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  • Raw, in-depth interviews with some of the world’s most influential individuals, by the charismatic co-founder of jewelry brand Dannijo.

  • Matt Koplik and John Wascavage have a deep love for all things Broadway and have no filter. Join them as they discuss the ins and outs of the Broadway theatre scene on Broadway Breakdown: Broadway's filthiest podcast.

  • If you want to know how bestselling authors find the time to write their books, the methods they use to be productive and how they find their ideas you will love this podcast. Writing coach Azul Terronez shares interviews with clients such as Pat Flynn, of the Smart Passive Income, Jon Vroman, of the Front Row Factor, and Dana Malstaff of Want to get behind the scenes insights about how first-time authors overcame their fears and found the courage to write? Are you curious about how successful bestselling authors conceptualized, wrote, and marketed their books? Have you thought to yourself, "I'd like to write a book" but I don't know where to start? In the Born To Write podcast, I explore authors' journeys, how they craft their stories, become published, and share their art of writing books with the world.

  • Heart in Art is a podcast dedicated to connecting people through their love of arts and creativity.

  • After ten years as your guide for all things Hong Kong, Team Sassy has taken the leap into the brave new world of podcasting. Every week, we'll sit down with two awesome guests who are making waves in their field to have a candid conversation on the content that you, our listeners and readers, have said you wanted to hear more about. From revealing all the dating tips, to managing your personal finances, to all the hacks on starting your own business, we're not holding anything back!

  • Six British Asian writers talk books, writing, the creative arts, pop culture, risqué humour and Big Fat Asian weddings. Insightful, funny, packed with big name interviews, advice, on-air-therapy and lashings of cultural anarchy they dare to explore the parts other podcasts cannot reach. Featuring Vaseem Khan, Abir Mukherjee, Ayisha Malik, Amit Dhand, Imran Mahmood and Alex Khan. Also featuring cameos by Abir’s Mum. Tune in monthly. For non-white and white people. Just to be clear.

  • Unconsciously Speaking explores the idea of mystery from all aspects of life. In each episode Anson Chen interviews experts in the field of magic, mentalism, psychology, hypnosis, social dynamics, philosophy, spirituality, communication and other strange practices to uncover their secrets to success and happiness

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  • This Must Be the Gig gives backstage access to passionate fans worldwide. Featuring conversations with headlining musicians, up-and-comers, and music industry personalities about the wild wild world of live music - as well as the latest news reports from the biggest tours and the festival scene. Music journalist and festival-globetrotter Lior Phillips captures the feeling of singing along with thousands of other fanatics, the lights flashing, the roar for an encore, the second the whole world outside this perfect moment disappears: This Must Be the Gig.

  • Abigail Adams lived the American Revolution as the wife of one of its central figures--John Adams. Her family correspondence, published along with a memoir by her grandson, Charles Francis Adams, brings that era into eloquent focus. What was it like to hear the cannon's roar from your window? to face pestilence? food shortages? rampant inflation? devalued coinage? to raise four children alone--and earn the money to keep your household afloat, while your husband was engaged in politics and diplomacy miles and oceans away . . . for years at a time? It's all there in her private letters, letters that were never meant for public eyes, letters that she repeatedly asked to be burned!

    Writing to her husband, Abigail expressed anguish at nearby fighting: June 18, 1775, "Charlestown is laid in ashes . . . How many have fallen we know not. The constant roar of the cannon is so distressing, that we cannot eat, drink, or sleep." Yet, she displayed constant fortitude: August 5, 1777, "It is almost thirteen years since we were united, but not more than half that time have we had the happiness of living together. The unfeeling world may consider it in what light they please. I consider it as a sacrifice to my country . . ." And she enlivened her writing with pithy accounts of Revolutionary doings: July 31, 1777, "You must know that there is a great scarcity of sugar and coffee . . . An eminent, wealthy, stingy merchant had a hogshead of coffee in his store, which he refused to sell . . . under six shillings per pound. A number of females . . . assembled with a cart and trucks, marched down to the warehouse, and demanded the keys, which he refused to deliver. Upon which, one of them seized him by his neck . . ." The women "then opened the warehouse, hoisted out the coffee themselves, put it into the truck and drove off. . . .A large concourse of men stood amazed, silent spectators of the whole transaction."

    Abigail’s letters, letters of "a vigorous mind," are a fascinating read. (Introduction by Sue Anderson)

  • Les Nouveaux Toqués, c'est le podcast gourmand qui passe sur le grill celles et ceux qui secouent nos cuisines. 
    Ils sont entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, chefs, pâtissiers, boulangers, critiques… surtout, ils sont tous passionnés, osent casser les codes de la gastronomie et veulent vous donner du plaisir en bouche.  
    Un mercredi sur deux, on met les pieds dans le plat. Au menu : leurs aventures hors-normes, des controverses, des péchés mignons, et de très bonnes adresses.
    Faites chauffer les casseroles et poursuivez la gourmandise sur Instagram: @les_nouveaux_toques ( Attention, vous allez avoir l'eau à la bouche !

  • This podcast is for all types of wine lovers. It features informal conversations with wine makers, wine bar owners, importers, sommeliers; you name it. Hosted by a former radio journalist turned wine nerd, who has been blogging at State of the Vine for the last few years. Lauren has her WSET Level 2 certification, but the most important thing is she's curious and loves to make wine fun for people to learn about, while learning herself! Grab a glass of your favorite wine and join her to learn about wine and interesting stories surrounding wine. Cheers!

  • Things get steamy when Jessica Ross, Rekha Shankar, and their hilarious guests review the finest erotic literature the internet has to offer.

  • Each episode of America’s Oldies But Goodies features interviews with the players who were there during the fabulous era known as the Sixties. Actors, musicians, DJ’s, purveyors of ‘60s memorabilia, talk show hosts, and even fans reliving the events of the good old days. Baby boomers and nostalgia buffs, here we are.

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  • Welcome to Hatchling, the show for artists who want to earn a living. Each episode I'll answer questions from people around the world on topics including creativity, social media, mental health, finances, and more. I know from experience what it takes to succeed in this field and I'll share honest advice on how to get there. Hatchling will awaken the go-getter in you and leave you feeling inspired, encouraged, and a little less alone.