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  • Alle har et forhold til mat. Og alle har et ganske forskjellig forhold til mat! Ved Ã¥ bli kjent med noen gjennom deres matvaner fÃ¥r man et innrykk av hvem de er i hverdagen, pÃ¥ fest, pÃ¥ ferie, og nÃ¥r ingen ser pÃ¥. Med en bachelorgrad i ernæring kan Emilie mye om mat og vet hvor viktig det er Ã¥ ha et balansert forhold til det. Her finnes det derfor ikke nei-mat, kun matglede! Da gjenstÃ¥r det bare Ã¥ si - bon appetitt! 

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  • Sit back, relax and enjoy hours of spooky stories every week, including lets not meet and nosleep stories narrated by Youtuber That Creepypasta Guy.

  • Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir les skáldsöguna Ör sem kom út 2016. Hún hlaut Bókmenntaverðlaun Norðurlandaráðs árið 2018 fyrir söguna. Jónas Ebeneser er 49 ára fráskilinn karlmaður á miðjum aldri í tilvistarkreppu. Hann hefur flísalagt sjö baðherbergi og þegar hann leggur af stað í ferðalag sem hann hefur ekki hugsað sér að snúa aftur úr, tekur hann með sér borvél.

  • Bubbi Morthens fer yfir sögurnar af þeim plötum sem hann hefur gefið út og fær til sín góða gesti.

  • I Thought I Knew How is a podcast about learning what you thought you already knew in both knitting and life. Visit our website at

  • Artists Without DayJobs is the show that takes you through the process of making a business of your art. Each week Jo-Ná Williams (attorney, advisor & speaker), will interview a full-time creator, a business or wellness expert, or give you the tools and strategies she's used in helping thousands of artists successfully navigate their careers and start their creative businesses. Hear the inspiring stories of creators on the other side or empowering action tips to assist you on your journey of entrepreneurship. If you're a creator that wants to leave their day job, you can't afford to miss this show. Check us out on Instagram at or email us at

  • Jouw update met het mooiste en leukste van Utrecht, elke eerste zondag van de maand op Met interviews, columns, poëzie, live muziek, reportages en meer… door Stijn Vercammen en Ties Timmers.

  • Welcome to the Speaksli Fast German podcasts. You can also watch fun and fast-paced Speaksli animated videos on our YouTube channel ( To keep up to date on new videos and podcasts, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Speaksli was formed by an American living in Switzerland who has created an entire language learning platform based on animated videos and easy-to-understand podcasts. She has experience working in Training and Development for Dell Europe, as well as the Department of Communications at the U.S. White House. She took Managing Across Cultures at the Harvard Business School, and has conducted business in 15 countries and travelled to 45 countries. This is her 4th adventure as an expatriate, so she knows firsthand exactly what phrases and vocabulary you need to know to get settled (or just to get around) in a foreign country.

  • Hi I'm Janelle, the creative anthropologist (yes, I made that up and no, I'm not an anthropologist but I wish I was). For as long as I've known I've always been curious about creativity and the process of creating. So why not make a podcast out of it? I'll be sitting down with different creative people and gain an understanding of what they do, what inspires them, how they do it, but most of all why. Join me on this journey of answering the question, what do you mean?

  • Velkomin í Radio J'adora, í boði íslensku hamborgarafabrikkunnar. Öll fimmtudagskvöld fæ ég til mín mismunandi gesti þar sem fjölbreyttar fagkonur eru í forgrunni. Við spjöllum um allt milli himins og jarðar, frá gildum í lífinu og hvað veitir hamingju til uppáhalds instagram filters. Tune in. Xoxo, DJ Dóra Júlía.

  • The Lesbian Talkshow is a podcast channel - like talk radio on demand

  • Nature and the Nation explores politics, philosophy, psychology, sociology and economics from a naturalistic, paleoconservative perspective, using the format of a book review. I examine books published in a wide array of time periods, with a special emphasis on the early to middle 20th century, the ancient Greeks, and of course the present.

  • Approfondimenti e inchieste giornalistiche

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  • Leikhúsið er vikulegur hlaðvarpsþáttur sem fjallar um allar leiksýningar vetrarins 2019/2020. Þáttastjórnendurnir koma úr ólíkum áttum en Kjartan fer lítið í leikhús á meðan Magnús er sviðslistanemi og starfar sem tæknimaður í leikhúsi.

  • Íslensk ástandsbörn þurftu mörg hver að þola mikla fordóma og erfið uppvaxtarár vegna uppruna síns. Viktoría Hermannsdóttir ræðir við ástandsbörn, börn íslenskra kvenna og erlendra hermanna, og skoðar hið svokallaða Ástand á hernámsárunum, með þeirra augum.

  • An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations is the magnum opus of the Scottish economist Adam Smith, published on March 9, 1776 during the Scottish Enlightenment. It is a clearly written account of political economy at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, and is widely considered to be the first modern work in the field of economics. (Introduction from Wikipedia)This project was proof listened by mim@can, Betty M., and Barry Eads.

  • A Death Declared. A long lost friend. A mysterious box. A mind bending serial mystery. Hosted by John Herman. The Disappearance Podcast releases a new episode every two weeks on Mondays.

  • Join Actor & Acting Coach Tony Babcock through interviews, inspirations and in-class teachings all through the power of improvisation!