leaders dans leurs domaines qui viennent partager leurs avis, leurs méthodes et leurs visions sur les médias sociaux. vous pouvez nous retrouver sur itunes, Google Podcast, et notre blog pour encore plus de contenus sur