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  • Kumpulan faidah kajian, audio dan video, seputar pendidikan anak, parenting islam, aqidah dan manhaj, yang disampaikan oleh Abu Salma Muhammad

  • Podcast ini akan menceritakan tentang kisah-kisah para Nabi dan juga sahabatnya dalam menyebarkan agama Islam. Selain itu kita juga bisa belajar banyak hal lho di dalamnya.

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  • Celotehan boneka Sukri dan boneka HaiHai bersama kak Anthony dan kak Ivonne yang mengajak kalian belajar mengasihi Tuhan, bertumbuh dalam iman dan menjadi berkat bagi semua orang.

  • Hi parents! Want to share the Bible with your toddler and preschooler? Join us each week to hear easy to understand Bible stories in a fun exciting podcast!

    And to go even deeper, check out Happy Harbor! Come play with us each week and join our friends Arlo the Bear, Tilly the penguin, Kelby the Octopus as we learn that God made us, God loves us, and God wants to be our friend!

  • 適合小朋友和爸爸媽媽一起聽的頻道。

  • Do you have the skills you need to love and lead your family from the front?

    My name is Brendan Wall. I am a father of four and married to my best friend. I started this podcast not because I have all the answers, but because I am in search of them. We have one opportunity to be the best men, husbands, and fathers that we can be, and I plan to seize it.

    At DAD THE MAN we interview guys we all know and admire professionally, but more importantly, are setting the tone for what a great man, husband, and father looks like. Guys who seize the opportunity before them to love and lead their families from the front, from a place of opportunity not obligation. This is Dad the Man. This is who we all aspire to become. Every single week, you can expect to hear from household names like JORDAN SPIETH, TIM KENNEDY, ERIC DECKER, SEAN LOWE, STIPE MIOCIC, DAVID MELTZER, DR MICHAEL GERVAIS, STAN EFFERDING, MARK BELL, DREW MANNING, DR JOSH AXE, DR JOHN DELONY, ROBB WOLF, JASON KHALIPA, TODD ABRAMS, LEW CARALLA, BERT SORIN, JOHN ELDREDGE, HEATH EVANS, DANIEL CARLSON, YOGI ROTH, PETER BURNS, CARLOS REYES, and many more represent what DAD THE MAN stands for.

    As men, husbands, and fathers, we experience and struggle with so many of the same things, and it's time we recognize that we are all in this together. If you are looking for more purpose, passion, connection, success, and camaraderie in your life, then you are in the right place.

    Welcome to DAD THE MAN

  • Ngobrol-ngobrol with @annisast dan JG @buminakami ♥️ Tentang parenting, finansial, dan kehidupan!Episode baru setiap hari Rabu & Jumat pukul 3 sore.

  • adalah ruang apresiasi karya literasi santri Indonesia yang dibangun dengan tujuan untuk memopulerkan kebiasaan menulis dan membaca para santri usia remaja.

    Dikelola oleh santri sastra Pondok Pesantren Budaya Kaliopak, situs ini bersifat nirlaba dan terbuka bagi siapa saja untuk berkontribusi di dalamnya.

  • Hear the Pinna Original podcast, Quentin and Alfie’s ABC Adventures!
    **Access the full series on Pinna — the only ad-free, screen-free audio streaming service custom-made for kids 3-12!**
    Join Alfie and his babysitter, Quentin, on alphabet adventures spanning A to Z. Each day, they journey down a magical sidewalk to fantastic destinations where they explore letter sounds, sing songs, and meet new friends.
    Parents' Choice Foundation Gold Award Winner, this fun adventure podcast introduces kids aged 3-5 to the alphabet, teaching them phonological awareness, which is a critical skill as they learn to read.
    Enjoy this sample collection of letters and songs, and download the Pinna app from your app store to hear every episode!

  • Motivasi
    Public speaking kita akan belajar bagaimana mngubah rasa takut menjadi berani ketika berbicara di depan orang banyak dan hipnoterapi untuk anak dengan memberikan sugesti positif

  • The busy mama's guide to generating consistent leads through the power of podcasting.

    Mompreneur | Monetize a podcast | Lead generation | Moms in business | Work from home moms

    Hey mama, are you tired of feeling burnt out with your online business? Are you tired of trying to hack the social media algorithm? Maybe you’re posting reels and other social media content consistently but not generating consistent leads leaving you feeling exhausted and defeated.

    You know it’s time to stop building your business solely on social media, but you aren’t sure where to begin. You even dream of starting a podcast but figuring out how to monetize your podcast and use it to generate leads in your online business leaves you feeling overwhelmed causing that podcast to remain a dream.

    I’m Andria! Wife, mom of two, creamer with a little coffee enthusiast, leggings over jeans kind of mama, and successful podcast coach and strategist.

    I remember how burnt out I was trying to keep up with the changing algorithm, hoping and praying that my content would get in front of my ideal clients. Spending countless hours creating content for social media and engaging with my ideal clients left me drained and consumed with mom guilt because I wasn’t fully present for my littles.

    After seeing my clients’ success with podcasting and the ease with which they created content AND generated leads for their businesses, I decided to start a podcast. Since launching my podcast, I have generated leads for my business consistently without spending countless hours doing so. I also learned to repurpose my podcast content into content for my social media platforms, blog, and newsletter, leaving me with more time to spend with and focus on my family.

    I now support other mompreneurs by teaching them how to create a podcast that generates consistent leads on autopilot. Some of the mamas I worked with have doubled their income since adding a podcast to their business. Others have generated consistent leads for their courses and coaching businesses.

    I’m here to help other mompreneurs, new and seasoned in the online business world, build a business that works for them in their current season of life through podcasting. I will be sharing the inside scoop on how to create a podcast that generates consistent leads, grow a successful podcast and online business, and have guest experts share their tips for growing a business without sacrificing motherhood or their sanity. You can think of me as your business bestie supporting and encouraging you every step of the way.

    In this podcast, you will find actionable tips for using your podcast to generate leads, creating a podcast centered on your business, and mompreneur hacks for finding that happy medium between motherhood and entrepreneurship.

    If you’re ready to get all the deets on successfully generating leads through your podcast and growing your business in a way that doesn't require you to sacrifice motherhood or your sanity, grab your coffee, pull out your notebook and pen, put in those earbuds, and let’s begin!

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  • Podcast Yêu Tiếng Việt là nơi mình chia sẻ những lần đọc truyện, thơ bằng tiếng Việt cho con gái của mình - bé An. An sinh ra và lớn kên ở Mỹ, nhưng mình hi vọng được nghe tiếng Việt hàng ngày sẽ làm nảy nở trong em một tình yêu dành cho tiếng mẹ đẻ là tiếng Việt 🇻🇳

  • Tanam Benih Podcast, part of Tanam Benih Foundation, is about spreading the modern parenting knowledge and tips in a relevant and contemporary media. Packed with applicable insight and methods from qualified parenting experts, Tanam Benih Podcast will back you up to be better parents for your kids.

  • Oscar Takes On is a podcast hosted by Oscar Ávila and is syndicated to many podcast listening platforms. The show blends history, creativity, and fun. Make sure to follow this podcast so that you never miss out on a new episode! Have fun listening to the episodes!

  • Podcast perdana ini membahas tentang Keanekaragaman Hewan Langka yang ada di Indonesia

  • Masa masa sekolah emang masa paling indah yang selalu enak untuk dikenang dan diomongin

  • Institut cahaya adalah nama keluarga kami. Sebagai keluarga pelaku home education, kami mengalami berbagai pasang surut perjalanan. Melalui podcast ini kami berbagi kisah, secara khusus pengalaman bersama anak-anak. Dalam beberapa episode, anak-anak juga terlibat dalam obrolan. segmen obrolan bersama anak biasanya kami kemas sebagai project yang menjadi bagian dari program belajarnya.

  • Podcast | Perpustakaan Digital untuk edukasi yang berbasis prinsip Kesejahteraan Hewan. Podcast ini berisi tips dan tricks mengenai hewan peliharaan, adopsi hewan, manajemen shelter hewan, kepemilikan hewan bertanggungjawab dan edukasi lainnya, yang mudah dipahami dalam durasi singkat. Semua materi bisa didownload di website