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  • "My two sons' godmother, who is a first-generation Dominican in New York City, was having a really, really hard time getting through to her mother about taking extra precautions during the start of the COVID pandemic," says Juleyka Lantigua, host and creator of How to Talk to [Mamí & Papí] about Anything, Apple Podcasts' Spotlight show for January 2023. "It was like they were speaking to each other in two different languages. The cultural and generational differences between them seemed to push them further apart as their conversations progressed. I realized they represented millions of children and parents enmeshed in a drag-out white-knuckle fight because those of us who are 'Americanized' see the world—and most importantly, live in the world—very differently from our immigrant parents." Lantigua, who is a veteran reporter and founder and CEO of the digital audio and production company LWC Studios, launched How to Talk to [Mamí & Papí] about Anything in 2020. She found out quickly that many listeners could relate to the experiences discussed on the show. "It was a grand experiment, and we were nervous and excited," she says. "And then the emails started pouring in from listeners who never knew they needed these conversations or those who wished they'd had the show growing up 20,30, 50 years ago!"Each episode features a listener with a problem that can range from navigating relationships with parents who disapprove of their spouse to maintaining a relationship with a difficult parent for the sake of the grandchildren. An expert on the episode’s topic joins Lantigua on the show to offer professional advice and analyze the generational and cultural dynamics at play. "So many of us straddle that hyphen of being American and something else. So many of us are trying to honor our parents' ways while making our own way in the world," Lantigua says. "This is a place to find solace and really good advice."After nearly 150 episodes, Lantigua is taking the plunge into extending the brand with a sister show, How to Talk to [High Achievers] about Anything. And her hope is that there’s more where that came from. "My vision is that the "How to Talk to" franchise continues to grow and serve the rising-majority audience in the US for years to come.”

  • Если у вас в семье есть подросток, то обнимемся. Это непросто.Фразу "мам, отстань" вы слышали уже не один десяток раз. Это универсальный ответ подростка на все родительские «почему». Почему «не хочет учиться, почему бросил музыкалку, зачем врет». Подростковый психолог Никита Карпов и журналист Александра Петровская каждый выпуск задают самые излюбленные вопросы родителей напрямую подросткам, а те откровенно отвечают почему им в школе скучно, что они скрывают у себя в мобильном телефоне и многое другое. Для ребят это возможность наконец быть услышанными. А для родителей ещё один шанс услышать и понять своего подростка.

  • Welcome to the Hot Mess Mom! This is a place where you can listen in and not feel bad about the hot mess that you are because no one is perfect and, like, neither am I. I'm far from it. Whether you are a mom or not, we're friends here chillin' on my couch in my living room and talking about ALL the things. Let's kiki like the responsible, yet, not-so-responsible 30-year-olds we are in this no-filter, judgment-free zone.

  • Ja Tu vēlies izzināt sevi, saprat un izprast savus dzīves " kāpēc", Tu esi laipni lūgts būt kopā ar mani šajās podkāsta epizodēs. Būt vecākam nav viegli. Un lai šis vecākošanas ceļojums mums būtu pēc iespējas baudāmāks, cieņpilnāks, empatiskāks un izprotošāks, ieskatīsimies sevī. Kas ir tās lietas, kur jāmainās ir mums, jādziedē savas iekšējā bērna rētas, apzināti ar to strādājot. Saprotot savus trigerus, bailes un dusmas.
    Šajās sarunās lobīsim dzīves sīpolu, lai Tu varētu atrast savas atbildes uz KĀ darīt lietas citādāk, AR KO sākt un saprast KĀPĒC es vēl to neesmu izdarījis.

  • How is YOUR family learning a second language going to change the world? We share the stories of families opening a world of possibilities to their kids through learning a language together.

    We get honest about struggles of not having kids speak back their second tongue. And we give you the tools as either a native or non-native speaker to help your kids grow over the long-haul.

    Join Adrienne Babbitt and Juan Mendoza, leading the way in the movement of the Family Language Exchange brought to you by Learn with Me Languages.

  • The Optimizing Mothers Podcast is here to optimize the chinuch of our daughters by inspiring, uniting and celebrating the foundations of Bais Rivkah’s families.

    This podcast is a branch of the BRANCHES INITIATIVE by Bais Rivkah School.

    Sarah Blau,a mother like you will lead you on a journey that’s focused on optimizing everything you are already doing and making it better.

    Enjoy both interview and solo style episodes.

    For more info on this initiative, go to:

  • "Ar bitēm nekad neko nevar zināt," saka Lācītis Vinnijs Pūks. Ar pasakām ir gluži tāpat. Tās valda gan pār bērniem, gan pieaugušajiem, kuri bieži liedzas, ka lasa pasaku grāmatas, un tomēr labprāt to dara. Jo bērnība nezūd, bērnībai nav pagātnes.

    „Labu nakti” ir viens no vecākajiem Latvijas Radio raidījumiem.  Šobrīd  ēterā to var dzirdēt  katru vakaru pulksten 20:45 - LR1.  Protams, arī  Latvijas  Radio arhīvā un LR mājas lapā iespējams noklausīties Jūsu iemīļotās pasakas.

  • These are stories from my childhood, most of which can still be found on the shelves of Grandma’s personal library. As I currently have the privilege of unrestricted access to these books, I share them with you, as a fulfillment of one of my small life dreams, one of recording my own audio book some day.

  • «Не усложняй» — подкаст о том, как жить с опорой на себя, создавать счастливые отношения и любить детей без условий.

    Ведущая подкаста — Любовь Сурудо. Психолог, коуч и популярный блогер. Вместе с гостями она легализует право на ошибки, убеждается, что с ней (и с вами!!) все в порядке и рассказывает о сложном простым языком.

    Не усложняет! И вам не советует)

    Найти Любу в запрещённой соцсети можно под ником @love_enot.

    *В этом подкасте мы упоминаем социальную сеть Instagram.

    Instagram является продуктом компании Meta, эта организация признана экстремистской и запрещена на территории России.

  • Micaiah Irmler is the Lead Pastor of Southridge Church in San Jose, California. This podcast features sermons from our Sunday morning services at Southridge. 

    The Southridge Way is to help Christians put Jesus first in their lives. Join our devotion to God by demonstrating your love for others. Let’s make a dent in our communities together and not take this opportunity for granted.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Readings from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland’s best-selling devotional, From Faith to Faith—A Daily Guide to Victory. You’ll get a word of encouragement… a word of inspiration… a word of faith every day of the year.

  • Featuring the leading thinkers, practitioners, and experts navigating the future of learning, Remaking Tomorrow podcast is powered by Remake Learning, a network of people and organizations that ignite engaging, relevant, and equitable learning practices in support of young people navigating rapid social and technological change.

  • Vecāki, fanosim par bērniem kopā! Seko Mazuļu kluba podkāstam un kopā ar vadītāju Gati Smidrovski un īpašajiem viesiem uzzini par ikvienam vecākam svarīgām un aktuālām tēmām, kuras apspriedīsim uzdodot jautājumus, daloties pieredzē un labajos piemēros!

  • Hallo, herzlich Willkommen bei unserem Podcast! Wir sind Jenny und Andi und schon immer sind wir gerne gereist. Das hat sich auch mit unseren beiden Söhnen nicht geändert. Da wir uns bisher nicht auf eine Art des Reisens festlegen wollten und uns vieles Spaß macht, konnten wir in den letzten Jahren einiges ausprobieren und erleben. Vom Camping über Roadtrips und Rucksackreisen bis hin zu Pauschalreisen war so ziemlich alles dabei. Auch wenn wir primär individuelle Reisen bevorzugen, gefällt uns diese Mischung an Reisearten sehr gut. Was wir auf unseren kleinen und großen Reisen um die Welt, durch Europa oder Deutschland erleben und welche Tipps und Anregungen wir geben können, darüber berichten wir neben unserem Blog auch auf diesem Podcast.

  • Московский многофункциональный культурный центр совместно с женским социальным медиа «Пчела» представляют серию подкастов «Личное». Мудрые истории о том, что довелось пережить. Подкаст о том, что важно каждой женщине: реализация в семье и карьерный рост, здоровье, верность, материнство, отношения, дом, поиски смысла.

  • Adding LIFE to the dad life. Join a community of dads that are living fully alive as they lead their kids to God’s awesomeness.

    Deuteronomy 30:19 “This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you LIFE and DEATH, blessings and curses. Now choose LIFE, so that you and your children may LIVE.”

    A movement of dads making a difference for their families, their churches & the world.

  • Stronger boards, school leaders, teachers and parents cultivates strong children who joyfully engage and contribute to the world. Join me for weekly shares, hightlighting best practices in school leadership, management and teaching. And, of course, parenting tips and tools that are sure to support the developmen of your child's full potential.

  • Join B.A.D. Moms, Bridgette, Amanda, and Danielle as they dive into the struggles and triumphs of the modern-day working Mom. Support this podcast:

  • Withywindle is a whimsical interactive show for kids who love stories, words, and groan-worthy jokes and features your favorite authors and illustrators. Part book club, part game show it's an adventure through the wild world of wordplay. Each episode we chat with a very special guest, usually an author or illustrator of children's books, plus tell silly jokes, share riddles, talk about stories and books, eat snacks, and much more!