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  • Podcast með Sölva er þáttur sem lætur sér ekkert óviðkomandi. Fylgstu með áhugaverðu fólki úr öllum áttum setjast í stólinn hjá Sölva Tryggva.

  • Her Life By Design is a podcast that discusses all things influencer marketing, creating a career online, navigating life as an ambitious female and much more.

    Your host is Christina Galbato - social media influencer, creative entrepreneur and online educator. Join her each week to gain the strategies and motivation you need to create a life and career entirely of your own design.

  • Want to build a successful business? Packed with the principles, strategies, and methods used to grow successful companies, The Sweaty Startup will help you make your vision a reality. Hosted by successful entrepreneur Nick Huber. Short, to the point and no fluff.

  • Frú Barnaby er ekkert óviðkomandi
    en það getur reynst erfitt að gera henni til

  • Í Pyngjunni eru ársreikningar fyrirtækja skoðaðir og ræddir. Athugið að (eiginlega) öll gögn sem stuðst er við eru opinberar upplýsingar. Þáttastjórnendur eru Arnar Þór Ólafsson og Ingvi Þór Georgsson

  • Í þessu hlaðvarpi er fjallað um fjárfestingar út frá ólíkum vinklum og farið á dýptina í nokkrum málefnum.

    Fortuna Invest er samstarfsverkefni okkar Anítu, Kristínar og Rósu sem var stofnað árið 2021.
    Við höldum úti Instagram aðgangi þar sem sett er fram fræðsla um fjárfestingar og fjármál, síðan gáfum við út metsölubók fyrir jólin 2021 sem heitir því lýsandi nafni Fjárfestingar.

    Nú erum við mættar með hlaðvarp og vonum að þið njótið og fræðist um leið!

  • Do you want to develop the ability to create “performance flow”: the essence of aligned sustainability that positively affects your business and personal results? Are you a high-performing individual ready to sync your performance with your internal values to ensure a higher “flow” and long-term sustainability? Then this is the show to tune into!
    Mindshifter Anna Liebel and her guests help you transform your daily routine from being an “energy sink” into an “energy source” by aligning your external behaviours to your inner values and drivers. We help you discover the importance of the concept of living in your zone of genius so that you can lead yourself and others in a more effective, sustainable, and enjoyable way.

  • Let's explore Bitcoin, the future of money and the social, cultural, economical and philosophical implications of this new technology. Hosted by Cedric Youngelman.

  • This podcast features host, Brad Harris, a former airline mechanic turned powerful entrepreneur with the #1 health company in the world, takes you through your life struggles and triumphs with the lens of mentorship, personal development, and leadership. In these episodes you will have the opportunity to grow through purpose, intention, and self awareness. As Brad Harris coaches you towards your positive mindset, you will begin to realize the potential you have for successful business, personal, and spiritual relationships.

  • Ryan Berman talks to thought leaders from around the globe in business, sports and entertainment to uncover what it means to be courageous in today's world.

  • In this podcast we share our experience on how leaders and managers can and should build organisations that are able to quickly and sustainably adapt to unprecedented change, complexity and ambiguity.

  • The United States education system has failed in an important way: teaching us on the basics of capitalist economy and financial well-being. This podcast aims to change that at an individual level - diving deep into the topics that impact you the most.

    We bring high-value guests on our show not to ask them where they're from or what their best one-liner is - we invite guests solely for the purpose of long-form, high-impact discussions.

    I'm your host, AJ Osborne, and by working together, we can be Saving Capitalism and build a better future for ourselves and our families.

    Find our video podcast on YouTube:

  • I’m on a mission to share with you interviews and stories of entrepreneurs, business owners, and people of influence that are living the Built For More life. Listen and learn from their stories and learn how to reach your fullest potential and live a life full of abundance!

  • CONFIDENT CONVERSATIONS® on Retirement is a podcast by T. Rowe Price designed to help you make more informed decisions on your retirement. The podcast features our experts sharing their perspectives and providing you with tangible strategies on a range of retirement-related topics.

  • In this show, David interviews the leading minds in Wealth Management. David Clark is an experienced and respected Financial Services Professional. As a Partner and Advisor at Koda Capital, David advises some of Australia most successful families on Wealth Management.

    David is also a successful entrepreneur that has exited two financial services businesses. He is a director of the St Josephs College Foundation and sits on the investment committee, as well as being a founder of ZamBzee a software application development company.

  • House of Data explores how data is influencing decisions at the most ambitious companies in housing. Each episode dives into how housing market participants are ingesting, organizing, and making decisions using data, and the competitive advantages that follow. Hosted by Alex Bridgeman.

  • Welcome to the Financial Finesse podcast, where we'll be discussing tips on how to handle your money and life with skill and style. Your host, Cathy Curtis, CFP, has been helping make finance accessible and intriguing for women for almost 20 years! You'll get savvy, actionable ideas listening to her conversations with some of the coolest and smartest women on the planet.

  • Here on Candid Conversations we talk to changemakers about what is happening in their industry right now. Delve into the future-focused topics every professional needs to know about, including AI, technology, data, cybersecurity and innovation.

  • Bylting er stórt orð en sannfæring okkar er mikil // @byltingin á Twitter // Bitcoin byltingin á Facebook // Bitcoin byltingin á Telegram

  • Wie baust du dir ein erfolgreiches Coaching Business auf?
    Maximilian Fritz ist professioneller Business-Coach mit langjähriger Branchenerfahrung und gibt dir als "Coach für Coaches" mit dem #coachinginsider exklusive Einblicke in das beste Business der Welt.

    Hier bekommst du wertvolle Strategien,
    Tipps und Syteme für dein Coaching-, Beratungs- und Trainingsgeschäft.
    Du erfährst außerdem wie du als Coach regelmäßig Kunden gewinnst und dabei dein Einkommen noch deutlich steigerst.

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