Teknologi – New Zealand – Anbefalede podcasts

  • A documentary style podcast that explores the benefits, drawbacks, and longterm impact of social platforms and other forms of digital media.

  • The Veterinary Innovation Podcast covers the most interesting, exciting, and controversial topics in the industry today. Veterinary technology entrepreneurs Shawn Wilkie and Dr. Ivan Zakharenkov chat with industry leaders and innovators about the biggest challenges they’re facing - and how they’re overcoming them.

  • ‘Learning Is the New Working’ is a new podcast from Chris Pirie, ex-Microsoft Chief Learning Officer and now independent investigator of The Future of Workplace Learning. A set of stimulating conversations with some of the leading thinkers and edge practitioners in the modern Workplace Learning space, from Chief Learning Officers โ€ฏto Learning Experience Designers, from Neuroscientists โ€ฏto Technologists, vendors of Learning Tech, and the HR leaders charged with developing human capital potential. โ€ฏOur topics are everything from the American skills crisis to our scary, but fascinating, century: how the rise of the robots, AI, employment and demographic changeโ€ฏare re-shaping all our lives - in work and out of it. We will also explore how the process of Learning is itself changing with current and emerging technology, share war stories about which new ways of delivering Learning work, what Sales Enablement is versus what it could be, what a ‘Learning Science’ might offer… all with the ultimate aim of empowering the CLO.

  • A visit to the Cyber Savvy Cafe is like a really great coffee break discussing topics relevant to cybersecurity and technology: Business tech, cyber training, remote workstations, IoT, and more. Join us every week.

  • Stories of real New Zealanders making a real impact in our world, now. As graduates of Tech Futures Lab's Master of Technological Futures, these 'ordinary' people have pushed into the extraordinary space by challenging the status quo and creating human-centric solutions that stem from a desire to do better. where they've been, what drives their passion, and how they're making an impact in the world - big or small, now and into the future.

  • Datacom is an international business that is sought after by organisations to explore new possibilities and solve their greatest challenges. We aim to help customers navigate the complexity of the technology landscape.

  • The podcast in which we hope that if we talk to smart people for long enough, we might eventually say something intelligent. Our format will be a series of open ended conversations with people who do interesting things and hopefully have something interesting to say.

  • Explore the hottest trends in digital culture and how innovative technology— blockchain, AI, cloud, IoT, 5G, apps and more—make these amazing experiences possible. Brought to you by VMware.

  • Crypto for idiots. Made by idiots, for idiots.Your hosts are:Kaptain Krypto - Noob Investor, Crypto EnthusiastKid Krypto- Noob Investor & Crypto EnthusiastKrypto Khemist - Noob Miner, Noob Investor & Breaker of ThingsJoin us learning crypto technology, currency and market speculation for the average idiot like us. Reading any of our content or listening to our podcast indicates that you have read and accepted our legal disclaimer at the following URL enclosed in quotation marks."https://docs.google.com/document/d/19ojMrCQvQGnhl-xLQ5hqYW5xW5duVSBcqaXwiVoQpCY/edit?usp=sharing"

  • Space Capital Podcast, the playbook for investing in the space economy, is hosted by Chad Anderson, founder and Managing Partner of Space Capital, the world’s leading seed-stage venture capital firm investing in the space economy. Listen for unique insights into startup activity and investment trends from the founders and innovators at the forefront.

  • Randomness, Technology and Life.

    A podcast brought to you by two guys from New Zealand named Chris and Sam

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Hosted by CIO Australia's associate editor David Binning and its editor Byron Connolly, The CIO Show boasts the most candid, entertaining, and informative conversations about enterprise technology today. Australia's chief information officers and other senior technology and digital leaders discuss the key issues that shape the business of IT.

  • This is a podcast about the many phases of technology innovation: ideas, research, development, management, marketing, and many others. We’re talking to a wide range of people with diverse and rich backgrounds including all species of engineers, scientists, mathematicians, business people and technical managers. We hope you will enjoy these podcasts as much as we did making them.

  • Forward thinking insights drive your competitive advantage. The Element podcast engages the world’s top tech innovators, thought leaders and disruptors to discuss the latest technology trends and unearth new opportunities for growth. Stay ahead of the pace of innovation, advance your business strategy and future proof your brand.

  • Any and all subject matter related to the future--the long view--of the human condition. Technology, Health, Economics, Politics, Society, Environment and the basics of how to think about the future.

  • On The Brewhaus we talk about technology, programming, and entrepreneurship. Nothing is off limits! From Microcontrollers to Mainframes, Starting a business to buying one, we get into the weeds and talk about it all. Maybe you’re interested in Cryptocurrency, we talk about the tech that powers it! What about how technology is used in education, yep we do that too. The Brewhaus is at least one show a week, Mondays is general subjects, Wednesdays are the top Tech stories around the world, Thursdays we have the movie reviews! So come listen to the podcast that was banned from Youtube for asking questions about data privacy. Or just come by and listen so you can come to twitter and tell me I am wrong. Let’s start a conversation! Have something interesting to talk about, hit me up on twitter and let’s do a show together! Twitter: @brewhaususa

  • Conversations from the soil and around the table. With Anna Woofenden, Derrick Weston, and Sam Chamelin.

  • Tune in to hear fiercely human stories about Slalom’s work, culture and our people.

  • The Provise Project is the conversation you wish you listened in on, It is the Decathlon of Interviews, Research, Banter, Stories, Laughter all wrapped into one fuzzy bearded South Auckland Interviewer.

    TimProvise brings the laughs as he interviews Local and International legends in his own crazy and out of the gate way. Asking questions live on his twitch stream or from viewers from Patreon.

    Jump on in and lets get chatting

  • techbytes.nz is a monthly video and audio podcast where we have conversations with remarkable and inspiring leaders in technology.