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  • Если у вас в семье есть подросток, то обнимемся. Это непросто.Фразу "мам, отстань" вы слышали уже не один десяток раз. Это универсальный ответ подростка на все родительские «почему». Почему «не хочет учиться, почему бросил музыкалку, зачем врет». Подростковый психолог Никита Карпов и журналист Александра Петровская каждый выпуск задают самые излюбленные вопросы родителей напрямую подросткам, а те откровенно отвечают почему им в школе скучно, что они скрывают у себя в мобильном телефоне и многое другое. Для ребят это возможность наконец быть услышанными. А для родителей ещё один шанс услышать и понять своего подростка.

  • Welcome to the Hot Mess Mom! This is a place where you can listen in and not feel bad about the hot mess that you are because no one is perfect and, like, neither am I. I'm far from it. Whether you are a mom or not, we're friends here chillin' on my couch in my living room and talking about ALL the things. Let's kiki like the responsible, yet, not-so-responsible 30-year-olds we are in this no-filter, judgment-free zone.

  • Welcome, my fellow mums. And dads. This page serves a purpose of exchanging, sharing our fare share of parenting challenges. Most importantly actually finding the solutions what works for you, your children and becoming self aware of your own inner child. Facing your own triggers when parenting and most likely or possibly choosing a different parenting style and method to the one you were raised in.

  • "Ar bitēm nekad neko nevar zināt," saka Lācītis Vinnijs Pūks. Ar pasakām ir gluži tāpat. Tās valda gan pār bērniem, gan pieaugušajiem, kuri bieži liedzas, ka lasa pasaku grāmatas, un tomēr labprāt to dara. Jo bērnība nezūd, bērnībai nav pagātnes.

    „Labu nakti” ir viens no vecākajiem Latvijas Radio raidījumiem.  Šobrīd  ēterā to var dzirdēt  katru vakaru pulksten 20:45 - LR1.  Protams, arī  Latvijas  Radio arhīvā un LR mājas lapā iespējams noklausīties Jūsu iemīļotās pasakas.

  • Micaiah Irmler is the Lead Pastor of Southridge Church in San Jose, California. This podcast features sermons from our Sunday morning services at Southridge. 

    The Southridge Way is to help Christians put Jesus first in their lives. Join our devotion to God by demonstrating your love for others. Let’s make a dent in our communities together and not take this opportunity for granted.

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  • Readings from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland’s best-selling devotional, From Faith to Faith—A Daily Guide to Victory. You’ll get a word of encouragement… a word of inspiration… a word of faith every day of the year.

  • Vecāki, fanosim par bērniem kopā! Seko Mazuļu kluba podkāstam un kopā ar vadītāju Gati Smidrovski un īpašajiem viesiem uzzini par ikvienam vecākam svarīgām un aktuālām tēmām, kuras apspriedīsim uzdodot jautājumus, daloties pieredzē un labajos piemēros!

  • Wir sind Andi und Jenny und schon immer sind wir gerne gereist. Das hat sich auch mit unseren beiden Söhnen nicht geändert. Da wir uns bisher nicht auf eine Art des Reisens festlegen wollten und uns vieles Spaß macht, konnten wir in den letzten Jahren einiges ausprobieren und erleben. Vom Camping über Roadtrips und Rucksackreisen bis hin zu Pauschalreisen war so ziemlich alles dabei. Auch wenn wir primär individuelle Reisen bevorzugen, gefällt uns diese Mischung an Reisearten sehr gut. Was wir auf unseren kleinen und großen Reisen um die Welt, durch Europa oder Deutschland erleben und welche Tipps und Anregungen wir geben können, darüber berichten wir neben unserem Blog Travelisto.net nun auch auf diesem Podcast.

  • Let’s not reinvent the wheel- let’s replace it with the latest model and put a new spin on life! With a lack of male voices in the world of therapy, self-help, and parenting, The Dude Therapist Podcast will help fill the void and give men and women alike a safe space to have an open conversation and grow. As a trained therapist, I provide an informed, fun, and relatable male perspective on everything from mental health, men's issues, parenting, and just being a human. Whether you want to understand yourself or someone you know a little bit better, join me on this wild ride! Feel free to email or contact me at [email protected] or with topics, thoughts, or collaboration ideas! Follow me on Instagram @thedudetherapist and @eliweinstein_lcsw

  • Produced by Taylah Colosimo (IG: @taylahceventing). The 'Equine In Theory' podcast talks about all things equestrian and educational. From hoof care to +R training, special guest riders who are competitive eventers, people who work within the racing industry, the Off The Track program with Racing Victoria and much more.
    I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I will producing it.
    Happy listening!

  • Adding LIFE to the dad life. Join a community of dads that are living fully alive as they lead their kids to God’s awesomeness.

    Deuteronomy 30:19 “This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you LIFE and DEATH, blessings and curses. Now choose LIFE, so that you and your children may LIVE.”

    A movement of dads making a difference for their families, their churches & the world.

  • Learn to recognize the need behind your child’s behavior, and how to meet the need rather than reacting to the behavior. Understand the behaviors that you actually invite from children, and others in your life. Support the development of strong perceptions and skills in your child and learn the magic of language semantics! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/shawn-edwards1/support

  • Divu jaunu sieviešu veidots podkāsts par bērnkopību. Mēs nestāstīsim, kā audzināt bērnus. Mēs runāsim par to, kā tas ir - audzināt bērnus.

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    Vēlies pateikt mums paldies, palīdzēt segt podkāsta izmaksas un investēt tā attīstībā? Droši vari ieskaitīt kādu euro uz konta nr.:

    Lauma Vītola

  • Withywindle is a whimsical interactive show for kids who love stories, words, and groan-worthy jokes and features your favorite authors and illustrators. Part book club, part game show it's your weekly adventure through the wild world of wordplay.

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  • Join me as I chat with fellow dads as we share our experiences and insightful stories of Fatherhood. Welcome to The Diary of a Dad Podcast.

  • Each week kid-host, Sydney, will interview an adult about their job to help others kids think about what they want to be when they grow up! You can listen to this bite-sized podcast on the way to school since each episode is only 5-10 minutes long. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/careerquest/support

  • De l'aventure de l'amusement un peu d'effroi il y aura de tout dans les histoirettes

  • Раз – руки вверх! Два – руки вниз! Три – шагаем на месте! Четыре – подпрыгиваем! Пять – улыбаемся! Потому что это самая весёлая утренняя зарядка!

  • கதை கேட்பது கற்பனை திறனையும் கவனத்தையும் அதிகரிக்கும்.அதன் பொருட்டு பல பயனுள்ள கதையை கேட்கும் தளமாக பயன்படுத்தி கொள்ளலாம்.
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