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  • Join speech-language pathologists Rachel and Chris as they discuss supporting complex communication needs with alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) and assistive technology!

  • Let's explore Bitcoin, the future of money and the social, cultural, economical and philosophical implications of this new technology. Hosted by Cedric Youngelman.

  • Welcome to the Hack Your Time podcast where you’ll unlearn everything that is keeping you busy, behind and stressed the f out. I’ll show you how to get better rested and more productive. Time is your most valuable & precious resource, and time management practices are outdated, overly structured and limited. Subscribe to this podcast to become unlimited, less rigid, and achieve more in less time without burnout, stress or hustle. Hack time to halve the time things take you to achieve, over and over again. P.S. Time is your most precious resource, stop wasting it. I’ll show you how, click here - https://www.vikkilouise.com/guide

  • DataTjej är en ideell organisation för ickebinära och kvinnor som gillar IT och data.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Exclusive interviews with IT professionals asking the hard questions you won't find on the internet.

  • Talking Heads, is a once weekly show about everything happening in the world of tech, computers, gaming, craft beer and cocktails.

  • Flugtaxis, Hyperloop, Cyborgs, IoT in Space, Smart & Green Cities - im Hypermotion Podcast diskutieren Experten die Zukunft von Mobilität & Logistik. Seien Sie gespannt auf Innovationen aus dem Automotive und Transport Bereich! Air taxis, hyperloops, smart & green cities - experts discuss the future of mobility & logistics. Listen to fascinating panel discussions, speeches & talks and take a look ahead into tomorrow's mobility.More information about Hypermotion Frankfurt: http://hypermotion-frankfurt.com/

  • The Future Tech podcast focuses on enterprises, small businesses, business continuity, AI, Blockchain, Future Mobility, Machine Learning, Automation, Data Centers, Big Data, Storage, Cybersecurity, and lots more.

  • Aluminum is one of the metals that has the greatest impact on our lives. Its peculiar properties have meant that in a relatively short time (it was isolated for the first time in 1825) it has prevailed over other materials in countless industrial applications, which has meant that we can find it in our everyday environment without having to search the least bit.

    Objects as diverse as cans of preserves, beer or soft drinks; the bodywork of some cars or the chassis of many of our mobile phones and laptops, among many other devices, are made of aluminum.

    Fortunately, it is one of the most abundant chemical elements in the earth's crust (scientists estimate that this layer of our planet contains 8% aluminum).

    In fact, only oxygen and silicon are more abundant in the crust, so it seems unlikely that we will run out of it. In any case, this is just one of the many very interesting data that this metal has in store for us.

    We suggest that we discover together why it is worth getting to know it better.

  • Every Friday, I publish a set of Frontend coding problems on Medium which corresponds to a chapter from my Udemy video course: A Complete Frontend Developer Textbook for Beginners. Your challenge is to solve these brain teasers using only one line of JavaScript code. The following week, I will broadcast the solutions and explanations as the next podcast episode. Come join me each week to sharpen your coding chops and gain Enlightenment as a Coding Monk in a quick and fun way!These brain teasers are brought to you by Silicon Wat University and recorded from my Treehouse in Fresno, California Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/siliconwat/support

  • Lífæðar landsins er hlaðvarp Samorku um orku- og veitumál. Umsjón hefur Lovísa Árnadóttir.

  • Boundaryless Conversations Podcast is an ongoing exploration of the future of Platforms & Ecosystems.
    Here we explore new perspectives about how we organise at scale in a rapidly changing world.
    From Boundaryless SRL

  • Place and time is a podcast about how positioning, navigation and timing technologies have shaped the world you live in, why they are existentially important to protect, and what the future might look like.

  • Bálki er hlaðvarp þar sem rætt er við frumkvöðla og stofnendur í heimi fjártækninnar.

  • HHH Media is a fully scripted audio drama podcast.  We bring stories from haunted houses to comedy zombies to life with voice actors, sounds effects and back ground noises. The only thing missing is the actual video. So sit back, close your eyes and let your mind take over. Head phones are recommended but not required.

  • Accounting Tech Tar Pit is a podcast for founders who are building accounting or SME-focused startups.

    This is a no B.S. interview-based podcast on a mission to bring light to the biggest challenges and misconceptions within the accounting industry, to help the next generation of founders accelerate their learning, and build better products that accountants want to use!

    What's the Tar Pit reference? First associated with startups by Y-Combinator, we have taken the idea and bastardised it for our own agenda. Tune in to episode 1 if you dare to learn more ☠️

  • Serious about sustainability is a podcast series brought to you by Mitsubishi Electric's Ecodan – air source heat pump. Through a series of guest interviews including architect and Ecodan Ambassador, George Clarke, the podcast series covers a range of topics, from the perspective of UK homeowners, self-builders, contractors, and housing associations. The show promotes greater awareness of renewable, heat pump technology, helping to build a sustainable, zero-carbon future for home heating.

  • The Age of Adoption podcast explores the monumental transition from a period of climate tech research and innovation – an Age of Innovation – to today's world in which companies across the economy are furiously adopting climate solutions - the Age of Adoption. Listen as our host, Keith Zakheim, CEO of Antenna Group, talks with experts from across the climate, energy, health, and real estate sectors to discuss what the transition means for business and society, and how corporates and startups can rise above competitors to lead in this new age. Access more curated content on the subject by visiting, www.ageofadoption.com.

    This podcast is brought to you by Antenna Group, an award-winning integrated marketing, public relations, public affairs and digital agency that partners with the world’s most exciting and disruptive companies across cleantech, mobility, real estate, healthcare, and emerging B2B tech sectors. Our clients are transformational and distinguished corporations, startups, investors, and nonprofits that are at the bleeding edge of the Age of Adoption. Visit antennagroup.com to learn more.

  • The 'Digitalization & Diversity' Podcast is a show that shares insights, personal stories and digital journeys of diverse people.

    During each episode, host Adya Kumar, a tech enthusiast, engineer, strategy consulting professional and a podcaster, explores the cross-roads of "Digitalization" & "Diversity". She engages in a conversation with people from diverse backgrounds following unconventional paths to understand the power of technology and digitalization to improve diversity, and vice versa the role of diversity in accelerating digitalization and innovation.

    Through this platform, Adya brings new ideas on how you can personally contribute to a more diverse and digitalized world, how you can better use technology to your advantage, and how to bring a digital mindset that affects both your personal and professional life.

    Listen in to find out how diversity and digitalization is being redefined today!!

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