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  • You're gonna rot - but that doesn't have to be a bummer! Prepare for the inevitable with Max and Dorian as they explore the history and culture of death and decomposition.Twitter & Insta: @predeadboys

  • I Berättarpodden presenterar Samuel och Fredrik historiens bästa historier. Sägner, skrönor, sagor, legender, skrock och myter.

  • FATBOND – a fogyás új dimenziója! Az elsล‘ forradalmian új kalóriamegkötล‘, anyagcsere-gyorsító, testsúly-csökkentล‘ orvostechnikai eszköz (CE II.a osztály), amely újraaktiválja a jótékony emésztล‘-flórát. Klinikailag bevizsgált, három világszabadalommal védett receptúra alapján készült 5 az 1-ben hatású orvostechnikai eszköz

  • Plant Love Radio is a collection of interviews with some of the best and most renowned herbalists. Here, they share favorite lessons and resources for living happier, โ€‹balanced and more resilient lives โ€‹with the help of herbal medicine and plants, in general.

  • The Modern Woman’s Guide to Health

    Ever felt rushed at your doctor’s appointment? Too embarrassed to discuss the real concern that brought you to the office in the first place? Wish you could just call a friend who had real answers and tangible solutions for your health problems?

    Welcome to the Pretty Pink Podcast where we discuss real health issues and provide insight that empower you to make better decisions. Your host, Dr. Ruthie O. Arumala, is a Georgetown University trained Ob/Gyn with a passion to discuss health in way that is accessible to every woman. Every week you can expect a down-to-earth conversation about pertinent, common women’s health topics with tangible takeaways that will improve your health.

    Join women all over the globe who want to wade through the random information on the internet and get to real information from an expert about their health. It is now YOUR turn to be part of this exciting movement.

    We embrace our responsibility as apex predators on Earth to promote and support biodiversity with our presence and consumption choices.
    To accompany people through this profound shift in which humans understand themselves as ecosystems and being part of biological information flows, and genetic memory. To change the narrative on being human on Earth and support the education of conscious consumers, the circular economy, and keeping life healthy on the planet.
    How do we achieve this? Not by criticizing existing models that no longer work for the planet and life as a whole, but by creating new models, new relationships with living systems that simply make the existing ones obsolete.
    "We are the land. The land is us" is not poetry. It’s biology.

  • Podcast for the Journal of Endodontics, published by Elsevier for the American Association of Endodontists.

  • Dávid Gyula elล‘adásai a Polaris Csillagvizsgálóban. A Magyar Csillagászati Egyesület felvételei. (Csak hanganyag, van video változat is.)

  • Dentists advance in practice ownership clinically and profitably with Jayme Amos on the Ideal Practices Podcast. He’s the bestselling author, expert in building practices and founder of dentistry’s most popular website for opening dental offices. Each week you’ll learn tips from the best minds in dentistry to create your Ideal Practice. Jayme Amos is the founder of where tens of thousands visit his site. His bestselling book, Practice Location is in its second edition and his Ideal Practices podcast is one of the highest ranking in dentistry.

  • Le Podcast de Vétérisphère est la première webradio francophone dédiée à l'actualité vétérinaire. Tous les mois, l'équipe vétérinaire du réseau social professionnel commente l'actualité de la profession. Retrouvez la revue de web, la rubrique "quoi de neuf" et des interviews inédites.
    La revue de presse professionnelle est disponible gratuitement sur Vétérisphère pour les vétérinaires, dans la version intégrale du podcast.
    Pour rejoindre la communauté des vétérinaires francophones, rendez-vous sur

  • Deer University podcasts are all about deer biology and management. Drs. Bronson Strickland and Steve Demarais are both deer hunters, deer biologists, professors of wildlife management, and co-directors of the Mississippi State University Deer Lab. Steve and Bronson are so crazy about deer biology and management that they made it their career!

    Our goal is to explain how you can use deer research to improve your hunting and management experiences. Don’t take for granted what your buddy says or what you read in a hunting magazine – we’ll train you to think like a deer biologist. As national leaders in deer research, we’ll keep you up to date on the latest and best information, and deliver episodes that cover every deer management topic you can imagine, and then add some that will surprise you.

    If you are interested in deer hunting and management, this is your podcast! Every shot you take this fall is either a step forward or backward in your management program, so use our knowledge to make every shot count!

    Hosts of Deer University:
    Dr. Bronson Strickland, Professor of Wildlife Management, Mississippi State University Extension Service
    Dr. Steve Demarais, Professor of Wildlife Management, Mississippi State University Forest and Wildlife Research Center

  • Two guys covering everything amazing, unbelievable, & existential in the universe.

  • Emerging Topics is a public health podcast developed by the Canadian Public Health Association that engages experts from across Canada to better understand emerging issues in immunization and the initiatives that aim to combat them to improve vaccine acceptance and uptake.

  • Hosted by renowned educator and genetic counselor, Laura Hercher, The Beagle Has Landed is the first independent podcast for the rapidly growing and dynamic community of genetic counselors. The show features interviews with leaders in the field of clinical genetics, exploring our complicated past and rapidly changing present. We look at the new roles genetic counselors are playing in industry as well as clinical settings, bringing in the voices of other stakeholders, including basic scientists and families affected by genetic disease.

  • Follow the latest research, insights and views from CICASP | Center for International Collaboration and Advanced Studies in Primatology, Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University.

  • Concerned about your impact on the environment? Interested in learning how to shape a more sustainable future? This album shows you simple ways to adapt your lifestyle and how to think globally. Five video tracks demonstrate how to assess the ‘ecological footprint’ of your household, examine the effects of personal transport on the environment, and explore how your decisions as food consumers are part of a supply chain stretching across Europe and the rest of the world. They feature an energy efficient household in Oxford and pioneering work at the Eden Project and Mount Pleasant Eco Park in Cornwall. This material forms part of The Open University course U116, Environment: journeys through a changing world

  • Grand Rounds, a staple of American medical education for more than 100 years, spans every field of clinical practice. It is a master class on the art and science of medicine, delivered by renowned clinicians in academic settings nationwide. Yet in today's practice, where time is an all-too precious commodity, regular attendance at Grand Rounds sessions has become increasingly difficult. In response to this challenge, ReachMD brings the lecture hall to you, with these outstanding talks from top academic centers across the country.