Fritid – New Zealand – Anbefalede podcasts

  • Brennan Lee Mulligan, Erika Ishii, Aabria Iyengar, and Lou Wilson hang out together and use games to make up stories. It's pretty good.

  • Out of the Frying Pan - A Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game Podcast

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Caleb and Anicor are teaming up to bring you the most up to date, informative, and educational podcast for all things Pokémon GO PvP!

  • Welcome to Xbox On, a weekly video game podcast about all things Xbox, hosted by Jesse DeRosa. Look forward to new episodes every Thursday.

  • Getting Dicey is an actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast recorded in Wellington, New Zealand. While Getting Dicey is a comedy podcast, you will find yourself on the edge of your seat when things start to get serious. With a big bad always looming from the shadows, it looks like things are Getting Dicey.

    Watch us live at, join in the chat on Discord, and support us on Patreon! Links to everything on Twitter.

  • Want to keep up with the latest news about electric vehicles from New Zealand and Beyond? EVs & Beyond podcast accompanies the EVs & Beyond magazine - and is hosted by managing editor Richard Edwards.

    We will discuss and drive the latest electric vehicles, look at the people and politics behind them, and also check out associated technologies like solar, battery storage, charging infrastructure and more.

    For more, visit

  • The game we know as Contract Bridge departed from 'whist' with the creation of 'Biritch' (or Russian Whist) in the 19th century, and evolved through the late 19th and early 20th centuries to form the present game.
    The Bridge Zone is a radio show and podcast encouraging fellow Bridge players to share the passion that enthusiasts have in playing this challenging game.

  • Circle Time with Kelsey Kreppel is the quintessential podcast for the digital age, pairing the childlike wonder and conversational openness of preschool with the realism, honesty and — ultimately — wisdom baked into adulthood. Listen to Kelsey and her guests rehash the standout moments of day-to-day life and dive into commentary on the buzziest moments in pop culture while going back to their classroom-structured roots.

  • Welcome To CyberPunk'D, A live-play podcast were we explore Cyber Punk Red TTRPG. Join us as we explore the dystopian future in all its corpo glory . So many amazing stories to share.Content warning: Program contains strong acts of violence, drug usage implications, strong language, and gore. Possible trigger events may be involved. viewer discretion is advised.We believe that TTRPG is for all and stand with our fellow TTRPG enthusiasts in all walks of life and DO NOT support any forms of hatred. Game on fellow nerds, Game on.Come Chat with us and keep up to date on all our content atTwitter: @CYBERPUNKD1Discord: Patreon: Become a Patron!most songs and sounds belong to and are used with correct licensing from: Sonniss.comMonument Studios Check them out at: MUSIC & SOUND EFFECTS FOR GAMES, FILMS, AND CONTENT CREATORS BUNDLE PART 2 :

  • Game designers Mike Hutchinson and Glenn Ford talk about how, why and if they design tabletop miniatures games. With discussions, tips, reviews and interviews.

  • Welcome to the Unsubscribe Podcast with Eli Doubletap, Brandon Herrera, Donut Operator & The Fat Electrician!

  • Listen to real-life motorcycle riders share their stories about the mental, physical, and mechanical approach to riding and being safe on their motorcycles. Hosted by Len Bilello.

  • Sports, Pop Culture, social justice, and everything in between, we have fun, talk a lot and try to give you an experience, from people just like you and I. Support this podcast:

  • The Joseph Bonner Show is truly a show of comfort and inspiration created to support the international community. From emotion packed topics, insights on surviving current events, practical tips for professional development, and captivating real life stories of tragedy to triumph, the Joseph Bonner Show covers it all in a way that you've never heard before. It's about time you get comfort, support, and inspiration that you deserve from the hottest new show playing on iHeart Radio.

  • Looking for the place to get the inside scoop on cycling in the Sunshine State? Welcome to the Tour de Todd Cycling Podcast, where we get connected to all the races, results, and rides; as well as exclusive training, coaching, and interviews with some of the top pros and amateurs in Florida. I'm your host, Todd Wilson, and I've been racing bikes since I was 14 years old, and have competed in some of the biggest criteriums in the country throughout my career. So join me on this ride, and let's discover some of the most iconic racers and landmark rides on the Florida circuit, get valuable guidance from the Coach's Corner, and we'll even mix in a bit of music to keep things pumping!

  • Kalder and Simeon discuss Heroclix news, figures, and gameplay. Casual Players that dip their toes in the competitive scene give an interesting and diverse view on the game.

  • We invite a rotating guest host to put a hilarious twist on all things gaming - new releases, retro games, gaming culture, and gaming news. Recording out of Salt Lake City, Utah we bring all of the fun of gaming to your ears every week.

  • A journey through the mindless opinions of two guys in college who just-so-happen to be madly into cars. We were annoying people by talking about this specialist subject so often that we decided to turn it into a podcast. New episodes uploaded when we upload them.

  • Welcome to The Capital of Craft, where we talk with makers and thinkers about what it means to be a maker and how it can change your life. I’m your host, Sarah James from Craft Festival and Find a Maker, craft addict, maker and event producer. Please join me as we delve deep into the stories and lives of makers, of all kinds, every Thursday.